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Our CBD bundles are a great way to enjoy carefully selected groupings of our premium CBD products and save a few pounds at the same time! CBDfx products are the best of its kind because they’re only made with premium ingredients and we have the lab reports to prove it.
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About CBDfx Bundles

What Are CBDfx Bundles?

We offer a variety of enticing bundles that were assembled with great intention and a level of excitement that is hard to explain. CBDfx products are amazing on their own, but there is something truly special when you combine them. Imagine soaking in a warm bath letting an array of soothing ingredients free your pores of dirt with our entrancing Hemp Detox Soak Bath Salt, then applying our hydrating CBD Face Mask and enjoying a couple delicious CBD gummies. With our Stay At Home And Chill gift Set, this dream scenario has become a reality, and you get to enjoy all of these incredible products and save money at the same time. Does it get any better than that?

What if you could bring all the luxury and relaxation of the spa to the comfort of your own home? With our CBDfx Spa Day Gift Set you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing a carefully selected variety of our premium self-care products such as our CBD Aloe face mask, our ever-relaxing Tranquil Soak Bath Salt, our nourishing CBD balm and more. Our customers absolutely love our Build Your Own CBD Pens Bundle because it offers them a chance to save cash and stock up on their favourite CBDfx flavour or mix a variety of flavours that they have been interested in trying.

Whether you choose to illuminate your best-self with our Inner Glow Gift Set, or you or looking to treat your skin to the nourishing, hydrating goodness of our CBD Topical Bundle, you can be certain that you are indulging in the finest CBD products on the market. All of our CBD is extracted from high quality, organically farmed hemp that has never been subject to toxic chemicals or pesticides and is 100% non-GMO. We utilize a proprietary Co2 extraction method that helps to ensure the cleanest purest hemp extract possible. Our incredibly detailed production process finishes off with our CBD being sent to third-party laboratories that test for quality and content. With incredible ingredients, top-quality CBD, and a huge variety to choose from, it is no wonder CBDfx stands out amongst the crowd. When you are ready to take a break and treat yourself to the indulgence of CBD bliss, treat yourself to one of the magnificently soothing CBD bundles from CBDfx!

Why CBDfx?

We at CBDfx are committed to bringing our customers the most innovative and effective CBD products on the market. To live up to our self-imposed standard of excellence, we pay great attention to detail, and carefully craft our products to be truly unique and remarkably high quality. We have spared no expense of time or resources in the development of our fine products and we take great pride in our ability to create such incredible offerings whilst maintaining our ethics and commitment to our customers well being.

All of our CBD is extracted from organically grown hemp that has never been genetically modified, or exposed to toxic chemicals or pesticides, and is extracted using an extremely clean and effective Co2 extraction process. Our CBD is sent to highly qualified, certified laboratories to be tested for quality and contents, all to ensure that our customers are getting the best CBD products on the market.

CBDfx Bundle Faq

The MHRA has not yet made an opinion on this matter. CBDfx makes no express or implied claims about any of our CBD bundles or the products in them being able to help with sleep or sleep related disorders.

CBDfx makes no express or implied claims about CBD or our CBD bundles being able to alleviate anxiety or help with any stress related ailment.

No, all of our amazing products contain undetectably low traces of THC, which is the psychoactive compound in hemp that makes the user feel “high”. Our products contain such a minuscule amount of THC that they elicit no psychoactive effects, won’t make the user feel “high”, and are completely legal in the U.K.

Though the MHRA has approved CBD for use as medicine by the general public, it has not yet made its opinion known about the use of CBD for specific ailments. CBDfx makes no express or implied claims about CBD or any of our CBD products having the ability to help with or provide relief for any type of pain.

All of our amazing bundles have a carefully selected combination of products. To see an itemized list of what comes in each CBD bundle, please refer to the specific product page on our website.

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