Holiday Guide 2023: The Best CBD Gifts for Stressed-Out BFFs

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“I love ya, mate, but y’all need to chill!” Chances are, you’ve got one and probably many mates who fit that description. Stress is everywhere in 2023, especially during the Christmas season. So, make your gift count this year. Give your BFFs the gift of “chill” with these calming, wellness-boosting CBD products!

Best CBD Gifts for Stress

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CBD has calming properties that make it ideal for stress-busting products. We offer a variety of nerve-soothing items, ranging from edibles and oils to vapes and bath products — all of which would make great holiday gifts!

Gummies & Capsules

Is your BFF a CBD noob? Our Original Mixed Berry CBD Gummies are a great present for CBD beginners. These popular sweets deliver 50mg of broad spectrum CBD in a delicious, natural berry flavour.

Stress can have a crushing effect on one’s ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Our CBD Sleep Gummies deliver 50mg of calming CBD, along with a host of natural sleep aids, including passion flower, chamomile, and lemon balm!

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CBD Soft Gel Capsules deliver a pure and potent CBD experience, with 25 or 50mg CBD per serving, plus natural MCT oil to help the body better absorb all that calming cannabidiol!

Tincture Oils

Tincture oils can be taken sublingually for quicker-hitting effects, or can be drizzled into your favourite food or beverage. Our CBD Hemp Tincture delivers the same CBD oil/MCT oil combo as our CBD Softgels, but in strengths up to 1500mg per bottle!

We also have a variety of Flavoured CBD Oil Drops. Each of these tasty tinctures works wonderfully under the tongue or splashed in your favourite drink, smoothie, or cocktail. These 2000mg oils come in four taste-tempting flavours: Zesty Orange CBD Oil Drops, Lush Lime CBD Oil Drops, Very Berry CBD Oil Drops, and Morning Mint CBD Oil Drops. And now, you can enjoy any of these tasty drops as a spray, as well as a tincture!

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CBD Tincture - Morning Mint - 2000mg

Vape Pens & Juices

Nothing gets calming CBD into your bloodstream quicker than a vape product. And our pens and juices deliver delicious flavour along with all-natural CBD. Our CBD Vape Pens contain 500mg of CBD and come in six tantalizing flavours. 

Our CBD Vape Oils come in two formulas: CBD Vape Juices with up to 2000mg per bottle, and our CBD Terpene Vape Liquids with 500mg CBD, plus added terpenes for extra “chill.” Each of these expertly crafted e-liquids comes in a variety of flavours, ranging from juicy fruits to cool mint to canna-classics!

Bath Bombs

Nothing soothes stressed nerves like a home spa day. Our CBD Bath Bombs are ideal stocking stuffers, available in four skin-nurturing formulas, perfect for a long, luxurious soak. Our Soothing Formula Bath Bombs soften and detoxify skin with lavender oil and Hawaiian black salt. Our Recharge Formula Bath Bombs ease sore muscles and joints with eucalyptus and spearmint oils. You can also try our Hydrating CBD Bath Bomb with mango and shea butter, as well as our Calming CBD Bath Bomb with lemongrass and chamomile. All of our bath bombs come with a whopping 200mg of pure CBD isolate.

Finding the Best Gifts for Stressed-Out Peeps

Many people reach for CBD for stress. That’s what makes CBD such a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones who are completely stressed out this holiday season. Fill your Santa bag with calming CBD today and make the holidays that much happier for those around you!

Got a BFF who’s bugging out? CBD Soft Gels are the perfect chillaxing gift!

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