Hit Your Holiday Fitness Goals With CBD for Energy and Recovery

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If you’re thinking about holiday fitness goals, now is the time to act. We’re creeping up on the time of year I have started calling “The Season of Baked Goods.” The days from October 1 to New Year’s Eve are a cavalcade of candy, cakes, comfort food, biscuits, biscuits, and more biscuits.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But, it’s also a challenge to self control, blood sugar, and the waistline.

Did you know that CBD can help you achieve your holiday fitness goals? Not only is CBD a go-to supplement when you need to chill, it’s also hugely beneficial as a fitness supplement.

Let’s look at a few ways CBD can help you make it through The Season of Baked Goods without having to invest in bigger trousers.

What Is CBD and How Does CBD Work?

To better understand how CBD can assist your fitness goals, we first have to understand how it works with our bodies.

There are a lot of ongoing scientific studies about CBD’s effects but, as we say, they’re still ongoing. So, legally, CBD companies are unable to claim that CBD “treats” any condition or illness. We certainly won’t make any claims to that effect until we’re allowed to. Instead, we’ll look at abundant anecdotal evidence from people all over the world who have used cannabis for centuries, as well as the hard science of what CBD actually does in the body.

CBD, Cannabinoids, and the Endocannabinoid System

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of a group of molecular compounds called cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant. CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant and, in fact, it’s some of the other cannabinoids, like CBG, CBN and CBC, that help boost the beneficial effects that fitness and wellness enthusiasts look for.

When we ingest a cannabinoid, like CBD, it interfaces with something in our bodies called the endocannabinoid system. This is a cell-signalling system that runs throughout our bodies, closely integrating with our central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as organs, tissues, and systems that regulate sleep, mood, digestion, and more.

Our bodies naturally produce compounds called endocannabinoids that are called up when we need to regulate pain, inflammation, and more. Cannabinoids, like CBD, work in much the same way.

Wait, Did You Say CBD Comes From Cannabis?

Yes, CBD comes from cannabis. But CBD products, such as those sold at CBDfx, come from a form of cannabis called hemp. Hemp has less than 0.3% THC (the cannabinoid that gets you high) in it, which is such a tiny trace amount that it is non-intoxicating. In fact, to be legally compliant in the UK (where the legal amount of THC is less than 0.2%), we use broad spectrum CBD or CBD isolate in our products — both of which have all detectable levels of THC removed. So, to summarise, our CBD comes from hemp, is filtered for trace amounts of THC, and cannot get you high.  

How Can CBD Help With My Holiday Fitness Goals?

Here are some of the most common needs for those trying to reach their holiday fitness goals: energy and focus, soothing sore muscles, and rest and recovery. These are three pillars to fitness and a healthy exercise regime. Let’s check out some helpful CBD products. 

CBD for Productivity

It may come as a surprise that CBD is considered a useful supplement for maintaining an upbeat, productive pace. 

The truth is, much of the effects that CBD imparts are dependent on what the cannabinoid is working in concert with, and what part of the endocannabinoid system it’s engaging with.

When CBD is combined with the cannabinoid CBG, people report an increase in motivation and productivity. This is because of the Entourage Effect, which is a synergistic event in which different cannabinoids work together to modify one another’s individual effects while also enhancing the overall effect of the experience.

You need motivation to get off the couch and start exercising, and you need a burst of productivity to make your workout the safest and most effective one possible for you.

CBD + CBG Morning Capsules are formulated with a blend of CBD and CBG, plus extended-release caffeine to keep you on your toes without jitters or a crash. The addition of the amino acid L-Tyrosine adds a natural pep in your step. 

CBD for Sore Muscles

Any good workout will result in sore muscles — especially if you’re like me and you haven’t exactly, totally, specifically, technically … exercised in a bit.

Typical sore muscles are, of course, a sign that we’re doing something right — our muscles are recovering from strain and getting stronger and more defined. That’s all well and good, but if you haven’t worked out in a while and you jump right into a bunch of deadlifts, you’re going to have trouble climbing steps the next day.

CBD topicals, like CBD creams and balms, send soothing effects right to the source of the problem. 

CBD Muscle & Joint Cream is a popular choice for soothing effects among both runners and weightlifters. It’s made with broad spectrum CBD, as well as white willow bark, caffeine, and menthol. 

CBD Muscle & Joint Balm Sticks are another efficient and effective choice for rubbing down sore spots. They’re formulated with CBD, menthol, camphor oil, black pepper oil, peppermint oil and wintergreen oil for a cooling, invigorating massage.

CBD for Rest & Recovery

It may sound counterintuitive, thinking about rest when it comes to hitting holiday fitness goals, but time for healthy muscle and tissue recovery is as vital as time spent in the gym. 

Massage and rest are crucial to building muscle, and building muscle is crucial to fighting those pie calories. 

Soreness in our soft tissues is also their way of telling us they need to recover and rebuild. That’s why professional athletes get sports massages and rubdowns, and one of the many reasons our body needs sleep.

A lot of fitness enthusiasts swear that CBD makes workouts, and the aftereffects, more manageable. This group includes professional athletes, Olympians, and distance runners, among many others.

In addition to the topicals we listed above, there are other valuable CBD products to improve your rest and recovery time.

Our Calming & Moisturising CBD Balm Stick is a fantastic product to soothe the mind and body. It’s made with CBD, lavender, chamomile, and shea butter for soft, nourished skin. 

Protein is a vital nutrient for rebuilding muscle during recovery. Our vegan CBD Cookies With Protein may seem like an odd fitness recommendation when we’re already up to our necks biscuits and cakes, but these treats weigh in at just 180 calories per serving while delivering 13 grams of protein. It’s a great post-workout snack (I’m partial to the peanut butter one).

Finally, when it’s time to get a solid night of recuperating sleep, our CBD Gummies for Sleep are made with restful magnesium, passion flower, chamomile and lemon balm to promote tranquil bedtime vibes. 

CBD for a Nutritional Boost

You already know that CBD is the perfect supplement when you need to get quality rest and recovery, but you might not have considered how it can be combined with ingredients that make that rest time even more effective toward hitting your holiday fitness goals.

For instance, our CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina are made with 50mg of CBD per serving, as well as superfoods like turmeric and spirulina. Our Multivitamin CBD Gummies support CBD with vitamins A, C, D3, E, B complex and more. And our Apple Cider Vinegar CBD Gummies are made with 80mg of pomegranate per serving (it’s an antioxidant), as well as 50mg of CBD and 1,000mg of apple cider vinegar, which is known for an absolute multitude of positive benefits. 

Achieve Your Holiday Fitness Goals With CBD!

When it comes to your holiday fitness goals, don’t overlook the healthy benefits of CBD products. While they can’t keep you from having that second slice of banoffee pie, they can make it easier to work off tomorrow.

Try our CBD creams and balms for soothing post-workout benefits!