How to Choose the Right Dosage of CBD Capsules for Your Needs

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Before pressing “Order Now” and buying a bottle of CBD capsules, it’s essential to find the CBD dosage that’s right for you. This will help ensure you’re buying the right CBD product to meet your needs. A recommended serving of CBD falls between 25mg and 50mg. Anything outside this threshold could be too much or not enough. But a 5mg or 100mg serving has been shown to help some users. These are micro and macro doses, and many adults in the UK prefer these over the recommended amounts.

Though, if you’re new to CBD, we suggest sticking to the standard 25–50mg. If 25mg is too much, start even lower. Now, if you want to go past 50mg, you should do so after a while of consistent use. This’ll build your tolerance, and you’ll start to find your ideal CBD dosage.

Below, we’ll look at what CBD is, how to find your right dose, when to veer from the standard, recommended amount, and how to use CBD capsules.

Let’s dive in!

What Is CBD?

You’ve no doubt heard of CBD by now; maybe you’ve already fallen in love with this age-old compound. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of over a hundred cannabinoids in hemp plants. These compounds foster the plant’s wellness benefits.** 

You know of CBD and have possibly heard of THC––the two most abundant cannabinoids in cannabis plants. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid, while CBD is non-intoxicating. Others include CBG, CBC, and CBN. Each cannabinoid touts its own therapeutic benefits by interacting with your endocannabinoid system (ECS), a system in your body that works to maintain homeostasis, or balance.** 

The Endocannabinoid System

The ECS is a network of receptors that regulates essential functions like sleep, mood, appetite, and many others. When cannabinoids from CBD products engage these receptors, they bolster the system’s performance, leading to a cascade of wellness-boosting effects.** But the type of CBD inside your capsules is also important. Each type of CBD offers its own unique set of benefits.** 

Types of CBD 

There are three different types of CBD: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate.

Full-Spectrum CBD

When we cultivate CBD, we process the raw hemp plants through CO2 extraction. This strips away the unneeded organic matter and leaves the plant’s complete cannabinoid profile intact. Hemp naturally carries a low THC level (less than 0.3%). This minimal amount is reflected in the plant’s cannabinoid profile––as is the rest of the plant’s organic makeup, including a high CBD percentage and vibrant aromatic profile, which consists of terpenes and flavonoids

On their own, terpenes and flavonoids create plants’ taste, smell, and colour and carry a host of unique therapeutic effects.** 

This initial oil extract is called full-spectrum CBD. Because full-spectrum CBD oil has a complete cannabinoid profile, users can enjoy the benefits of the Entourage Effect.** This is when multiple cannabinoids boost each other’s effects by simultaneously interacting with your ECS receptors, creating a more profound CBD experience.** 

It’s important to note that selling true full-spectrum CBD in the UK is not legal. Although hemp-derived full-spectrum products have at most 0.3% THC, they can still fall above the UK’s legal limit of 0.2%. So, if you see any products labelled as full-spectrum CBD, they’re either misleading or selling an illegal product.

From here, we can make the other two types of CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBD

When we strip away the THC molecules, we create broad-spectrum CBD. This is similar to full-spectrum CBD, but it has undetectable levels of THC. So, you still get the plant’s full aromatic properties, with a slightly weakened Entourage Effect.** 

This is the type of CBD you’ll find in our CBD capsules!

CBD Isolate

If we strip away all the non-CBD molecules and compounds, we arrive at CBD isolate, which contains 99% CBD and is perfect for those looking to enjoy only CBD. 

What Are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are little premeasured pills and soft gels that introduce CBD to the body through the digestive tract. These are made with a precise dose of CBD and additional healthful ingredients.

A CBD capsule travels through your digestive system and reaches your liver. Here, the liver filters the cannabinoids into your bloodstream. They then go on to interact with your ECS receptors, promoting a number of wellness-boosting effects.** 

How to Use CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are similar to other edible CBD health supplements, like CBD gummies. When you ingest products like these, they must travel through the digestive tract before getting absorbed. This means they take time before you feel and experience their benefits.** Contrarily, because their cannabinoids filter through the lungs and directly into the bloodstream, CBD vape pens take only a few minutes or even seconds to incite therapeutic effects.** 

To use CBD capsules, the first step is to find out how much CBD is in one capsule and how many capsules comprise one recommended serving. Then, if you’re new to CBD, stick to that amount (or less than that amount). If you have been taking the recommended amount for a while now, feel free to take more––but remember: start low and go up slowly. 

How to Choose the Right CBD Gel Capsules

Once you find your ideal CBD dosage, you can explore the different CBD capsules. Because CBD is such a versatile wellness compound, we engage it with other cannabinoids, like CBG, to enhance relaxation or aid in wellness.** 

Check below to see the kind of CBD, the key cannabinoids, and the amount of CBD in each of our best-selling CBD capsules!

CBDfx ProductType of CBDAmount of CBD per Serving
Soft Gel CBD CapsulesBroad Spectrum25mg–50mg CBD
CBD + CBG Morning CapsulesBroad Spectrum30mg CBD + 5mg CBG

Soft Gel Capsules

Our CBD Soft Gel Capsules are the perfect place to start if you’re a beginner CBD user. They pack all the benefits of hemp-derived broad-spectrum CBD into vegan, gluten-free softgel tablets.** They come in 25 or 50mg capsules, and we recommend taking 1–2 capsules daily. 

Morning Capsules

Our Morning CBD Capsules are mixed with 30mg of CBD, 5mg of CBG, 500mg of L-tyrosine, and 150mg of extended-release caffeine. We suggest taking two tablets before work and enjoying the effects throughout your day. The extended-release caffeine helps you avoid the dreaded midday crash, while the cannabinoid profile boosts wellness and promotes a sense of calm within the mind and body.** 

Are CBD Capsules Right for You?

Knowing your CBD dosage is just as important as knowing if CBD capsules are the right product for you. While CBD capsules are easy to take and simple to use, some customers like a different kind of CBD experience. Those who prefer CBD capsules also seem to gravitate towards CBD tinctures.

Wellness CBD + CBG Oil Tincture 2:1

If you’ve never tried CBD tinctures, our Wellness CBD + CBG Oil Tincture is the perfect place to start. CBD oil is taken sublingually (under your tongue). The lid comes with an attached dropper for precise measuring. Administer the desired amount under your tongue and hold the oil there for around a minute. This lets the cells in your mouth absorb the cannabinoids and usher them through to your bloodstream. 

Along with its 2:1 ratio of CBD and CBG, this tincture contains a terpene complex curcumin and coenzyme Q10 to complement CBD’s wellness-boosting properties.** 

Looking for the highest-quality CBD tinctures? Check out our full collection of CBD tinctures today!