Should I Increase My CBD Oil Strength?

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Ever wondered, “Is it time to increase my CBD oil strength?” It’s a common question—especially if you’re not feeling your CBD like you used to. The best CBD oils can bring a lot of benefits. However, its effects are subtle, making it difficult to tell if you’re feeling it. Many people confuse CBD with marijuana and expect to feel “high.” The truth is that CBD contains less than 0.3% THC and is completely non-psychoactive. In fact, that last part is one of the many perks of CBD. When you take CBD, you don’t feel altered or intoxicated in any way. This can leave you wondering if you’re taking enough. The answer is complex because CBD affects everyone differently. And on top of that, different people have different tolerances. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help you figure out if it’s time to go up in oil strength. But…before grabbing the most potent CBD oil you can find, let’s talk about some potential alternatives and solutions.

Understanding CBD Strengths 

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CBD is available in all kinds of different flavors, formulations, and potencies. Whether you prefer to vape your CBD or ingest it orally, understanding how CBD works is critical. First, let’s take a look at how CBD is made and how this affects its potency. It all starts on the farm, where carefully selected hemp seeds are planted in fertile ground. Once the hemp plants have reached maturity, they’re harvested and dried. After the plants have reached the perfect moisture level, the desirable compounds are extracted. Once the compound-rich hemp oil has been extracted it’s time to consider potency. At this stage in the process, the potency of the CBD oil is determined by the amount of carrier oil the manufacturer uses to dilute it. The less potent CBD oils will contain more of the carrier oil and less of the pure hemp extract. Higher potency oils will contain increased concentrations of pure hemp extract. The potency of CBD is typically measured in milligrams—the higher the number of milligrams, the more potent the CBD.

Finding the Perfect Potency

Finding the perfect potency of CBD oil requires a bit of experimentation. Everyone’s body reacts in its own unique way to CBD. This makes it impossible for anyone to tell you what an appropriate serving or potency would be. It is something you have to figure out for yourself. If you’re just getting started with CBD and aren’t sure what potency to go for, try a small dose such as 2mg and slowly increase the strength. Wait until you’ve got some experience with lower doses so you know how they affect you before diving into higher strengths. That said, experimenting and working your way up is the only way to know what strength CBD will work for you.

When Is It Time for a Change?

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Whether you’re just getting started with CBD, or you’ve got years of experience, it’s hard to know when to upgrade. Do you go up in strength when you aren’t feeling it? Maybe. Maybe not.  Just because you aren’t feeling the direct benefit of your CBD doesn’t mean you need to increase your oil strength. There are numerous factors that could contribute to you not getting the most out of your CBD.  Maybe you aren’t taking your CBD in the most efficient way, maybe you aren’t being consistent enough, or maybe you don’t need to go up. But, before ramping up the strength of your CBD, let’s consider a few things first…

Have You Built a Tolerance to CBD?

The human body is incredibly resilient. It can fight off illness without conscious action, and it can adapt to a number of circumstances and environments. While this ability to adapt is impressive, no rose is without a thorn or two. Much like your body’s ability to build up a tolerance to certain germs and illnesses, it can also build up tolerances to beneficial things such as medicine and CBD. This means that as time goes on, you might need to increase the strength of your CBD as your body builds up a tolerance. You may find that you were fine taking 2mg of CBD for the first part of the year. However, as time went on you needed to increase your serving to 4mg to enjoy the same benefits. CBD is non-toxic so it’s no problem to increase the strength of oil when you see fit. If you use CBD consistently you’ll experience the full range of benefits, but you’ll also be working up a tolerance.

Getting the Most Out of Your CBD Oil

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There isn’t one specific technique in taking CBD, but there are some tips to help you get the most out of your CBD. Many CBD users are missing out by not putting in the time to understand exactly how they should take their CBD oil. However, with a few simple steps, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of your oil without increasing its strength. When you take CBD oil, you shouldn’t gulp it down as fast as possible. It may be strange at first to hold oil in your mouth for a few seconds, but many people find it highly enjoyable and by doing so, you greatly increase its effectiveness. The best way to consume CBD oil is by placing a dropper full of oil under your tongue and swishing it around for 20-30 seconds before swallowing. This allows your body to start absorbing the CBD sublingually before you’ve swallowed it. By swishing the CBD around you are also creating emulsifications in the oil, which increases the amount of surface area exposed to the body and makes the CBD more absorptive. Another way to increase the effectiveness of your CBD is to make sure you’re staying consistent. If you take CBD twice a day you’re going to get a lot more out of it than someone who only takes it a couple of times a week. With CBD, consistency is the key to success.

When to Increase Your CBD Oil Strength

Before increasing the strength of CBD oil you’re taking, try experimenting with some of the aforementioned techniques. You might be able to achieve the results you’re after by simply changing your approach instead of increasing the strength.  CBD is a remarkable compound that provides a wide variety of powerful benefits, but if you’ve perfected your techniques and still aren’t experiencing your desired results, then it might be time to increase the strength of your CBD oil.