The Top 5 Products for an Active Lifestyle

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Along with regular exercise, your body needs a few other items to stay in shape, so we’ve made a list of the top five products for an active lifestyle to give you a few ideas.

When you exercise, your body uses vitamins to transform nutrients and minerals into stuff your body can use. Without all the right parts in place, your body can have a tough time building muscle and strengthening bones.

Let’s have a look at some of the best products out there for supporting your daily routine.


Your mum always told you to get your vitamins, and she was right.

Topping our list of the top five products for an active lifestyle is the daily multivitamin.

Vitamins work kind of like batteries—they are an essential fuel source for powering your body’s different systems.

For example, without enough vitamin C, your body can’t process proteins properly. Without enough vitamin B12, you can become weak, fatigued, and anemic, and did you know that most people are vitamin D deficient?

Because they burn up so quickly, the easiest way to sustain your body’s needs is with a daily CBD Multivitamin. Plus, when paired with CBD, vitamins can provide nutrition along with a nice blanket of calm to your day.

Don’t forget to take a walk each day and get some sunshine. Getting outside can yield many health benefits. When your body gets all of the necessary nutrients, you may notice near-immediate results—more energy, better sleep, and even tastier food!


No one says you have to be a workout enthusiast to take a protein supplement. As the building block of just about everything in your body, protein benefits everyone.

When taken with the right vitamins, such as the ones mentioned above, it has an easier time going to good use.

If vitamins are the batteries that fuel the muscle-building process, proteins are the bricks. In fact, protein is so essential to your body that it is one of the fastest foods to be digested.

Your body can usually process it right away, so make sure you take vitamins near the same time as taking protein.

One of the best protein sources is spirulina—a cyanobacterium, utilized for thousands of years as a food staple (it contains nearly twice as much protein as both beef and tuna). Try our CBD Gummies with Turmeric & Spirulina for a blast of this powerful superfood.


Just about everyone can relate to soreness after a challenging workout. Lactic acid builds up in the muscles, leading to cramps and aches. Sure, it’s a good kind of pain, but the fire of muscle inflammation isn’t much fun.

Our CBD Muscle and Joint Cream: Cooling Formula can nip sore joints and muscles in the bud to give you quick, soothing relief. Thanks to a blend of cooling menthol and white willow bark, CBD topicals are some of the best products for getting you back on your feet right away.

And if you’re looking to sink into relaxation, few products compare to the power of a CBD Bath Bomb. With a blend of aromatic oils and cannabinoids, you’ll emerge from the tub completely renewed and refreshed.


No amount of supplements can work the magic of a good night’s rest—your recovery depends on it. During REM sleep, your muscles are completely relaxed, allowing your brain to get started on the tough job of replenishment.

CBD Gummies for Sleep may do the trick. They contain natural relaxants like passion flower, chamomile, and lemon balm, these gummies have what you need to get to sleep quickly and wake feeling ready for the day.

To try it out, take a couple about 30 minutes before bed. Take an extra gummy the next night if you feel like you need a bigger serving.


CBD oil works with your body’s endocannabinoid system to provide therapeutic benefits.

 It does this by keeping your brain’s natural enzymes at bay so more cannabinoids can flow, giving you that lovely feeling of warmth and calm.

Tincture oils may be the answer to your slumbering woes. With a broad spectrum blend of cannabinoids, a drop of tincture oil under the tongue can relax you to where it’s easier to fall asleep.

If that doesn’t work, vaping CBD is by far the fastest way to kick-start your endocannabinoid system.


Not all supplements are created equal. Wellness supplements aren’t heavily regulated, so finding the best ones can be a little harder than you might expect.

The best CBD products contain a variety of cannabinoids and other plant matter. This includes cannabinoids like CBG and CBN and terpenes that can enhance the effects of the other compounds.

You should always buy organic products. Non-organic products may be cheaper, but they are usually grown with synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, which can weaken the effect and force you to take bigger and bigger portions.

On the other hand, organic products ensure no harmful chemicals are lingering in your product. Because they work better, you end up saving money by taking less of the supplement than you would with a weaker product.

Still unsure if you got the right product? Check the lab report.

These documents come from third-party labs whose job is to ensure your products contain exactly what they claim to.

A lab report tells you about the cannabinoids and terpenes present in a product, but also the stuff that shouldn’t be there, like heavy metals, mycotoxins, and leftover solvents.

Your vendor should have a lab report for you to read. If they don’t, it’s probably a good sign that you should shop elsewhere.

No matter what you choose of these top five products for an active lifestyle, make sure it’s from a vendor you can trust.

Try different products, see how they work, and enjoy the benefits!

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