CBD 101: Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane?

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It’s easy enough to take CBD around town with you, but can you take CBD oil on a plane? Well, it depends. The answer is almost always yes, but some hemp-based products won’t be allowed, and they could cause a headache for you.

While it’s fine to travel with plain old CBD, entering the UK with any amount of THC is illegal. THC is the compound in cannabis that causes a psychoactive high, and governments have been fairly strict about how it can be distributed. For whatever confusion there may be, one thing is clear: don’t bring THC into the UK.

Still, some people are confused, and it’s easy to understand why. There’s a myth that some CBD products can contain a certain, legal amount of THC. However, this only applies to the cultivation of plants. The plant’s extracts must only be harvested from the stems and seeds of the plant—not the flowers or buds.

CBD oil and hemp oil can differ in the amount of THC, and while the two are marketed in a similar way, they differ greatly in legality.

Let’s take a look at what you can legally fly with in the UK.

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Many people believe that CBD can contain THC content under 0.2%. Unfortunately, this is a myth. Only licensed farmers are permitted to extract hemp oil in this manner, and most of the CBD on the market does not fall in this category.

Without a prescription for medicinal cannabis, it is illegal to possess any amount of THC in the UK. A prescription from a medical professional falls under a completely different set of laws, so we’ll leave it at that.

If you plan to do any travelling with CBD oil, make sure it is completely free of THC. Start by only buying hemp products that are sold by licensed vendors, and read the label carefully so that you aren’t caught trying to board a plane with an illegal substance.

Bringing CBD Oil into the UK

CBD oil must come from the stalks and seeds of the cannabis plant—not the flowers or leaves. Therefore, whomever you buy from must abide by these laws if your products are to be legal. If you have THC-free CBD oil, it is legal for you to enter and exit the UK with these products.

Still, each airline and customs department may have their own regulations and restrictions about what they will allow you to bring. Armed with a smartphone, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to look up their restrictions online and avoid any complications during travel.

Taking CBD Oil to Other Countries in the EU

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For the most part, you are safe to travel throughout the EU with CBD, so long as it is free of THC and poses no question to the authorities. However, some countries are a little easier on CBD than others.

Austria, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, and Malta all require that CBD be prescribed by a medical professional in that specific country. If you try to enter these countries with CBD from the UK, chances are your supplements will be confiscated. You could even face legal penalties, so play it safe.

Slovakia is even more strict about CBD. They list all hemp-based products as illegal controlled substances, making any travel with CBD extremely risky. The best idea is just not to do it.

As far as other countries in the EU, CBD is legal to possess and therefore safe to travel with. Still, double-check the country’s rules and regulations before subjecting yourself to any trouble with the law.

Travelling to the US with CBD Oil

Because the US’s restrictions on CBD are similar to those of the UK, you are probably safe to bring a THC-free supplement into the country. However, this does not apply to the states of Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

As you will have to declare your supplements to customs, it’s important that there is no confusion about the substances you have in tow.

Properly Packing Your Supplements

The easiest way to ensure you don’t face any trouble with regulatory agencies is to travel with sealed CBD containers. If they still contain their factory seal and are labelled as being compliant with UK law, it will be a lot easier to convince customs that you had no intention to break the law.

It’s also a good idea to buy products from a reputable vendor. By purchasing quality supplements from a company you trust, there’s a better chance that their testing practices will yield accurate results.

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Now that you have an idea of how the laws work when travelling with CBD, the next issue is to figure out how to know exactly what you’re getting.

The easiest and best place to look is at a product’s lab reports. Not all vendors will furnish them, so if they don’t, look elsewhere for CBD. If you don’t know what’s in your CBD oil, you could end up with THC and face fines if caught. There’s no good reason not to know what you’re buying.

Lab reports provide information about what’s in your CBD oil, including the presence of any THC. They will also show you whether the hemp used in your supplements were grown with any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

So do lab reports really matter? We think so. Because hemp products face so little regulation, many vendors sell low-quality products knowing they won’t face any repercussions if the supplements don’t work as advertised. After all, they didn’t make any guarantees about how it would affect users.

Obtaining lab reports isn’t free, so when your vendor can provide them, you can have confidence that they have your best interests at heart.

Buying from a Reputable Vendor

It’s one thing to buy CBD products and keep them at home, but it’s a different story when you try to take those substances on a plane with you. Don’t make the mistake of buying subpar supplements from random vendors. There’s a chance you could end up purchasing THC and having to face legal penalties.

The better idea is to find a vendor with lab-tested, 100% organic products. Read their reviews as well. If people are happy with their products and service, chances are you will be too.

Plus, established vendors typically pay for better lab tests that have more accurate results. It may seem strange, but not all testing labs can detect compounds in cannabis products with the same degree of accuracy. When you buy from a vendor that prioritises quality, you probably won’t end up with a compromising amount of THC in your supplements.

Spend a little extra and get yourself the CBD oil that contains what it says and works how it’s supposed to. It’s worth it.

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