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Looking for a fresh and easy way to get your CBD? Our Fresh Mint Disposable CBD Vape Pen brings you all the benefits of our organic CBD isolate in one convenient minty place. You’ll love the chance to feel refreshed by the invigorating flavour of fresh mint and the incredible power of CBD. We designed this premium disposable CBD vape pen to have the perfect balance of PG and VG so it brings you a perfect drag every time.


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  • CBDfx-Vape-Pen-Fresh-Mint
  • CBDfx-Vape-Pen-Fresh-Mint
  • CBDfx-CBD-Pen-Disposable-Fresh Mint3
  • CBDfx-Vape-Pen-Fresh-Mint
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Solvent Free Extraction
The way your CBD is sourced matters -- a lot. CBDfx’s cutting edge supercritical CO2 extraction methods set the industry benchmark for purity and safety. Other brands use solvent-based extraction methods, which leave trace amounts of nasty substances like butane and propane in the final product. Over time, that’s a lot of chemicals to ingest… when all you wanted was pure CBD. Trust CBDfx to deliver clean, solvent-free products every single time, backed up by publicly available lab reports.
3rd Party Lab tested
While many companies like to make claims about the potency and purity of their CBD products, not as many can provide the evidence to back it up. We offer you a full, independent third-party lab report with each purchase that details the order’s contents. These reports describe the amount of each compound present in a given product, and also provide a guarantee that no dangerous materials such as heavy metals or chemicals are present. You don’t need to take our word on the potency of our products; we let these reports do all the talking for us.
Cruelty Free Products
In keeping with CBDfx’s focus on ethical, sustainable product sourcing and manufacturing, we’re proud to boast a full line of cruelty-free products that are never tested on animals. In fact, the majority of our product line is vegan, organic, and intentionally designed to help you feel good about what you’re taking every day.
Made in the U.S.A
At CBDfx, we know that the highest quality hemp plants are grown here in the USA -- and we also know that investing in America’s farmers is the best way to make the CBD economy work for everyone. As the humble hemp plant is finally having its national moment, we’re doing our part to make sure that we’re teaming up with farms and laboratories right here at home to create jobs for everyday Americans.
30 day Guarantee
We’re not happy until you’re happy! Your satisfaction is important to us, and we want to ensure that every product we ship out is up to the high-quality standards that we have set and maintained for ourselves over the years. You have the option to receive a full refund on qualified, unopened, unused items within the first 30 days after making a purchase.

About Our CBD Vape Pens

CBDfx Fresh Mint Vape Pen

Our awesome Fresh Mint vape pen is packed with 30mg of our CO2 extracted, organic CBD, and delivers an array of beneficial compounds along with a burst of minty flavour. CBDfx disposable vape pens are a convenient way to get your daily CBD because they are incredibly portable and can be taken anywhere. They also don’t require any charging, maintenance or accessories so there is nothing to forget. Simply enjoy this delicious vape pen until it is done, and then dispose of it. Easy!

CBDfx Vape Pen Fresh Mint Lab Report

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CBD Vape Pen


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The CBD Fresh Mint Vape Pen at CBDfx

This awesome vape pen delivers a burst of minty freshness whilst delivering your body the variety of incredible compounds from the hemp plant that you know and love. Our delicious Minty Fresh vape pens come filled with 30mg of our impressively high quality CBD. We know that you want to experience the greatness of the hemp plant without feeling “high” so all of our products are made with hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC. CBDfx vape pens are not just a tasty treat, but they are a great way to get your CBD fast, as vaping is one of the fastest ways to make CBD bioavailable to your body.

What Makes the CBD at CBDfx So Unique?

IThe CBD at CBDfx is unique in so many ways. We think this stems from the fact that we hold our products to an incredibly high standard of quality, and that we know the only way to meet that standard is to use the best ingredients. All of our CBD is made with high quality, organically farmed hemp that is 100% non-GMO. We then utilize a Co2 extraction method to make sure our full-spectrum CBD contains all of the terpenes, amino acids, and plant fatty acids that it should. Our products are all lab tested to ensure the utmost quality and consistency.

The Advantages of the CBD Fresh Mint Vape Pen

Our CBD Fresh Mint Vape Pen is a delicious and convenient way to get your daily CBD due to the fact that it is small, extremely portable, requires no accessories or charger, and can simply be discarded when it is empty. Not to mention the fact that all of these advantages come with 30mg of our beloved full-spectrum CBD and a delicious minty flavour that will leave you feeling fresh!

  • Full-spectrum CBD.
  • Fantastic choice for those who are just starting or highly experienced users
  • No refills or additional cartridges necessary
  • No charging required
  • Absolutely no maintenance required
  • Ready to be used right out of the box
  • Draw-activated

If you are looking for a fresh and discreet way to enjoy 30mg of our organic full-spectrum CBD then try the CBD Fresh Mint Vape Pen from CBDfx!


  • Proprietary blend of CBD (Cannabidiol), Propylene Glycol, and Vegetable Glycerin.
  • Natural flavors added for taste.


Do I need anything else to enjoy the CBD Vape Pen in Fresh Mint?

One of the benefits of our CBD Vape Pen in Fresh Mint is that it is 100% ready to go, all on its own. This premium disposable vape pen does not need to be charged or refilled, and does not require any sort of accessories. Can you vape CBD for sleep disorders? CBDfx makes no express or implied claims about CBD being able to help with any sort of sleep or sleep related disorders.

Is this a good product for new CBD users?

Our disposable CBD vape pens are a fantastic option for both new and experienced CBD users because they are extremely easy to use but also extremely high quality. These pens are ready to go right out of the box and don’t require charging or refills.

Sleek, Simple, and So Refreshing. Introducing The CBD Vape Pen in Fresh Mint!

Our disposable CBD vape pens might just be the easiest way to get your CBD. These little beauties are ready to go right out of the package and dont need to be charged, so you can take it with you anywhere without worrying about what accessories you forgot. If our premium disposable vape pens were not amazing enough already, we decided to add some extra incredible flavours to the line up. Introducing the CBDfx Vape Pen in Fresh Mint! Enjoy a cool, refreshing blast of minty flavour whilst enjoying our amazingly high quality full-spectrum CBD! So next time you need a minty pick-me-up, reach for this deliciously minty CBD treat!




CBD Vape Pen – Fresh Mint

Vape Pen Fresh Mint

Vape Pen Fresh Mint

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