Summer Vibes: 5 Things to Try With CBD

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Something happens when the weather warms up. An invisible switch flips and you have the overwhelming desire to get out there and live it up. Some want to indulge in summer travel, while others want to simply seize the day and try new things — carpe diem, ehh? We love the idea of trying something new, especially when it combines summer fun with your favorite CBD products. If you’re looking to embrace those chill summer vibes with some laid-back summer activities, you’ve landed on the right page. Let’s get started with five things you need to try this summer with CBD

1. Car Boot Sales

There’s something fascinating about hitting up a big car boot sale on a weekend afternoon. Strolling from car to car, table to table, you never know what you’re going to stumble upon when you visit a car boot sale. 

Here’s how you train your car boot sale “eye.” You want to look for artwork, toys, and books. These are typically the items that could be worth a mini fortune. Who knows, maybe you’ll run across a lost treasure, just lying there next to someone’s spare tyre.

The key to “car boot sales” is having your vibe right. You need to be aggressive enough to snatch a treasure up if you spot one, but cool enough to pleasantly barter. This sounds like a job for our CBD Balm Stick for Muscle & Joint, enhanced with the cooling sensation of menthol and wintergreen. No matter how many rows of opened boots you explore, your legs will feel up to the challenge. 

Our Balm Sticks are great to carry along on your boot sale adventure, providing a chill, calm, confident demeanor, so you can enjoy the experience and hopefully find a random treasure!

2. Bury a Time Capsule 

As a kid, you probably thought about burying a time capsule, but if you didn’t get to fulfill that childhood dream, now is the time. Plus, if you have your own kids now, this is something they’ll enjoy too!

We’re expecting to see an increase in time capsule popularity since the Kardashians buried one on their season finale, so it’s only a matter of time before we see time capsules everywhere. Kardashians aside, when you’re ready to create your own, all you have to do is grab some kind of airtight box or bag and fill it with keepsakes. 

This is a unique summer activity that’s more rewarding as the years pass. When you’re picking out your time capsule items, grab a couple sweet, tasty CBD Gummies to munch on! 

3. Host a Flick Night 

What says “summer vibes” more than a backyard flick night? Think about it: you’ve got the projector going, a trendy seating arrangement with chairs, pillows, and blankets, and a pleasant selection of food and drinks for your guests to enjoy. 

Summer nights are just the right temperature to kick back with a CBD-infused cocktail, chat with friends, and watch a classic blockbuster movie. This is where our CBD Hemp Tinctures make an appearance, blending well with a frozen strawberry lemonade daiquiri — whip up a pitcher and let the chill flick vibes do the rest. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a back garden. You can still create a one-of-a-kind summer flick vibe right in your living room! 

4. Read in a Hammock 

Most of us have seen a picture of someone chilling in a hammock, with a crystal-clear, teal ocean undulating in the background. Most of us don’t have access to our own beachfront to create the same hammock aesthetic, but you can still get the experience. 

You can purchase a hammock to carry along to destinations, like a camping trip, and set it up for a nature-esque experience or you can install a hammock chair for your home. There are plenty of options out there, so it depends on your personal preferences. 

Once you pick your hammock and set it up, grab a book, along with a couple of drops of our CBD + CBG 2:1 Wellness Tincture to set the vibe. Our Wellness Tincture pairs well with this experience because CBG provides an energizing effect so you don’t fall asleep as soon as you hit the hammock (because how tempting is that, right?!). 

You may not think there are any direct benefits associated with kicking back in a hammock, but there are. You’ll experience decreased back pain, less insomnia (if that’s an issue for you), and better sleep habits. Not to mention, reading has plenty of benefits, like enhanced cognitive function, better memory, and less stress. 

5. Plan a Picnic 

Who can resist a summer picnic in the park? It’s as simple as gathering some of your favorite finger foods — including our CBD Gummies with Apple Cider Vinegar — with a comfy blanket to kick back and relax under the trees. 

This is a great time to embrace solitude and self-reflection if you plan a solo picnic, but on the other hand, this also works well as an outing with family and friends. If you go solo, make sure you take books and a journal to take a deep dive into self-care, while immersing yourself in nature. 

If you plan a family and friends picnic, have games and music available, so there’s nothing but smiles and memories forming the entire time. Oh, and don’t forget the fur babies. They love a day out at the park too!

Parting Thoughts 

Well, there you have it, folks — five things you need to try this summer with CBD. Just remember, summer is full of possibilities, so it’s all about what you make of it. 

When it’s all said and done, you deserve to enjoy the chill vibes of CBD combined with summer fun — whatever that is for you! 

Still thinking about that CBD Strawberry Cocktail? 

Grab a Hemp Oil Tincture and test out your mixology skills!