The Best CBD Oils Have These 5 Things

There’s an almost endless variety of CBD oils on the market and that can make it a bit challenging for people to distinguish between the truly premium offerings and those that are nothing more than fancy packaging. Not everyone knows what to look for in a CBD product. Is it the quality of hemp that's the most important? Are there specific ingredients to look for? Every CBD oil has its strengths and weaknesses, but there are some attributes that universally distinguish the best CBD oils from their less-qualified competition.  We put our bodies through the wringer, so when it comes to health and wellness products, they deserve the best.  When you are looking to treat yourself to the perfect CBD oil, you can make certain you're buying the best if it has these five things... 

1. It Employs Third-Party Testing

A scientist holding a beakerThe very first thing you should look for in a CBD product is whether or not it’s been tested at a third-party laboratory. This should be a prerequisite for any CBD oil you buy and is a quick way to distinguish between a product of merit and one that shouldn’t be trusted. The best hemp extracts are sent to ISO-certified third-party labs to undergo a series of tests that confirm their purity and potency, and ensure they’re safe for consumption. One of the most common tests run by laboratories is a high-performance liquid chromatography test that allows the quantification of a given oil’s cannabinoid profile. This information is conveyed in a detailed lab report that manufacturers make available to customers. Another important aspect of third-party testing is the confirmation that the product doesn’t contain any heavy metals, residual pesticides, or toxic chemicals of any kind. It’s important for you to know precisely what you're putting in your body, and with a detailed lab report, you can rest assured that you've made an informed decision. When you’re on the hunt for the best CBD oil, one of the deciding factors should certainly be whether or not it’s been third-party tested.

2. It Promotes All-Organic Farming Practices

The CBD industry is built on the principle that we can help our bodies with the power of nature. When companies stray from this philosophy, they end up destroying the fundamental reason for using CBD in the first place; wellness.  The finest CBD manufacturers know that the use of harmful pesticides, GMOs, and chemical fertilizers changes things. It turns a beautiful, natural experience, into one that is overly processed, unnaturally modified, and exposes your body to trace amounts of harmful chemicals. All of the best CBD oils are made with 100% organically-grown hemp. It takes a fair bit more effort to practice organic and sustainable growing techniques, but it’s wholly important to both the quality of the CBD oil and the preservation of our planet.  To be considered one of the best CBD oils, a product must contain high-grade organic hemp extract that has been grown without the use of genetic modification, chemical fertilizers, or harsh pesticides. When a company uses organic hemp, they are proud of it, and this fact will certainly be mentioned in the product description or on the product label.

3. It Uses a CO2-Extraction Processes

Blue colored oil bubblesThe way in which the cannabinoids are extracted from the hemp plant is just as important as how the hemp is grown in the first place. This is because certain extraction processes use chemical solvents that can often be found in trace amounts in the final product. The whole point of using CBD oil is to treat your body to something special, and if that oil contains even small amounts of potentially toxic chemicals, it really defeats the purpose. There is a multitude of different methods for extracting hemp oil. Many manufacturers use either ethanol or butane as the primary solvents in their extraction methods. Once they've transferred the hemp plant's compounds to the extract, they remove any residual solvents. This involves distillation. This process removes toxic solvent levels making the CBD oil safe for consumption. However, many prefer not to swallow any amount of ethanol or butane. CO2-extraction methods are considered the cleanest and most efficient way to create CBD oil. This method involves the use of supercritical CO2 and does not leave any undesirable residue. CO2 extractions utilize temperature and pressure to pull the essential waxes, terpenes, and cannabinoids from the hemp plant.  The process takes gaseous CO2 and condenses it into a liquid. It does this by subjecting it to extremely high pressure and subzero temperatures. The liquid is then reheated until it becomes “supercritical” acting as a liquid and a gas.  The CO2 then passes through a chamber where it dissolves the trichrome membrane and captures the desired compounds. This process transfers a significant amount of cannabinoids to the extracted oil and results in a compound-rich CBD oil.

4. It Takes Advantage of Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)

You’ve probably seen the cGMP logo on your CBD oil. If you haven't, your CBD isn't the best.  The World Health Organization (WHO) sets a list of governable regulations and standards. These are cGMP standards. There are consistent manufacturing and safety standards agreed upon by the W.H.O. and the CBD industry. These standards govern the production, packaging, distribution, and sale of CBD products.  To meet these standards products must contain safe ingredients, efficient manufacturing, and are free of toxic chemicals and metals.  The best CBD oils meet the rigorous guidelines of the W.H.O. Customers purchasing cGMP-certified products gain the peace of mind they're consuming a product of the highest quality. If you want certainty that you’re purchasing the best CBD oil possible, look for the cGMP stamp of approval.

5. It Contains a Rich Flavor Profile

An oil dropperIf your CBD oil tastes terrible, it’ll harm the experience. The best CBD manufacturers take their time carefully crafting their flavor profiles to be accessible and highly enjoyable. They also use natural extract oils and terpenes to do so. Encompassing every flavor from creme brulee to strawberry-lemonade, staying consistent with your CBD use has never been easier. While many brands offer sweet, fruity flavors, others embrace the simple richness of natural hemp terpenes. By growing top-tier hemp and using clean extraction methods, the best brands highlight hemp's natural flavors without added extras. Take these qualities into account and you'll soon find the best CBD oil on the market!