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CBD edibles not only give you the longest-lasting effects of any CBD products, but also provide a wide variety of options for every need and lifestyle! From agave-sweetened CBD gummies to wellness-boosting hemp capsules to CBD tinctures, CBD edibles are a simple, convenient way for you to get your daily serving of CBD. Explore our broad range of edible CBD products today and feel the difference!

CBD edibles not only give you the longest-lasting effects of any CBD products, but also provide a wide variety of options for every need and lifestyle! From agave-sweetened CBD gummies to wellness-boosting hemp capsules to CBD tinctures, CBD edibles are a simple, convenient way for you to get your daily serving of CBD. Explore our broad range of edible CBD products today and feel the difference!

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CBDfx mixed berry gummy
5 out of 5


Love the taste and the effect I get from the gummies. Help me to focus and keep calm.

products cbdfx UK photo render gummies melatonin bottle mg
5 out of 5


Outside of sleep aspects, the ‘stress monitor’ on my garmin watch instantly registered the most relaxed few days I’ve had all year – once I started these gummies. Delighted and they’re super tasty!

CBDfx CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina 1500mg
5 out of 5


I started using these gummies as recommended by a friend to try relieve back issues I was having, they have really helped.

CBDfx Multivitamin CBD Gummies For Women & Men
5 out of 5


This product is a really easy, great tasting way to get your daily intake of vitamins AND CBD!! Result!

CBDfx CBD + CBG Morning Tablets 900mg
5 out of 5


Will be buying these again for sure. Great product

CBDfx CBD + CBG Morning Tablets 900mg
5 out of 5


I brought the morning capsules with some trepidation however was delighted. They give me a great sense of energy without the crash . Love them and will be back for more. Thank you

CBDfx CBD + CBG Morning Tablets 900mg
5 out of 5


Good stuff

Wellness CBD + CBG Oil Tincture 2:1
5 out of 5


Product is as expected, fast and clear delivery

CBD Oil Hemp Tincture 500-1500mg
5 out of 5


Tried this as not able to get my usual brand and am I glad I did really good product and the price is quite competitive will certainly be buying it again

CBD Tincture - Lush Lime - 2000mg
5 out of 5


Love it. Was sceptical when I bought it, but it really does have a great lime taste. Will be buying it again.

CBD Tincture - Very Berry - 2000mg
5 out of 5


Great value

CBD Tincture - Morning Mint - 2000mg
5 out of 5


Nice taste and looking forward to any results


CBD is a wonderful wellness product that has a variety of potential benefits. Cannabidiol (CBD) interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, the system responsible for helping to maintain homeostasis (or, balance) in some of the body’s other systems, including the central and peripheral nervous systems. This has positive effects on many of the body’s most important functions, including sleep, mood, memory, appetite, motor control, pain management, stress, and much more. It’s because of this broad reach that many professionals, myself included, find CBD to be a particularly intriguing and underutilized wellness product. In addition, other alternatives, such as the use of addictive pain/anxiety medication and/or risky surgeries that can possibly worsen your condition, are not desirable for many people.

When you consume CBD as an edible, it takes a little longer for the effects to fully kick in than with other methods. This is because the CBD has to travel through the digestive tract before it is absorbed into the bloodstream. In addition, the effects of an edible come on a little more gradually than with a vape or sublingual product. However, CBD edibles have a unique advantage as their effects can last much longer than some other methods of consumption. What I like about CBDfx edibles, in particular, is the purity of both the CBD itself and the additional ingredients. All of their products use natural ingredients, with no artificial colors, flavourings or preservatives. And the CBD is all American grown and cultivated, with third-party lab tests available, so you know exactly what you’re getting in each product.

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What Are CBD Edibles?

With the many different delivery systems available for cannabidiol in the UK, nothing is more varied (or tasty) than the wide array of CBD edible products. From sweet, chewy CBD gummies to deceptively versatile CBD oil drops, we’ve got an imaginative variety of options. Right now, CBD edibles outsell every other CBD product on the market for several reasons, and the fact that products like gummies taste incredible is only one of them.

When it comes to ingesting a pre-measured serving of CBD, there is nothing simpler than popping a CBD edible into your mouth and going about your day. There is no need to calculate serving sizes or carry equipment when you use them; it’s as simple as eating a tasty CBD gummy or consuming a CBD capsule

And while CBD edibles may enter your bloodstream a bit slower than some other methods of CBD oil consumption, they make up for it with much longer-lasting effects than CBD vaping and sublingual CBD.

Benefits of CBD Edibles

There are a lot of reasons why edibles are such a popular form of CBD products in the UK.


CBD can be taken in a variety of ways. However, the most popular method is ingestion via CBD edibles. When CBD is ingested, you feel its effects on the mind and body more gradually. This is because the CBD must pass through the digestive system before it reaches the bloodstream. The good news is that when you ingest CBD gummies or other CBD edibles, you can feel the effects for several hours.

CBD edibles offer the widest variety of products by far, ranging from CBD gummies to CBD capsules and more. There’s probably an edible CBD product for any craving you can imagine and, depending on the type of extract and additional ingredients in the product, you might not even taste its hemp contents! 

CBD edibles also possess increased flexibility, since you can combine them with other foods. For example, our CBD tinctures can be combined with a drink or over ice cream to provide an additional boost of natural sweetness, or dripped onto your food in order to enjoy a hidden serving of CBD.

Pre-Measured CBD Servings

A common problem with other forms of CBD intake is measuring the dosage. Thankfully, CBD edibles, like CBD gummies and CBD capsules, easily solve this dosage problem by coming in small, pre-measured bites. As a result, there’s no need for preparation or guessing. This gives you the ability to adjust your CBD serving size up or down while experiencing a greater sense of control. Additionally, products like CBD gummies are so discreet that people won’t even know that you’re taking CBD.

Easy Clean-up

CBD gummies and other CBD edibles are easy to enjoy, and provide a virtually spotless experience. While other forms of CBD are great, they sometimes require more effort to use (for example, adding CBD e-juice to vape kits). With products like CBD gummies, you can just pop them and go!

Superior Flavour

The taste of hemp isn’t for everyone. It’s nutty, earthy, and can often turn people off to cannabis products in general. Thankfully, CBD edibles can make the experience of consuming CBD a delicious one. CBD edibles can taste just like a sweet dessert or snack, perfect for people who want to experience the calming wellness effects of CBD without the strong hemp overtones.

Long-lasting CBD Effects

Unlike sublingual tinctures and vapes, which are processed through the mouth and lungs, respectively, CBD edibles allow the CBD to make its way through your digestive system. As the CBD edibles are digested, the CBD is then released into your body over the next several hours. Although going through the digestive system may take a little longer for you to feel the relaxing effects of the CBD edibles, these effects can potentially last as long as six to eight hours, depending on bioavailability factors.

It’s Nearly Impossible to Take Too Much CBD

How much CBD can you take in a day without adverse effects? The FSA recommends limiting your daily intake of CBD to 70mg or less. Studies have shown that it can be safe to take up to 1500mg of CBD in a day … though you’ll probably fall asleep long before you reach that ceiling. We suggest following the FSA’s recommendation.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, and the form of CBD we use in our edibles contains less than 0.01% THC. You won’t have to worry about some of those intoxicating, overstimulating effects that occur with an excess of THC.

Different Types of CBD Edibles

CBD Capsules

While CBD tablets and capsules may not give you the flavoured delights of some other CBD edibles, they are a great grab-and-go option for those of us who want our regular CBD serving, but are always on the move. Our CBD Soft Gel Capsules give you a pure, all-natural CBD experience with only three ingredients: hemp-derived CBD oil, coconut-derived MCT oil for quicker absorption, and gelatin (commonly used to make capsules). Our CBD + CBG Morning Capsules are formulated to give you the wellness benefits of CBD, plus extended energy and focus throughout your day.

CBD Gummies

Our vegan CBD gummies come in a variety of formulations to serve a wide range of our UK customer needs. If you’re looking for a pure CBD experience, with no other ingredients to cloud the calming feeling of your CBD, try our original Mixed Berry CBD Gummies. If you’re looking to add healthy nutrients to your daily regimen, try our superfood-boosted CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina or our CBD Multivitamin Gummies, available in Multivitamin Gummies for Men and Multivitamin Gummies for Women. Both are great additions to any morning health regimen. If you’d like to add a little diet support to your CBD, check out our CBD Gummies with Apple Cider Vinegar. Lastly, our CBD Sleep Gummies with chamomile and passion flower can help you get to sleep more quickly and sleep more soundly through the night.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are not considered “CBD edibles” when taken sublingually. This is because the CBD is absorbed into the body through the capillaries of the mouth. But you can simply swallow your CBD tincture, in which case it would act like other CBD edibles and be absorbed into the bloodstream after passing through the digestive tract.

CBD Edibles Comparison Chart

Here’s a handy comparison chart, so you can gauge the effects of CBD edibles versus other types of CBD products.

Type of CBD productEffects kick in …*Effects last …*
CBD edibles30 minutes to two hoursSix to eight hours
Sublingual CBD tinctures15 to 30 minutesFour to six hours
CBD vape productsA few minutesOne to two hours

* Times can differ, depending on the strength of your product and personal bioavailability factors.

Why Choose CBDfx CBD Edibles & Other CBD Products in the UK

How can you choose the best CBD edibles? Look for CBD derived from hemp that has been grown safely, without pesticides, GMOs or other contaminants. And make sure the CBD oil has been extracted from the hemp by means of clean CO2, which doesn’t leave a chemical residue in the oil, as cheaper solvent methods do. You’ll also want to make sure the additional ingredients in your CBD oil product are natural, as well. And to confirm the purity and potency of your CBD edibles, you should insist on a lab report created by an independent, third-party laboratory. CBDfx provides third-party lab reports for all of our products, so that you know the exact amount of CBD and other cannabinoids in your edible, as well as whether the product contains any contaminants. We believe in transparency — and we’re proud of our high-quality CBD oil products!

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on bioavailability factors (including height, weight, CBD tolerance, and other factors), the effects of CBD edibles should last six to eight hours.

The difference between CBD edibles and sublingual CBD oils is in how you consume them and how the CBD is then absorbed. While CBD oil can be consumed like CBD edibles (swallowed), tincture oil products are generally held beneath the tongue for a minute so that the CBD can soak into the capillaries of the mouth. This gets the CBD into your bloodstream quicker than an edible, though the effects generally don’t last as long as CBD edibles, like a gummy.


Taking CBD edibles is simple. Once you swallow your edible, it works its way through your digestive system, where the CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream.


Depending on bioavailability factors, CBD edibles can take 30 minutes to two hours to kick in. While it sometimes requires a bit of patience, the reward of CBD edibles is that the effects last longer than with any other method of CBD consumption.


We offer a wide range of CBD dosages in our CBD products. For example, each serving of our CBD gummies contains 50mg of CBD (25mg per gummy). Our capsules, on the other hand, can contain between 25 and 50mg of CBD per serving. Consult our individual product pages to see which CBD oil product is best for your needs.


All of our CBD oil products are legal in the United Kingdom, meeting the UK legal requirement of less than 0.2% THC content.