What Makes the Best CBD Gummies?

Gummies are one CBD product everyone can agree on, but what makes the best CBD gummies? CBD gummies are one of the most popular products available. Everyone from CEOs to art teachers love them. Not only are they an enjoyable treat, but they are a fantastic way to incentivise daily CBD use. People use gummies for a variety of reasons. Some people love to have a gummy or two before bed, and others find it helps them keep their cool in tense situations. Though we all have our own reasons for using CBD, everyone can agree that gummies are a delicious way to go about it. The CBD industry has blown up in recent years and new brands and products hit the market almost daily. Most brands offer some type of CBD gummy so customers have a huge selection to choose from, but they aren't all created equally. Choosing between different brands and formulations available can be a tricky endeavor. A Lot of it will depend on your personal taste, but there are a few things that all the best have in common. Let's explore.

Quality Counts

A hand dropping oil capsules into another handWhen it comes to CBD gummies, quality counts. You can really tell the difference between a gummy that has been carefully crafted, and one that’s been made in the cheapest way possible.  Quality CBD gummies are made with quality ingredients, and these ingredients aren't cheap. Organically grown hemp costs more and so does top-tier extraction equipment. It takes extra effort and financial investment for a brand to manufacture high-end CBD gummies.  The best brands consider this the cost of doing business and offer premium CBD gummies without transferring the cost of production to the consumer.  Quality CBD gummies are something that everyone should have access to regardless of their financial situation. While this may sound idealistic, brands like CBDfx work hard to make it a reality.

Top-Tier Botanical Ingredients

The best gummies are always made with the best botanical ingredients. Some companies offer CBD gummies that are just as bad as traditional gummies. Their ingredients list is full of chemicals that are hard to pronounce and the gummies are loaded with sugar and animal gelatine. This goes against everything the CBD industry’s about. When people use CBD, they use it because it offers a wealth of benefits from natural compounds. CBD gummies are delicious, but more importantly, they are a way to utilize the power of nature.  When people eat CBD gummies, they have higher expectations, and one is that the gummies are made with quality botanical ingredients. 

Gummies with Organically Grown Hemp

Cbdfx Alis FarmOne of the most important parts of crafting a premium gummy is using quality hemp. We’re all here for the CBD, the fact that it's in a tasty gummy is just a bonus.  Some companies will try to hide their subpar CBD behind a delicious gummy. These products are such an enjoyable treat that people sometimes lose sight of their original goal. It's important to remember that just because a gummy tastes great, doesn't mean it is. Brands like CBDfx that make the extra effort to grow their hemp organically prosper from the decision. Their gummies are noticeably better and tend to appeal to more customers. Not only are these gummies cleaner, but they’re more effective. Organic hemp is grown without the use of harsh pesticides or chemicals. Not only is this good for you, but it's good for the environment and the hemp plant. Hemp has been growing in the wild for thousands of years and it doesn't need help from humans.  When CBD gummies are made with organically grown hemp, they are cleaner, more flavorful, and far more effective.

CO2-Extracted CBD

There are alot of qualifying factors for a CBD gummy to be considered the best. One of the most impactful parts of producing a CBD gummy is the method of extraction used. Three extraction methods are prominent in the CBD industry; Butane, Ethanol, and CO2. While these are all viable ways to extract cannabinoids from hemp, they don't all yield the same results.  Butane is commonly used as the primary solvent in CBD extractions. This chemical evaporates fairly quickly, but often leaves trace amounts of residue in the final product. Though these products are considered safe for consumption, they simply aren't the best. Ethanol is another commonly used solvent, and though it doesn't leave as much residue as Butane, it can usually still be found in the extract oil.  Supercritical CO2 is regarded as the cleanest and most efficient way to extract CBD. This method involves extreme temperature fluctuations that separate the desired cannabinoids from the hemp plant.  CO2 doesn't leave any sort of residue and is definitely something you should look for if you want the best CBD gummies.

Cruelty-Free is the Way to Be

Two dogs laying next to each otherAnimal parts are used in so many different products that we have literally depleted parts of the natural world. Extinction rates are higher than ever before and it's crucial that we start taking responsibility for our actions. Many CBD gummies use animal gelatine to make their gummies, but this is completely unnecessary. Vegetable Glycerin is a perfectly suitable replacement. Vegetable Glycerin is sustainable, effective, and completely cruelty-free. If you're buying CBD gummies, do the world a favor and stick with brands like CBDfx that offer vegan gummies that are 100% cruelty-free.

Interesting Formulations

One of the great things about CBD gummies is that they are available in a variety of formulations. There are CBD gummies designed for sleep, others designed for hair support, and some gummies contain powerful superfoods like Turmeric and Spirulina. The best CBD gummy is going to be one that helps. We all have different wants and needs when it comes to CBD, and finding the perfect formulation is important.  Take some time to consider why you're eating CBD gummies. This will help you pick a gummy that’s formulated to perfectly fit your preference and helps you accomplish your goals.

Fantastic Flavours Are Key

A woman holding a CBD tincture oilCBD gummies are a fantastic way for people to maintain a daily CBD regimen. The best will have flavours that are so delicious you couldn't possibly forget your daily serving.  It may seem trivial in comparison to some of the other things on this list, but flavour is important. People take them because they are a delicious way to enjoy CBD. You could easily get the same serving of CBD from a tincture or topical, but gummies allow you to reward yourself for your efforts.  If you're on the hunt for the best CBD gummies, a mouth-watering flavour is just as important as everything else on the list.

Tested at Third-Party Labs

Last, but certainly not least, is third-party testing. There are new CBD brands popping up all the time and though CBD is strictly regulated, a bootleg brand occasionally slips through the cracks. All of the best CBD gummies have been rigorously tested at third-party labs and have the documentation to prove it. If you're interested in buying them, but they don't offer detailed lab results, the product isn't safe. It's important that any gummy you buy has been lab-tested and has been proven safe for consumption.

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