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CBDfx CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules

WHAT’S A CBD CAPSULE? CBD capsules are small, convenient pills that are easy to take regularly. ANY SIDE EFFECTS? When you buy CBD capsules you can expect zero to minimal side effects, including no psychoactive effects. WHY CBDFX? You can find lots of CBD capsules for sale. But not all CBD pills are the same. CBDfx CBD capsules provide highly beneficial, perfectly pure CBD that’s uniquely rich in nutrients. Our CBD pills are full spectrum CBD, so (unlike some companies, who just use a portion of the cannabis plant), CBDfx capsules provide all the healing compounds that naturally exist within the plant. The CBD in CBDfx capsules is derived from plants grown organically at the leading farms in Kentucky (USA). No harmful chemicals. No random ingredients. When you buy our all-natural CBD pills you get nutrients to nourish the body (including key fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins).

CBD Pills

While there are many different types of products containing Cannabidiol on the market, CBD pills are rapidly becoming the most popular due to the fact that they are small, convenient to take and when compared to products like tinctures, they are relatively tasteless. They are convenient to use and most of us have been taking supplements in pill form for the majority of our lives. Most importantly,CBD Pills do not require any type of dosage chart as each one has been carefully formulated to contain the exact dose written on the label. If you are looking for a no mess, no fuss CBD solution, CBD capsules are definitely the way to go. Making one simple change in your daily routine can create an entire world of difference in your well-being and overall health.

Many consider and ask if there are any side effects associated with CBD pills. Cannabidiol is merely interacting with your body's Endocannabinoid system and getting your internal systems back into balance. When you buy CBD capsules, there are very few, if any, adverse effects. You will not feel “high” as there are no psycho-active ingredients present in the products – they may come from the same family as marijuana, but CBD products don’t pack the same kind of punch. The idea of using Cannabidiol for health reasons may currently seem like a bright new idea, but the truth is that up until the start of the last century when it was outlawed, CBD was used for health benefits for centuries. Before many of the modern medicines, we were so reliant on what was available in nature. Usually, pharmaceutical drugs come with a long list of potential side effects, whereas CBD causes almost no adverse reactions and unlike many of the products on the pharmacy shelves, your body – as with the bodies of all mammals – is designed to work in harmony with these products.

CBD Gel Capsules

As mentioned, CBD gel capsules are generally much easier to use than other CBD products as you can just pop them in your mouth and continue with your day. They are perfect for when you are on the go, relatively flavorless, and each of these gel caps has been perfectly balanced to give you the correct dosage. They take away any of the guesswork or measuring required with other products and you don’t have to invest in any equipment to use them. Products designed to improve your health should do just that, and there shouldn’t be a learning curve just to figure out if you're taking the right amount. CBD Capsules, or pills, make the most sense as part of your daily regimen. While you are taking your daily dose of vitamins and minerals with breakfast, just add in an extra gel cap to get your Endocannabinoid system activated.

While there are literally thousands of companies now making Cannabidiol products, CBDfx has become a market leader in a relatively short amount of time for several reasons. You can find lots of CBD capsules for sale, but the truth is that not all CBD capsules are created equal. While some companies are happy to pass off inferior products to customers who don’t know any different, all CBD capsules from CBDfx are made with Full Spectrum Cannabidiol. Full Spectrum products ensure that you are getting all of the benefits that the Cannabis plant has to offer, not leaving the best parts on a lab floor during an extraction process.

The CBD in CBDfx capsules is derived from plants grown organically at farms around Kentucky (USA). The plants are organically grown so you will find no harsh or harmful chemicals hidden in the mix. The CBD products from CBDfx contain no random ingredients or additives, instead we use the best ingredients on the market and only add other compounds if they have a purpose in the formula. We also publish the lab reports for each product with pride because we stand by our products and want to make sure you have as much information about the contents as we do. When you buy our all-natural CBD capsules, you are not only getting nutrients to nourish your body, which include key fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins, you are also getting the peace of mind that your products are coming from a company that cares as much about your wellbeing as you do.

The best place to learn about the possible health benefits of CBD is our CBD Knowledge Hub right here on That being said, let’s briefly list some of the things the medical community is currently studying CBD as a palliative option to treat: pain management, insomnia, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), seizure abatement, and even cancer and Parkinson’s Disease are all areas that have active and ongoing CBD research. There is no definitive scientific link to CBD’s ability to treat or cure any of these things yet; but just from a cursory look at recent news headlines as well as anecdotal reports online, it’s easy to see that the potential of CBD is incredibly exciting.

Besides some minor differences in the way your body absorbs what you take in from vaping versus ingesting, the main difference between CBD capsules and CBD oil is going to be personal preference. Some people want to really bask in the experience of their CBD dosing, and may prefer to have a luxurious, flavored vaping experience while they get their dose. Others want to treat CBD as just another supplement they take as part of their daily regimen; and so for those people, CBD capsules are the most convenient.

First of all, you should always discuss your self-treatment plans with your primary physician before trying something new. Second of all, we want to be clear that CBD is still a very new compound in terms of attention from the medical research community, and so no definitive links have been found to prove that CBD works in certain ways for everyone. That being said, there is a massive community of people across America (and the world) who are currently using CBD to self-treat for pain management in both acute and chronic settings. Additionally, there is substantial ongoing CBD research looking at CBD’s ability to address joint inflammation.

Please see the above question about using CBD for pain management to understand that CBD has not been formally approved yet as a treatment for anxiety relief. That being said, CBD’s potential as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) treatment option is one of the most exciting and widely-applied uses for this incredible compound.

First thing’s first: check the label to ensure you understand how much CBD is in each capsule. For example, our flagship CBD pill product contains 25mg of active CBD in each capsule. Start with taking just one CBD pill to see how it affects you (after consulting with your physician, of course), and then increase the dosage from there as necessary. Everyone is looking for different things from their CBD dosing and self-treatment, so it may take a little bit of experimentation to find the ideal dose for your needs and goals.

It’s true. CBD comes in various forms for consumer use. Some people try a variety of delivery methods, from tinctures to vape pens to drinks and creams, sometimes alternating depending on the situation. And many are finding they especially love the price and convenience of CBD pills. “I've had success using CBD, mostly for anxiety but I highly recommend them as a safe alternative to medications for many other ailments,” Amanda N says. “As much as I like gummies and other treats, I purchased these pills because I was looking for a product that was a little more cost-effective as far as how many mg you get for your $$. After looking on several different sites, I found that this is definitely the best value. Good quality and good price.

Lori M. is also partial to CBD capsules. “It’s a great product,” she says. “I like the convenience of a capsule vs the oil. I’ve been taking it for almost a month and it’s been helping with my insomnia – I’m finally sleeping more than 3 hours a night.” Lindsay B. has used CBD pills to great effect. “I’m a happy customer,” she says. “I love the convenience of the CBD capsules and I also love that when I take them my knee pain is non-existent.”

Sharon K. says “I have been fond of the vape pens, but bought a bottle of the CBD capsules in the run up to a surgery. They were lifesavers! Due to allergic reactions, I was unable to use pain meds like Percocet. So, I thought pain control after surgery was going to be Tylenol and ‘good luck.’ I was so relieved when these caps worked as well as they did! And the 25mg size is perfect for adjusting the dose. Most companies only offer 10mg or 50. Bonus: as I looked around I discovered these are one of the most cost effective CBD capsules as well!”

Many people have tried other brands before trying CBDfx capsules – and, not coincidentally, these are the people who tend to be our biggest fans. For instance, Mary H. says “I’ve tried many different brands of CBD capsules and I love these the most. They’re super effective and convenient. Thank you for this wonderful product! CBD has changed my life and this is my favorite CBD capsule.” Marie agrees completely. “It works,” she says about CBDfx pills. “Believe me, people. I have tried everything. This works.”

When Ashley H. found CBDfx CBD capsules for sale online, everything changed. “I really don’t know what I will do for my back pain if ever there is a reason I can’t get these pills,” she says. “Please never quit making them. They have been a complete life changer. Thank you CBDfx.” And Ashley is far from alone. “Before trying this brand, I was ingesting 3-4 gummies a day of another brand with little results,” Kaitlin M. says. “I now take one, maybe two, of these a day and feel much more relaxed. Will order again and again!

Lots of people are finding that it works for them to use CBD capsules for pain. CBD is the most effective treatment I’ve found for my chronic pain,” Maureen H. says. “I’m very grateful to you folks for providing it!” Similarly, Lindsay B. reports life-altering relief from her pain and inflammation, all from just one pill a day. “I tried CBDfx because a friend began taking it for her anxiety. I had horrible pain in my knees and joints,” she says. “I would have trouble standing without being in excruciating pain. But after about a week of taking the 25mg capsules, the pain had decreased dramatically. Even my dad, who is very skeptical has seen a decrease in his joint pain as well. If you are someone who suffers from pain/inflammation in joints, it is definitely worth a try.”

Sara G. puts it more succinctly. “No pain! Big gain” she says. “I love these caps. One a day and the pain goes away.” Lisa E. tells a similar story. “I was a little skeptical at first, but I am 100% sure now that this product has helped with my knee pain,” she says. “The day after I finished the bottle of CBD capsules, I was miserable. To me that meant that it was absolutely helping me while I was taking it. Thanks for a wonderful product!

Our many fans are finding that CBDfx capsules help reduce their feelings of anxiety and stress. “I’ve been taking these caps, one in the morning for the last month, and have a calm but wakeful day,” Thomas C. says. “For me it took about two weeks in the system to get full effect.” Jeffery Z. has also seen the benefits. “I take one every day for anxiety and overall health,” he says. “It’s amazing.”

Nina P. also uses CBDfx capsules to deal with stress and agitation. “I've had problems with anxiety lately and these capsules help the anxiety to go away,” she says. “Can't leave home without them!” And Christina B agrees. “This product is great! I feel more myself, more at ease,” she says. “I suffer from anxiety, depression and intrusive thoughts and this has really helped put my mind in a better place. It’s a very subtle and gradual shift and so worth it. In addition to that, my dreams have been more vivid. Highly recommend!”

Insomnia has become so common that some people think sleeplessness is just an inevitable part of living a modern life. But CBDfx fans are finding out that it doesn’t have to be that way. “I take one CBD capsule an hour or so before I go to bed,” Eric A. says. “I find that it not only relaxes me, but I also feel my quality of sleep has improved. You wake up refreshed and not groggy like with melatonin. If for whatever reason I wake up in the middle of the night, it's also much easier to fall back asleep, which is nice.” Clinton B. has seen similar benefits. “I take one CBD pill a night to help me get to sleep and takes my pain down a notch,” he says. “I've tried many other sleep aides with no luck. Great stuff!”

Holden A. also uses CBD capsules for sleep. “I take one capsule before I go to sleep at night and I feel well-rested in the morning,” he says. Amy F. knows the feeling. “One capsule per night and I sleep like a baby,” she says. “I’m going to buy here forever!

Back pain is one of the most common and frustrating of all ailments. Many people are finding real relief when they buy CBD pills, and they appreciate that this plant-based therapy brings fewer worries and side effects compared with common pharmaceutical solutions. “I have had back issues for over 10 years and nothing has helped as much as CBDfx,” Patrick V. says. “It’s an excellent product.” Mitch M. turned to CBD capsules for pain that a loved one was experiencing. “I bought these for my mom's back pain. She said they work well and better than her pain killers.”

Victor B. also found that CBD pills help relieve the pain in his back. “I like these capsules,” he says. “After using them for a month, my chronic back pain was gone. I just take 1 CBD pill before bedtime and wake up pain free and rested!” Missi V. searched for the right solution for her back pain – until she found CBDfx CBD pills online. “I bought the CBD capsules on the recommendation of a family member because I suffer with back troubles,” she says. “They have helped with my pain tremendously! Much better than taking narcotic medication.

While it’s always important to check with your doctor before making any changes in medication, many people are finding exciting real-life results when they buy CBD pills to help them with chronic and serious conditions. “I suffer from rapid changing bipolar disorder and have been on powerful pharmaceuticals for the last 14 years,” Christopher B. says. “I have been taking the CBD capsules for a few months and I am off most of my meds and my quality of life is amazing now! Every aspect of my life has been greatly improved! Amazing product!”

Others also have shared their inspiring stories. Jason S. says “I have neurological problems. This helps take away involuntary twitching, shaking and teeth chattering. This is a real game changer! It's like I got my life back. I'm 35 and have suffered for 4 years with these problems. Theses CBD pills make me live again. It helps with anxiety as well. Thank you for this product.

Given the differences in body size, goals and metabolism, there’s no perfect dosage that works for everyone. Many people start by taking just one CBD pill daily to see how it affects them, and then adjust accordingly afterward. First, check with your doctor before trying anything new, and always double-check the label to ensure you understand how much CBD is in each capsule. Our CBDfx capsules contain 25mg of active CBD in each capsule. Find out what amount works best for you.