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CBDFx Rewards Points Program
  • You earn 10 point for every dollar when you purchase a qualifying product at All qualifying products display the number of the available points below the product name on our website.
  • Every 100 points are redeemable for 50 Cents at the checkout. For example, when you spend $69.99at on qualified items, you will receive 699.9 points. Redeeming value for this number of points is $3.50 at your next checkout.
  • You may use your points towards purchasing of any products on the website (Gift cards excluded).
  • In order to earn points, you will need to create an account. Points are added to your account, once your order is shipped.
  • Reward points will automatically be deposited to your rewards account, after your current order’s status is changed to “Completed” (Shipped).
  • Rewards points do not apply automatically to your next order. You must use the button at the top of the shopping cart or checkout pages to apply them to your order, manually.
  • Since the value of the points will be deducted from your new order’s total as a coupon code, you will not be able to combine the rewards points with other coupon codes at the checkout.
  • CBDfx reward points cannot be transferred between the accounts and are only redeemable if you login to your account which carries the points and apply them to your order before completing your order.
  • There is no minimum amount required on when you can start using your points.
  • CBDfx reward points never expire.

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