Does CBD Build Up in the Body?

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Consistency is an important part of using CBD, but does CBD build up in the body? CBD provides all kinds of great benefits. People use these products for everything from getting their day started to help them sleep. Cannabidiol is completely non-toxic and can be taken as often as you’d like.  Countless people utilize CBD products daily. It’s common knowledge that the more often you use these products the more effective they’ll be, but what happens when CBD starts to build up in your body? Will you need to increase your serving size? Can CBD stop working? Is CBD build up a good thing? These are valid questions that are asked by everyone from newbies to experienced CBD users. CBD will eventually start to build up in your body if you use it consistently. Ultimately, having a build up of CBD in your body is a good thing. There are some different factors that influence how fast this happens and some things you can expect when it does. 

What Happens When You Use CBD Regularly?

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If you use CBD regularly, you already know that the more you use it, the better. That being said, every rose has its thorn and CBD is no exception.  There will come a point where it has built up in your system enough for you to notice. This could take years to happen, or it could take months. It depends on a number of factors. Some you can control, some you can’t. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use CBD consistently, it just means there are some things to be aware of. Eventually, you may have to adjust your serving size, the potency of CBD, or the intervals in which you take it. CBD build-up is good because it allows your body consistent exposure to its benefits, but you will have to balance things out to consistently feel its effects.

What Influences CBD Build Up?

There are a variety of factors that influence CBD build up. The quality, potency, and spectrum-type will all have an impact on how quickly CBD builds up in your body. If you use CBD daily, these are important considerations. 


The potency of CBD you use is one of the most influential factors in CBD build up. If you use low potency CBD, you are a lot less likely to experience any changes from regular use. On the other hand, if you consistently use high-potency CBD you’re liable to develop a tolerance relatively fast.


Serving-size, like potency, influences CBD build up in a way that’s easily understood. If you use a tincture 4 times a day, your body will have a build up of CBD. Using CBD a few times weekly isn’t enough for it to build up in your system in a significant way. 

Quality of CBD

Quality is important in every aspect of life. When you use high-quality CBD, you allow your body the benefits of a variety of desirable compounds, and none of the chemicals contained in lesser products. The quality of CBD you use also has an impact on the way it builds up in your body. CBD is stored in your body’s fat cells, and if you use CBD that’s laden with harsh chemicals, they’re going to end up getting stored as well. It’s important to pay attention to the quality of the CBD you use. Make sure to check lab reports and customer reviews to make sure that you’re treating your body to the quality it deserves.  There are some qualities that all premium share.

  • Organically Grown Hemp
  • CO2 Extracted
  • Third-Party Tested
  • Reputable Name-Brand
  • Good Customer Reviews

If the CBD you’re CBD meets these requirements, then you can rest assured that the CBD building up in your system is a good thing.


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Hemp extracts are available in different spectrum-types. Each spectrum-type contains a different set of compounds from the hemp plant. There are three spectrum-types; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Full-Spectrum extracts contain a multitude of beneficial compounds including; Terpenes, amino acids, CBG, CBD, and trace amounts of THC. This specific combination of compounds is believed to work synergistically to elicit the “entourage effect”. This is when each compound becomes more powerful due to the influence of the compounds around it. Broad-Spectrum extracts contain a similar set of compounds found in full-spectrum. Broad spectrum contains terpenes, amino acids, CBD, and CBG, but does not contain any THC. A lot of people who’re subject to regular drug tests use broad-spectrum extracts. CBD Isolates consist of 99.9% pure CBD. Professional athletes love to use CBD isolates because they get to enjoy all of the benefits of cannabidiol, without any worry of scrutiny from the world anti-doping association. In 2018, WADA removed CBD from its list of banned substances, and the world of professional sports has never been the same. Different spectrum-types build up in your body in different ways because of the compounds they contain. If you use CBD isolate, your body isn’t going to acquire the same build-up of compounds you’d have if you used broad-spectrum. When you feel yourself starting to develop a tolerance, try using a different spectrum-type.

Consistency of Use

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Consistent use is the fastest way for CBD to build up in your system. There is a multitude of benefits associated with having a build up of CBD in your body. Using CBD all the time may lead to developing a tolerance, but the benefits vastly outweigh this small downside.  It’s helpful to think about this concept in an abstract way. Imagine that CBD is a flame and your body’s a pot of water. When the water is held to the flame consistently, it boils. The boiling is CBD having a positive effect on your body. If you take the flame away from the water, the water will cool off and stop boiling. If you hold the flame to the water intermittently, it will stay hot and might even boil gently.  When the flame is held to the water, it stays boiling consistently.  Using CBD consistently allows it to build up, allowing your body constant exposure to its benefits.

Building a Tolerance

Taking CBD daily will sometimes cause the user to develop a tolerance. This can easily be compensated for by increasing the potency of CBD you’re using.  Some people try to increase their serving size. While this will increase the amount of CBD your taking, it will also cost more. Increasing the potency of CBD you’re using allows you to access more CBD and use less of the product.

Reverse Tolerance

It sounds crazy, but there is a unique phenomenon that occurs with CBD build up called “reverse tolerance”. You can develop a reverse tolerance to CBD, which means you actually get more sensitive to the effects of CBD.  This means some users will eventually be able to decrease their serving size and still feel powerful effects.

The Benefits of Consistency

The best way to increase the effectiveness of CBD is to use it consistently. By using CBD daily, you allow it to build up in your body’s fat cells. This allows the body constant access to a multitude of beneficial compounds and increases the effectiveness of CBD.

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