Mar 18, 2021 By Michael Wright

How Do You Read a CBD Lab Report?

Great CBD products back up their claims with lab results, but how do you read a CBD lab report once you have one?  The details found on a lab report are essential when making sure your supplement does what it says. Was your CBD grown organically?  Does it contain a spectrum of cannabinoids?  Are there […]

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Mar 14, 2021 By Michael Wright

Breaking Down Cannabis: What is Delta-9 THC?

While CBD is a well-known and prominent compound in hemp products, you may have wondered, “what is Delta-9 THC?”  When it comes to the cannabis plant, there’s no shortage of controversy. Some people have labeled cannabis as unstable and dangerous throughout history—THC is the reason. There still hasn’t been an overdose associated with it, but […]

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Jan 13, 2021 By Michael Wright

Intro to CBD: What Does CBD Oil Feel Like?

Just about everybody today has heard of CBD as a wellness product, but what does CBD oil feel like? Because it comes from the cannabis plant, some people wonder if it’s at all like smoking marijuana. Does CBD get you high? Can it make you lose control of your mind at all? Is it safe […]

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Jan 06, 2021 By Michael Wright

CBD 101: Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane?

It’s easy enough to take CBD around town with you, but can you take CBD oil on a plane? Well, it depends. The answer is almost always yes, but some hemp-based products won’t be allowed, and they could cause a headache for you. While it’s fine to travel with plain old CBD, entering the UK […]

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Dec 19, 2020 By Michael Wright

Can You Use CBD Oil to Stop Smoking?

If you’re trying to cut a bad habit out of your life, you may have wondered if you can use CBD oil to stop smoking. It’s not news that nicotine is extremely addictive, and putting a stop to the cravings can be a monumental challenge. While CBD has only been around the wellness circuit for […]

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Nov 11, 2020 By Michael Wright

What Are the Benefits of Turmeric & Spirulina on the Body?

These are two of the most highly regarded superfoods out there, but what are the benefits of Turmeric & Spirulina on the body? There are a lot of different products that flood the health and wellness communities for a brief time and then fade into obscurity. This is not the case with Turmeric & Spirulina. […]

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Nov 04, 2020 By Michael Wright

Does CBD Build Up in the Body?

Consistency is an important part of using CBD, but does CBD build up in the body? CBD provides all kinds of great benefits. People use these products for everything from getting their day started to help them sleep. Cannabidiol is completely non-toxic and can be taken as often as you’d like.  Countless people utilize CBD […]

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Sep 18, 2020 By Michael Wright

Can CBD Make You Sleepy?

“Does CBD make you sleepy?” It can definitely feel like it, can’t it? People use CBD for a huge variety of reasons. Some people utilize CBD to help with chronic pain. Others use it alongside their daily vitamins. And many find it helps them sleep better at night. CBD provides a wealth of benefits and […]

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Sep 11, 2020 By Michael Wright

5 Signs You’re Feeling Your CBD

How do you know when you’re feeling your CBD? CBD is a powerful compound, but even with all its benefits, the effects you feel can be quite subtle. Sometimes you can take CBD without even realizing it’s working. Why? Because you don’t know what you’re looking for. With most health and wellness products, there are […]

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Sep 09, 2020 By Michael Wright

Should I Increase My CBD Oil Strength?

Ever wondered, “Is it time to increase my CBD oil strength?” It’s a common question—especially if you’re not feeling your CBD like you used to. The best CBD oils can bring a lot of benefits. However, its effects are subtle, making it difficult to tell if you’re feeling it. Many people confuse CBD with marijuana […]

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Jun 23, 2020 By Michael Wright

How Are CBD Isolate and Broad-Spectrum CBD Different?

Although the CBD industry has seen a huge increase in popularity recently, few really know about CBD and its effects—particularly the differences between the various types of CBD oil. Throughout the UK, countless people are consuming CBD on a daily basis, but as popular as this substance may be, many are fully aware of how […]

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