Here’s Why There Are So Many Celebrity CBD Companies

If you've noticed all the "celebrity CBD companies" popping up lately, you aren't alone. CBDfx and it's biggest competitors are household names in the world of CBD. You're used to seeing these brands, but when you come across Martha Stewart's face on a CBD tincture, it's easy to do a double-take. But with the CBD market exploding into mainstream prominence, it's not hard to see why well-funded celebrities are ready to get in on the action. Let's explore.

Why Celebrities Want In

People On Sidewalk Selective Focal Photo 1687093The CBD industry is appealing to investors and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. Whatever your profession or expertise, if you have the money, CBD is a fantastic investment. Why? Well, for starters CBD products are used by people all over the planet, so the market is seemingly unlimited. There's also a huge variety of products that can be made with CBD, so manufacturers have options as to what they can produce. If an aspiring CBD brand is owned by a person or parent company that makes creams or lotions, they can add CBD into them and sell an all-new product. These factors make it appealing and easy to get involved in the CBD industry. The biggest problem for many would-be investors is the money it takes to develop a brand and product line.

Potential Applications for CBD

What Makes A Good Cbd Brand UkOne of the biggest celebrities in the world of CBD is Charlotte Figi. Charlotte's story brought CBD's potential to the spotlight and inspired many celebrities to start their own CBD companies. Charlotte Figi was a young girl who suffered from up to 300 seizures a week. Her parents tried everything they could to help, but none of the therapies or prescription medications seemed to provide any relief.  After much study and deliberation, they one day decided to give her CBD. Charlotte's results were nothing short of incredible. Not only did Charlotte live the first seizure-free day of her life, the number of seizures she experienced decreased from 300 per week to 2-3 per month. These results showed the world that CBD and hemp extracts have incredible medical potential. The case of Charlotte Figi inspired scientists to take a closer look at phytocannabinoids such as CBD. New clinical studies are consistently being initiated so scientists can further explore all of the potential applications for CBD. Charlotte's story touched the hearts of many celebrities and made them aware of CBD's seemingly endless potential.

CBD is Legal After a Long Prohibition

Thames River and Big BenMarijuana is illegal in the U.K and throughout most of the U.S, but it's still been a big part of both cultures for decades.  Celebrities across the globe have a reputation for enjoying different types of cannabis. The problem with marijuana is that it contains a high concentration of a psychoactive phytocannabinoid called THC.  Marijuana has a similar chemical make-up to hemp. However, its concentration of THC means that you can't enjoy its benefits without becoming intoxicated.  In 2016, CBD products were made legal in the UK for public use, but only under the condition that they're 100% non-intoxicating. CBD products are required to contain no more than 0.2% THC—an amount incapable of getting someone "high." This new, legal way to enjoy cannabis extracts was something new—and something many celebrities were waiting for. Not only were hemp extracts legalized for the first time in years, but the products are non-intoxicating, which makes it easy for celebrities to endorse without scrutiny.

The Industry is Exploding

It's no secret that the CBD industry is booming. It's almost daily that you see new brands and products pop up. Celebrities constantly get in on cutting-edge trends and popular wellness products. So, it's no surprise that celebrities would get on-board with a booming industry, and the demand for CBD is higher than ever.

Three Celebrity CBD Brands

An oil dropperThere's something about celebrity-owned CBD companies that's inherently funny. It can feel strange to see Mike Tyson on a product that's notoriously calming and intended for wellness.  Though seeing these products may bring a smile to your face or a roll of the eyes, they're serious. Celebrities have the resources to develop CBD products to very high-levels and have the connections necessary to source the best ingredients.  Hemp manufacturers, labs, and distributors are all eager to have a celebrity client. When Martha Stewart comes knocking on your door, you're going to give her the best hemp you have. So, let's take a quick look at some of the top celebrity CBD brands you might come across while shopping.

Martha Stewart

Some people are highly predictable but that's certainly not Martha Stewart.  This woman was the iconic wholesome celebrity homemaker for decades before she surprised everyone with her stint in prison. Now, Martha has surprised us once again by starting her own line of premium CBD products. Her CBD company produces natural products with gourmet flavours. Martha Stewart CBD offers everything from CBD gummies and capsules to tinctures and isolates.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is a pretty terrifying individual. He’s famous for becoming the heavy-weight champion of the world when he was just 20 years old. He also happens to be famous for throwing an old woman down a flight of stairs, biting off Evander Holyfield's ear during a match, and spending a whole bunch of time in prison. Today Mike Tyson is an accomplished CBD business owner, generating more than $500,000 in revenue per month. Tyson Ranch has become immensely popular and sells about $500,000 worth of CBD products per month. 

Montel Williams

Out of all the celebrities on our list, Montel probably has the most first-hand experience with hemp extracts. If you don't remember Montel Williams, he was a musician and talk show host who was popular in the 1990s.  Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999, Montel soon disappeared from the spotlight. He described the pain from M.S as “sharp, 24hr neuropathic pain”. After trying countless treatments, Montel found that CBD provided remarkable results.  Montel claims that CBD helped him get his life back, and wants to offer people the same opportunity through his brand. Celebrity CBD companies may seem a bit funny, but these people have the drive and the resources to produce some incredible products.

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