Why Vape CBD? The Benefits of CBD Vape Products

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For many CBD users, CBD vape products are the products of choice for consuming wellness-boosting cannabidiol. With quick-hitting effects and an assortment of tasty flavours, CBD vape pens and CBD vape oil products are a perfect combination of pleasure and effectiveness. But finding the right CBD vape oil products in a crowded UK CBD marketplace can be difficult. That’s why we’re here to help!

In this informative article, we’ll talk about what CBD is and the benefits of consuming CBD via vaping devices. We’ll also talk about how to shop for the highest-quality CBD vape products, and give you an exclusive look at the best CBD vapes in the UK from CBDfx!

Let’s begin our vape guide with a closer look at our primary ingredient: CBD.

What Is CBD?

CBD (short for cannabidiol) is one of a group of chemical compounds produced by the cannabis plant, called cannabinoids. Other cannabinoids include THC, CBN, CBG, and CBC. In all, there are over a hundred of these compounds found in cannabis. 

The type of cannabis used to create legal CBD products, like the vape products in this article, is hemp. Hemp contains very low levels of THC, and the CBD vape products on this site all adhere to the UK legal limit of less than 0.2% THC.

Why Vape CBD?

CBD has a number of benefits for consumers, including wellness benefits (stemming from CBD’s interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system) and a gentle calming effect. Many choose to vape their CBD because vaping delivers the quickest-hitting effects of any type of CBD products. In fact, when you use a CBD vape product, the CBD enters your bloodstream through the lining of the lungs, which can take just minutes or even seconds, depending on personal bioavailability factors (such as height, weight, metabolism, and CBD tolerance). By comparison, when you take CBD edibles, like gummies, it can potentially take 30 minutes to two hours to feel the CBD effects.

The flip side of this equation is that the effects of CBD wear off faster with a CBD vape juice. In general, CBD effects from vaping can last one to two hours (as opposed to six to eight hours of CBD effects from edible products). Of course, since vaping CBD is so simple and convenient, you can easily enjoy another hit of CBD e-liquid when the effects start to wear off to keep your CBD experience going, if you so choose.

Shopping for CBD Vape Products

When you shop for CBD vape products—whether it’s disposable vape pens or CBD juice for a refillable vaporizer—it’s important to search for high-quality products. There are a lot of unscrupulous brands selling shoddy CBD products (particularly vape products!) in the UK. These CBD products can be ineffective and even unsafe! So, make sure to use the following criteria when shopping for CBD vape products:

First, only use CBD products made with organically grown hemp. As a bioaccumulator, cannabis absorbs pretty much everything from the soil surrounding the plant. And if that soil contains pesticides or other toxins, those nasty things will end up in the CBD oil used to make your vape product. 

Second, check to see how the CBD oil was extracted from the plant. Cheaper companies will use solvents, like butane, which can leave residues behind in the oil. Carbon dioxide, on the other hand, leaves no residues behind in the oil, giving you a safer and more potent CBD product.

You can verify the purity and potency of your CBD vape product by checking its Certificate of Analysis (COA), which is a report made by an independent, third-party laboratory. This report will tell you how much CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids are in your vape product. It will also tell you if any of those aforementioned impurities are in your product. Never buy a CBD product that doesn’t come with a COA.

Finally, make sure the other ingredients used in your CBD vape are safe and natural. Some shady vape companies will use fillers, like vitamin E acetate, which is dangerous to your health! At CBDfx, we only use safe propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and natural flavours. And our PG/VG mix is always an optimal 50/50 blend, so you’ll get a perfect puff every time. 

The Best CBD Vaping Products in the UK

CBDfx vapes are the purest and most potent (and delicious!) CBD vape products available in the UK. With CBD oil culled from naturally grown hemp with clean CO2—all backed by a Certificate of Analysis—our CBD vape juice and pens are the best of the best in the UK CBD vape market. And we only use safe and natural ingredients, ensuring you the highest-quality CBD vape experience, every time!

Disposable CBD Pens

Our disposable vape pens are packed with 1500mg of broad spectrum CBD. And with a whopping 5mL of vape juice per rechargeable pen, you’ll get approximately 2,500 vape puffs from your CBD vape. Disposable CBDfx CBD vape pens come in four mouth-watering flavours: Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Pen, Strawberry Lemonade CBD Vape Pen, Cool Mint CBD Vape Pen, and Mango Ice CBD Vape Pen.

CBD Juice & Vape Kits

Many CBD vape enthusiasts prefer to use vape kits, which allow them to refill their vape cartridge with whatever flavour e-liquid they desire! And kits are no longer big and bulky. In fact, the CBDfx CBD Vape Kit isn’t much larger than a matchbox, and fits easily in your pocket or purse. With quick-heating vape coils and a vape battery charged and ready to go right out of the box, our vape kits are an easy and convenient way to vape CBD!

And what better way to fill one of our quality kits than with a pure and potent CBD vape juice! Our CBD vape juice comes in your choice of 500mg CBD/30mL, 1000mg/30mL, or 2000mg CBD/60mL bottles. Our vape juice is made from 99% pure CBD isolate, and comes in five delicious flavours: Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Juice, Strawberry Kiwi CBD Vape Juice, Wild Watermelon CBD Vape Juice, Spearmint Gum CBD Vape Juice, and Strawberry Milk CBD Vape Juice

Final Thoughts on Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD is the quickest way to enjoy the calming wellness benefits of this potent cannabis compound. Just remember, whether you’re purchasing CBD vape pens or an e-liquid juice, to always follow our criteria for finding quality CBD vaping products: organically grown CBD hemp oil, safe CO2 oil extraction, backed by a COA, and containing only natural ingredients. We hope this article will help you to find the perfect CBD vaping product for your needs. Happy vaping!

Looking for a great-tasting CBD e-liquid? Try our Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Juice!