The Benefits of CBD Multivitamins

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Most people take some kind of multivitamin, and that number increases dramatically as we age. While many of us think of multivitamins as a product for kids or our parents (er, grandparents), the truth is that a daily dose of necessary vitamins and minerals helps people of all ages fill the gaps in their diets and keep their bodies in good health.

With the ever-increasing popularity of CBD as a health supplement, it’s only natural that CBD multivitamins have entered the market as a convenient way to combine the benefits of CBD with those of necessary vitamins.

But is a CBD multivitamin, or any multivitamin, right for you? Let’s take a look at what’s in a multivitamin, who these products can benefit, and why you should consider combining one with CBD.

What’s in a Multivitamin?

You want a multivitamin that covers all the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs — especially ones that your body doesn’t naturally produce or that your diet may be low in.

The best multivitamins will always include the following:

  1. 100% daily value of most ingredients — note that some ingredients, like magnesium and potassium, are actually kept low on purpose to avoid adverse effects as they could potentially interact with drugs.
  2. Not too much — Some vitamins (A, D, E, K) build up in your body and could become toxic. You need them, just not more than a 100% daily serving.
  3. A formula for you — Age and sex play a large role in what your body requires.
  4. Vitamins — including A, B12, C, D3.
  5. Minerals — including calcium and zinc.

Do Multivitamins Work?

benefits of multivitamins. The science and the advertising don’t always line up.

Doctors are even in some disagreement about whether multivitamins are necessary, and that largely comes down to why people take them. What does that mean? There are three main reasons why people take multivitamins and dietary supplements:

    1. Overall health and diet supplementation. This is the main reason most of us take multivitamins — to fill in gaps in our diet, and make sure our body is operating with everything it needs to stay healthy and fit. 
    2. Doctors recommend them for some people. Pregnant women and women who plan to have children are often encouraged to take prenatal vitamins and supplements to increase folic acid to prevent neurological problems in their children, and are also discouraged from taking too much vitamin A. As people age, some doctors recommend dietary supplements to ensure they get enough of crucial vitamins D, B12 and more.
    3. Prevention of illnesses like heart disease, cancer, and degenerative brain illnesses. There is very little, if any, proof that taking a multivitamin can help prevent future diseases or chronic illnesses.

The verdict: Multivitamins can be helpful to maintain your daily intake of necessary nutrients, and to supplement a healthy diet. They can help us stay fit, happy, and healthy. Doctors often recommend them for us at certain times in our lives or to supplement our diets. But, we can’t expect them to prevent heart disease, stroke, or dementia.

Do I Really Need a Multivitamin?

That’s the question, right? When we’re young, active and healthy, supplements like multivitamins seem a little irrelevant. But, after two years of on-and-off lockdowns in the UK and huge amounts of extra stress and anxiety, how many of us are operating at our full health potential?

Binge-watching, binge-eating, and doom scrolling have been high on our daily activity lists for two years now. Many of us have been eating our feelings, and our feelings taste like pizza, chips, ice cream, and chocolate.

Multivitamins can help us fill in the gaps left in our “self care” diets, while also providing the nutrients we need to get fitter and stronger as we return to exercise.

If you’ve kept fit and maintained your healthy diet, there are still benefits multivitamins can provide. Multivitamins provide important acids necessary for nutrient absorption. Also, people with active lifestyles (including weightlifters) often rely on multivitamins to provide vitamin D, iron and calcium. Conditions like fatigue, brittle nails and hair, muscle pain, and headaches can be signs of a vitamin deficiency.

Why Do We Need These Vitamins?

Vitamin A

Vitamin A supports vision and our immune systems. It helps the natural defenses of your body against outside threats, and speeds up recovery time when you’re sick.

Vitamin B12

B12 supports a host of body functions, but we can’t produce it naturally. When absorbed from fruits, veggies and multivitamins, it can boost energy levels, support bone health, and enhance overall mood.

Vitamin C

We’ve been told about the importance of vitamin C since we were kids. It’s known to boost immunity, maintain and increase collagen production, prevent iron deficiency, and enhance brain function.

Vitamin D3

This is the “sunshine” vitamin. It helps the body absorb calcium and vitamin D, and also functions to boost immunity and enhance overall mood.

No multivitamin is a replacement for a healthy, balanced diet. However, it’s absolutely worth your time to consult with your doctor on whether a multivitamin might be right for you.

CBD Multivitamins

CBD multivitamins, what’s in them, and why would you consider adding multivitamin CBD gummies to your daily regime?

What’s in Multivitamin CBD Gummies?

CBDfx’s vegan CBD Multivitamin Gummies combine a daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals with 50 mg of broad spectrum CBD per serving.

All of our multivitamin gummies are made with vitamins A, C, D3, E, and B Complex, as well as zinc, folic acid and biotin. In addition, our CBD multivitamins come in special formulations with additional nutrients for women and men. 

Our CBD Multivitamins for Women also contain calcium and additional biotin for hair and nail strength and more.

Our CBD Multivitamins for Men contain pantothenic acid to fight cholesterol and burn fat, and choline to support metabolism.  

CBD: The Star of CBD Multivitamin Gummies

CBD per serving. Broad spectrum CBD contains all the valuable cannabinoids present in the hemp plant with any trace amounts of THC filtered out. This is the ideal multi-purpose CBD oil for people who want the wellness benefits of CBD without the detectable traces of THC found in full spectrum CBD.

The CBD oil we use comes from naturally grown, pesticide-free, non-GMO crops. This is hugely important, because hemp plants are bioremediators — they soak up everything in the soil where they grow, including pesticides, solvents and heavy metals. Our CBD products are tested by third-party labs to ensure purity and quality. 

CBD Oil + Vitamins + Gummies: The Winning Combination 

rest better, to better handle stress on their commutes and workdays, and to approach life with a relaxed mind. What better practice to work into your daily health routine? Combining CBD multivitamins with a good diet and sustainable exercise plan might just help you tackle each day with calm and confidence.

Also, a multivitamin in the form of CBD capsules or gummies is an easy way to get both your daily CBD and vitamin intake in one simple dose, saving you the money you’d spend on buying both products separately. 

We’re all on the go all the time. Even when we’re working from home, it feels like there’s not enough time to take care of everything, from work, exercise, meals, and rest to added responsibilities like family, roommates, pets, the laundry, the dishes … 

What falls through the cracks when we’re pressed for time? Health and wellness. If this one simple step makes it easier to get your vitamins and a helpful dose of CBD, then it’s valuable.

Want a healthy boost to your day? Try our CBD Multivitamins!