5 Reasons People Choose CBDfx Products

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How do you know when you’ve run across a superior CBD product or a reputable company with market-leading quality? Sure, when you’re on any given website, everything seems legit — until you visit a competing website with conflicting information. Finding the best CBD for your lifestyle needs shouldn’t be a hassle. 

When you have a complete understanding of what to look for, you can recognize quality when you see it — and experience it. CBDfx has been one of the top CBD brands for a few years now, trusted for our quality and transparency. Here are a few reasons that people keep coming back to us.

1. High-Quality CBD

When you’re shopping around for CBD, you might assume all hemp is created equally, but this is not the case. While hemp is a low-maintenance crop, some areas have the perfect combination of soil, temperature, and humidity that fosters the best growth possible. 

When you purchase any CBDfx product, you can rest assured because all of our hemp is grown in the bluegrass state of Kentucky with careful consideration every step of the way. People choose CBDfx because quality is our top priority. Our farming process is free of pesticides, GMOs, and any other harmful chemicals. 

Still, the quality of our hemp doesn’t stop there. We also craft all of our products in a certified cGMP facility under the industry’s strictest clinical-grade standards and supervision. 

2. CO2 Extraction Process 

Even with strict farming methods, a flawed extraction process ruins the quality of premium hemp. This is especially true if a company utilises one of the dated extraction methods, like solvent extraction. 

The problem with solvent extraction is that it leaves traces of the solvent in the CBD oil. These residuals are full of chemicals and toxins that may pose severe risks to your health. Consumers choose CBDfx because we use a top-of-the-line extraction process, known as CO2 extraction. This method of extraction produces the highest quality — free of chemicals. 

The CO2 process uses pressurised CO2 to separate, pull, and transform the cannabinoid-rich plant matter into oil. Our products are created with this highly sophisticated extraction process, because it creates a pure, potent product known for its effectiveness. 

3. We’ve Got Variety

We understand how CBD affects us all in different ways. So, we recognise the need to have a wide range of concentrations available. Whether you’re new to CBD and you want to start with a lower concentration (500mg), or you’ve been around the block a time or two and need a 1,500mg concentration — we’ve got you covered! 

But it’s not just the available concentrations. Customers want to choose from a wide range of products and flavors, and we aim to deliver — whatever your taste or needs. 

For example, we have six different formulations to choose from if you’re looking for CBD Gummies, with descriptive product pages highlighting each gummy’s specific benefits. 

No matter what product you prefer, you’ll find a few different options. And chances are, the gummy you choose has already made it to the top of someone’s “best of” list.

4. Most Effective CBD Products 

There’s nothing worse than wasting time and money on a dud CBD product. You keep taking it, waiting for something to happen, but nope, it’s not working. We’re known for having highly effective products, and it all comes down to taking our time through every step of the process. 

Most of our products contain MCT oil, a fatty oil, to increase absorption and overall effectiveness. 

Why is this important? 

CBD is an oil-soluble compound, which means it needs a vehicle to make it through our water-based bodies effectively. When you have that fatty element, you ensure the CBD content absorbs in the bloodstream so your body can put it to work. 

We have thousands of positive reviews online that attest to the effectiveness of our products — many right on the product pages!

5. Third-Party Lab Results 

We saved one of the most important for last — third-party lab testing. We test all of our products at a batch level, so you see exactly what went into the product you end up holding in your hand. 

Lab reports are essential to any CBD journey, because they serve as a snapshot of purity and quality. If your product bottle says 500mg, you should be able to look at the lab report and see this same information clearly labeled on it. You’ll also see any other minor cannabinoids, terpenes — or harmful substances that shouldn’t be there at all. 

Harmful chemicals can seep into the hemp plant during the farming process, extraction process, or both. If there are contaminants or chemicals present in the surrounding soil, the hemp plant will soak it up — a little something known as bioaccumulation. 

On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, hemp oil can suffer heavily from chemical residuals left behind during a dated extraction process. 

Our lab reports are easy to find, right on the product page. Plus, we have plenty of blogs explaining how to read a lab report, what to look for, and other valuable info. We understand seeing where your hemp came from and what it’s composed of means a lot. 

Final Thoughts 

We understand there are plenty of choices out there when it comes to CBD. Many people choose CBDfx because we dedicate ourselves to quality, not just when it comes to the products. 

When you look at everything from our award-winning gummies down to our five-star customer service team, it’s easy to see why CBDfx is the top choice among millennials in the U.S.! 

Now that you know a few of the reasons we’re among the very best brands in CBD, are you ready to experience market-leading quality for yourself?

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