CBD for Workouts

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Whether you’re a full-time athlete or you simply hit the gym a couple days a week to stay in shape, you want your workouts to be as effective as possible. The point of all that work is to hit your fitness goals, whatever those goals may be. CBD can help. In pre-workout energy supplements, CBD can add laser focus to help you make the most of your workouts. And post-workout, CBD can help you recover faster, so you can get right back in the grind.

Today, we’ll take a look at how CBD works, and how CBD can benefit your training. And we’ll highlight some CBD workout products formulated to help you reach your fitness goals!


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Let’s begin with a quick refresher on what CBD is. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of a group of compounds created by the cannabis plant, called cannabinoids. There are over 100 cannabinoid compounds, with CBD and THC being the most abundant ones. As such, they are referred to as the “major cannabinoids.” The CBD in our products comes from the form of cannabis called hemp, which is low in THC (so, you won’t get high), but otherwise packed with health-boosting cannabinoids.


Your body creates its own cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids, which are part of an endocannabinoid system. The ECS signals to receptors in various organs and systems throughout the body, helping them to maintain homeostasis, or balance. In doing so, the endocannabinoid system helps the body to regulate such important functions as sleep, pain, stress, appetite, immunity, memory, mood, motor control, and more.

When you consume CBD, it mimics your body’s endocannabinoids, signalling those same systems and organs, and helping the body to maintain homeostasis and to regulate all of those crucial functions. This generates a host of health benefits and is the reason CBD has become such a popular wellness supplement. It’s also the reason many fitness enthusiasts insist on using CBD for workouts.


One of CBD’s many effects is a calming property that, oddly enough, works well in morning or pre-workout energy products. Combined with the right energy ingredients, CBD can help calm the mind without making you sluggish, giving you incredible focus for your workouts. 

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Our CBD + CBG Morning Capsules are a great CBD focus product to take before workouts. These popular pills combine CBD with energising CBG (commonly known as the “Mother of All Cannabinoids”), as well as time-released caffeine, L-tyrosine for additional focus, and other natural ingredients. Take two CBD capsules about an hour before exercising to experience the full focus effects.

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You can also try our CBD + CBG Wellness Drops before workouts. Like many tinctures, this CBD oil makes a great addition to your morning smoothie, delivering CBD focus and CBG energy, as well as health-boosting curcumin and coenzyme Q10. No time for a smoothie? Simply take a drop or two of CBD Wellness Oil and hit the road running!


Recovery after workouts can be as important as the exercise itself. It’s important to heal as quickly as you can so you don’t lose your momentum. CBD can help you get back in the fitness grind in multiple ways.

CBD for Pain

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CBD helps soothe discomfort and stress your body can experience after you exercise. CBD creams and balms can penetrate your skin and deliver soothing relief straight to your aching muscles and joints. Our CBD Muscle & Joint Cream: Cooling Formula delivers deep, penetrating relief with cool menthol and other natural pain-relievers. Our CBG Muscle & Joint Cream: Heating Formula combines powerful CBG with muscle-warming camphor and other natural ingredients, making it an ideal CBD cream for a post-workout rubdown. Likewise, our CBD Muscle & Joint Balm Stick warms and loosens sore muscles with camphor and other pain-relieving ingredients. You’ll want to keep one or all of these potent topical CBD products in your medicine cabinet or on your training table..

CBD Oil for Sleep

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There are few things you can do to heal your body more effectively than a good night’s sleep. Sleep allows your body and mind to shut down and mend itself in ways that nothing else can. CBD’s calming properties make it an ideal base ingredient for sleep and relaxation products. Our CBD Sleep Gummies combine calming CBD with other restful ingredients, including passion flower, chamomile, lemon balm, and more. They’re formulated to help you get to sleep quickly and sleep more soundly through the night. These tasty CBD gummies are a must for every nightstand. You can also wind down for the evening with our potent CBD Oil Hemp Tincture. This popular oil tincture combines calming broad spectrum CBD with natural, coconut-derived MCT oil for improved absorption. The result is a powerful oil to help you unwind your mind and body at the end of a long day.


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CBD can be an integral part of any exercise and fitness plan. Whether you’re looking for pre-workout energy and focus, a post-workout pain-relief product, or simply a great night of sleep after an intense exercise session, there’s a CBD gummy, capsule, cream, or oil that’s perfect for your fitness needs. Try a CBDfx CBD workout product before your next fitness session and feel the difference!

Need to add a little pep to your step before your next workout? Try our CBD + CBG Morning Capsules for improved energy and focus!