Why You Should Take a Solo Wellness Trip

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Restrictions are loosening up worldwide, and many of us are feeling the “travel itch.” With so many places to visit, how do you decide where your next holiday will be? There will be plenty of travel destinations to explore once things fully open back up, but we suggest that you consider a wellness trip. 

Solo wellness trips are quickly becoming all the rave, especially for those of us who were shut in for months — seemingly stacked on top of other family members during quarantine. Venturing off into the world on your own for a weekend of relaxation and solitude can be just the thing to restore your mental health and reinvigorate you for the road ahead.

Benefits of Embarking on a Solo Wellness Trip 

There are plenty of benefits associated with solo wellness trips. Most people find it’s the slowdown they need to reconnect with their needs and immerse themselves in some much needed self-care

Let’s look at some of the benefits people experience on these solo holidays. 

Renewed Inspiration 

Sometimes we’re so consumed with day-to-day activities that we start feeling burned out and unmotivated. When you venture off on a solo wellness trip, you give yourself a moment to slow down and catch your breath. 

Many find a spark in inspiration during this solo time, or they’re inspired to take a different route. Taking a step away from your responsibilities gives you a chance to evaluate your needs. Our lives can put us on autopilot, and that’s why this time is meaningful and helpful. 

If you need a little inspiration in your life, take some time to analyze where you lost some of your motivation and started feeling drained and overwhelmed. In doing this, you can evaluate what your next step needs to be. 

One great way to clear your mind of the negative so that you can find your spark is to lie back with a CBD Face Mask and let the soothing, tranquil vibes flow.


This is one of those terms you hear all the time, but some of us have a vague understanding of what it actually means. Self-empowerment refers to taking charge of your life and making decisions you’re confident about. 

You may feel hesitant about attempting a solo vacation. Still, once you get past the initial reluctance, you’ll see you made the right decision. In fact, many solo travelers attest to experiencing feelings of accomplishment and empowerment. 

Is self-empowerment something you want to work on? Try this during your solo wellness trip. 

Focus on finding your passion. Nothing creates feelings of accomplishment and empowerment more than loving everything you have a hand in creating, whether it’s work assignments, hobbies, or a side business. Use this solo time to dive deeply into your inner feelings to figure out what this looks like for your needs.  


Self-reflection is when you take time to reflect on your behaviours, thoughts, attitude, and desires. When you’re in the everyday grind, it’s often hard to slow down long enough to reflect on things. 

Taking a weekend wellness trip presents the perfect opportunity to examine some of the things mentioned above. When you practice self-reflection, you’re able to evaluate your life on different levels. On a larger scale, you can assess the direction of your life. 

Are you making decisions that propel you towards your larger life goals? 

Are you generally happy with the choices you make? 

Self-reflection is critical, because it gives you a chance to understand yourself better — more specifically, your actions and thought processes. 

Where Should You Go for Your Solo Wellness Trip?

Do the benefits associated with a solo wellness trip sound like something you want to experience for yourself, but you have no idea where to go? This depends on several factors, including budget and your overall goal for the trip. Still, no matter the budget or purpose, there are plenty of options. Here are a few to keep in mind. 

Domestic Spa & Wellness Retreats

If you google “best solo wellness trips,” you’ll get plenty of sites highlighting different spas and wellness centers. To pick the right location for yourself, look to see what each location offers. Some retreat centers provide yoga, meditation services, and grounding techniques. 

This is especially helpful for those looking to take the dive and explore these techniques for the first time. If you’re looking for a luxury wellness retreat experience, South Lodge Hotel & Spa is an ideal choice.

This eco-friendly wellness center, nestled in the South Downs, offers a heated outdoor wild pool, a thermal suite, and a host of luxurious spa treatments, from massages and facials to body rituals. When you take your trip, don’t forget to bring your favorite CBD Wellness Tincture. CBD and meditation are a combination you can’t pass up on a wellness retreat!

If you don’t want a massive dent in your wallet after your wellness retreat, you can opt for some other locations. They all offer something different!  

Hot Spring Trip

If you want to switch it up, try visiting a hot spring for your solo wellness needs. There are several hot spring locations in the U.K., but Bath is certainly the most famous. 

Taking a dip in a hot spring pool will boost circulation, reduce stress, relieve pain, and remedy several skin conditions. 

You can find hot spring retreats across the U.K. and Europe. Just do some research and, once again, see which one is the best fit. 

International Locations 

Many people say they’ve had the best wellness experiences out of the country, in places like Sri Lanka and Thailand. The scenery does something different for the soul, but beyond that, places like Sri Lanka are where people practise Ayurvedic natural practices. This is one of the oldest healing practices in the world, developed in India over 3,000 years ago.

In Thailand, wellness practices revolve around healing the mind, body, and spirit. They have a variety of detoxification programs, cleanse programs, and guided meditations. Plus, the scenery isn’t too shabby here either!

Parting Thoughts 

When you find it increasingly hard to focus and get your footing in your day-to-day life, it’s time to slow down and focus on yourself. 

Sure, it’s an excellent idea to catch a flight and indulge in all the luxuries a wellness retreat has to offer. However, you don’t need to spend tons of money to find inner peace and balance. 

You can still go for a solo drive, a nature hike, or a drive to a quiet bed and breakfast for some self-reflection time — do what works for you! 

Getting excited about your solo wellness trip? Don’t forget to pack your CBD Gummies!