Can You Use CBD Oil to Stop Smoking?

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If you’re trying to cut a bad habit out of your life, you may have wondered if you can use CBD oil to stop smoking. It’s not news that nicotine is extremely addictive, and putting a stop to the cravings can be a monumental challenge.

While CBD has only been around the wellness circuit for a few years now, there are signs that it may be able to help smokers cut tobacco out of their lives.

How CBD Oil Could Help

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When the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) is kicked into gear, the results are impressive. By blocking the metabolism of certain proteins and enzymes in the brain, the ECS affects systems all throughout the body, including the liver, gut, muscles, and brain.

CBD has certain properties that also make it anxiolytic (reduces anxiety), and that could be key to its ability to slow down nicotine cravings for smokers.

Two studies were performed where smokers were given CBD vapes as a way to curb their smoking habit—one of those studies resulted in a nearly 40% reduction in smoking.

In the other study, subjects were ordered to stop smoking for the evening before they were shown images of cigarettes the next morning. Those who received CBD found much less enjoyment when shown the images than the subjects who took a placebo.

Why Does This Happen?

Hemp oil is a remarkable product. It’s been used for centuries and has properties that can help with inflammation and stress. The oldest uses for hemp oil were for patients suffering from cholera. Because the disease caused them to expel all their food, whether, through the mouth or… elsewhere, cholera would weaken people until they no longer had the strength to fight back.

When given hemp oil, people were able to keep their food down, recover their strength, and at the very least, feel more comfortable in palliative situations. Today, those same aspects of CBD are used in modern medicine to help people dealing with chronic pain or disease to eat and feel less pain.

With nicotine addiction, long-time smokers physically change their brain’s anatomy to contain more nicotine receptors to trigger a dopamine release.

Dopamine makes you feel good, which makes quitting cold turkey even harder since the loss feels greater than it would have near the beginning of the smoking habit.

If a person can stop smoking or reduce the amount they smoke, those receptors gradually disappear and the brain returns to normal. CBD oil doesn’t eliminate or replace the craving, but it may help to weaken it. This gradual decline in smoking means that when the smoker decides to finally quit, it will be a little easier.

Using CBD Oil to Stop Smoking

There are a few delivery methods for CBD oil. One is to take a daily dose of a quality tincture oil like this one.  Doing this will keep your body’s endocannabinoids in production, helping to stave off the stress and craving that nicotine addiction can cause.

Tincture oils are helpful because they are slowly released as they are digested. This keeps the CBD working for longer periods of time. However, some of the compounds are lost in the process, weakening its effect. This isn’t always a bad thing—taking a higher dose can offset that issue, giving you a lasting dose throughout the day.

While tincture oils can take a little time before you feel the effects, taking drops under the tongue can speed up the process. Sublingual administration sends the CBD oil into your bloodstream through your mouth’s mucous glands, which is the second-fastest way to put the cannabis into your body.

If it’s still not enough for you, we understand. The good news is that there’s another, faster way to get CBD into your bloodstream, and it might be the best possible solution for smokers.

Swapping Out One Inhale for Another

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Smoking cigarettes offers more than just a nicotine buzz—it also gives you the chance to take a break, get some deep breaths, and enjoy the outside air for a while. As far as the hazards of smoking go, this could be one reason it’s hard to stop.

Why not vape CBD instead? It’s not a crime to enjoy a smoke break. With a rechargeable CBD vape pen, you can enjoy some of the pleasantries of smoking without putting carcinogens in your body. Plus, it’s cheaper to buy CBD vape juice than it is to keep spending money on cigarettes.

Another benefit of vaping is that it works quickly as nicotine does. When you feel the urge to smoke a cigarette, vaping can help take a little bit of the edge off. Because vaping allows CBD to enter the bloodstream through the lungs, the effects can be felt quickly.

Finding Quality CBD Products

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CBD is easier to find today than ever before. As a result, the lack of regulation can cause a big issue for first-time buyers.

Because it’s easy to sell hemp products as a wellness supplement. Some see it as a way to make a quick profit, and they don’t care whether their products work. For those who have never used CBD products, this can lead to them not feeling the effects at all.

CBD that isn’t grown organically or is isolated from its other cannabis compounds often feels weak. Far too many people have tried CBD for the first time only to feel nothing.

It’s important that you find a vendor that sells 100% organic, broad spectrum products that come with a lab report. Why? Because knowing what you’re getting is important.

A lab report can give you information about how the hemp was grown. As well as whether or not it contains toxic elements, and how strong it is.

Vendors that sell the cheapest possible products online usually don’t include lab reports.

Read the reviews. Vendors of quality products have satisfied customers because their inventory works as advertised, and they generally offer better customer service.

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