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CBD Oil – Morning Mint – 2000mg

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  • High-quality CBD oil
  • Coconut-derived MCT oil
  • Natural mint flavour
  • All-natural, vegan & gluten-free
  • Choose from tincture drops or spray
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Our CBD Oil Drops deliver all the calming wellness benefits of CBD with a refreshing, pleasant mint flavour. And whether you choose to experience them as a tincture or a spray, with a whopping 2000mg of CBD in every bottle, you’ll have all the chill you need to get through any day!

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Dr. John Rackham


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Dr. John Rackham


Are you looking for a great-tasting CBD product, but don’t really care for fruity flavors? Morning Mint may be just what the doctor ordered. I was hesitant, to say the least, about combining the citrus elements of CBD with mint flavoring (orange juice and toothpaste anyone?), but was pleasantly surprised that the mint covered the citrus sensation of the CBD extremely well. The mint flavoring in this product is very refreshing and tastes great, especially if you’re a fan of mint leaves in your food/drink. It is a very natural flavor with no aftertaste.

I tried this product before bedtime, placed it under my tongue and soon found myself feeling the calming/relaxing effects of CBD. I was able to get a great night’s sleep without feeling sluggish or groggy the next day. At 2000mg of CBD per bottle, it is a very potent oil, so definitely start at a lower dose and titrate up as needed. Each flavored CBD oil that I tried had very similar results, which shows the quality and consistency of CBDfx’s products.

The dropper is very easy to use and the large plunger helps remove the air very efficiently. My only recommendation would be to very clearly mark the 0.25mL and 0.75mL lines on the dropper, as it is a little tricky to know exactly where they’re located on the dropper.

By far, one of the best features of this product is the simplicity in its ingredient profile. Each bottle contains coconut MCT oil, hemp extract (rich CBD/terpenes/flavonoids), and natural mint flavoring—that’s it! No preservatives and just a pure product. High-quality CBD should only have a mild taste, but it may not be for everyone. If you’ve tried CBD in the pas,t but didn’t care for the taste, this mint CBD oil will be a welcome addition to your wellness regimen. Pick some up today!

Cruelty Free

What Are Morning Mint CBD Oil Drops?

Our Morning Mint CBD Oil Drops are a tasty way to take your daily, wellness-boosting dose of CBD. Each serving contains 50mg of high-quality CBD, plus coconut-derived MCT oil for enhanced absorption. This potent tincture is topped off with natural mint flavour that makes each and every drop a delight for the palette.

Morning Mint CBD Oil Drops are available in a 2000mg bottle, which contains 40 servings of CBD oil. Our Morning Mint CBD Spray is also available in a 2000mg bottle, with six pumps per 50mg CBD serving.

The Benefits of CBD Oil Drops

CBD oil has a variety of wellness benefits, most of which stem from the interaction between CBD (and its fellow cannabinoids) and the body’s endocannabinoid system. The ECS is a cell-signaling system that helps various organs and systems (most notably, the brain and nervous system) to maintain homeostasis, or balance. This helps the body to regulate such crucial functions as mood, sleep, memory, motor control, appetite, pain, immune, stress, and more. CBD and other plant-based cannabinoids, when consumed, act in much the same way as the body’s own endocannabinoids, lending support to these various organs and systems. This provides a variety of health benefits throughout the body.

CBD oil can have a calming effect, as well. When taken in proper doses, CBD can be a great morning health supplement, calming the mind and giving you greater focus throughout the day. People also take CBD oil drops throughout the day to calm stress and take the edge off.

For our Morning Mint CBD Oil Drops, we prefer to use CBD isolate. This filtered form of CBD oil is 99% pure CBD and allows the added natural flavouring to shine.

What’s a CBD Spray?

Our Morning Mint CBD Spray contains the exact same oil that’s in our Morning Mint CBD Oil Drops, only with a handy pump spray on top of the bottle. That’s great for on-the-go consumption and, with Morning Mint flavour, this spray makes an ideal breath-check.

Wondering how many sprays it takes for one CBD serving? A good rule of thumb is, six spray pumps per 50mg CBD serving.

The Benefits of MCT Oil

Medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT oil) improves your body’s ability to absorb the CBD, which means you’ll enjoy the effects of your Morning Mint CBD Oil Drops faster. We use a coconut-based carrier oil, because we believe that natural supplements and ingredients are always best.

Why Buy a CBD Tincture from CBDfx?

At CBDfx, the CBD oil used in all of our products is extracted from hemp plants grown at our state-of-the-art US partner farms. We use no pesticides, GMOs or other potentially dangerous chemicals in the growth and manufacture of our hemp. We use clean and safe oil extraction processes, so you won’t have to worry about solvent residues as you might find in cheaper CBD tinctures. We back all of this up with a third-party lab report for every product we sell. We want you to be assured that when you buy a CBDfx CBD product, it will be as potent as we claim on the label and the absolute purest, safest CBD product you can purchase.

CBD-rich hemp oil, MCT oil, natural mint flavouring.


Shake well before use. Place 0.75 mL of oil (50mg CBD) with the dropper under your tongue and hold for one minute before swallowing. Use once per day and do not exceed recommended daily intake.

No, Morning Mint CBD Drops cannot get you high. All of our hemp-derived CBD oils are within the legal UK limits for THC (less than 0.2%), which is not enough THC content to intoxicate a person. Furthermore, we use CBD isolate in our CBD Oil Drops, which means even the tiny traces of THC that exist in full spectrum oil have been filtered out.

CBD side effects are rare and generally occur when someone takes much more than a standard dose of CBD. However, some people can experience dry mouth, fatigue, diarrhea, or reduced appetite. CBD can also interact with some medications. So, please consult with your physician before using CBD.

The recommended CBD dosage of our Morning Mint CBD Oil Drops is one 0.75mL dropper. For those taking CBD for the first time, we recommend cutting that dosage in half and seeing how it affects you before moving up to a full dosage. Please note that, due to bioavailability factors, CBD affects everyone differently. With a sublingual tincture, the effects can take from 15 to 30 minutes to kick in.

For the spray, six pumps of spray equals one 50mg CBD serving.

Absolutely not! Vape oil is different from CBD tincture oil, which contains carrier oils that can seriously harm your lungs. Never try to vape with a CBD tincture!

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