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CBD with Terpenes by CBDfx

CBD Terpenes

If you’re looking for the finest selection of CBD products that haven’t been stripped of the powerhouse known as the terpene, you are definitely in the right place. As the compounds within the Cannabis plant that gives it its characteristic smell, the hemp terpene is responsible for much more than just creating the scent of Cannabis. It is secreted from the exact same glands in the plant that generate the CBD, and by stripping them away most people are missing out on the effects that terpenes are known for. Our terpene-rich CBD products are, in our humble opinion, the best of the best. They are packed with antioxidants and combined with the effects of our high-quality cannabidiol. Adding terpenes to your daily regiment just seems like a no-brainer! As a vape product, the CBD and terpenes are aerosolized as you inhale, resulting in the absorption rate being much higher than if you ingest your CBD. Not only are the terpenes hitting your sublingual glands as they pass through your mouth, but they also enter directly into your bloodstream as they reach the small blood vessels in your lungs. When it comes to nearly immediate absorption, there is no better delivery system.

CBD Terpens Vape Pen


Many people falsely assume that Cannabis plants all share the same strong, invasive aroma that is most commonly associated with marijuana. This could not be further from the truth. Terpenes create various uniques smells and tastes. A product that is full of terpenes will provide you with a much more complete experience than a product that has been stripped down to a basic CBD isolate. As mentioned before, these terpenes are much more than just an aroma within the plants, and research is now showing that the various oils have different effects. When choosing a product that is rich in terpenes, you are not only getting that valuable stimulation of your Endocannabinoid system from CBD; you are also enriching it with the flavors that naturally belong to it.


People around the country are beginning to use CBD products every single day. Up until a century ago, it was widely known and accepted around the globe. If it wasn’t for the fact that Cannabis was demonized and made illegal, we would already have loads of scientific research on the effects of CBD. It’s not that we are suddenly finding out about CBD; the law is finally recognizing that Cannabis plants aren’t as bad as they have been made out to be.

With virtually untraceable amounts of THC, our hemp-based products will not get you “high” as they lack the psychoactive compound required to make it happen. Cannabidiol effectively stimulates your body’s Endocannabinoid system, a system that regulates many of your body's functions. This is not the same area that is affected by THC, further separating the two compounds. You cannot overdose on CBD, and while there are recommended daily serving sizes, some people require larger amounts than others.


When it comes to products that are organically grown at state-of-the-art farms right here in Europe, CBDfx is second to none. Creating the best products on the market isn’t an easy task but we have customers in every corner of the United States who stand by our CBD as much as we do. We don’t cut corners to make a quick buck. Every product carrying the CBDfx logo has been lovingly crafted, from the growing process all the way to its shelving. Not all CBD is created equal and we have taken extra measures to ensure that you aren’t being exposed to pesticides or unnecessary chemical compounds when you ingest any of our products.

The products on this page contain both CBD and different terpenes, which are special compounds found in the Cannabis plant. Until recently, the main understanding of the terpene is that they contributed to the unique smell of each different strain of Cannabis plant. While that’s true, it’s now starting to be understood that terpenes may be doing a lot more than creating fragrant aromas. More research needs to be done, but thousands of people are getting ahead of the curve and choosing to only buy CBD products that also include terpenes.

Just like CBD, there are no proven benefits of using CBD with terpenes because the research is so brand new. Until something more conclusive is announced, we aren't able to speak confidently on this point.

By purchasing CBD products that also are rich in terpenes, you’re basically killing two birds with one stone. You get that important serving of CBD and gain the additional flavors of the terpenes included in the product.

While CBD and THC share similarities in biological structure and extraction methods, CBD and the terpenes combined with it possess no psychoactive attributes, which are the cause of the "high" that THC makes you feel. This is part of the reason that CBD is legalized and so widely loved by such a diverse group of people worldwide.

We’re still understanding the full nature of how terpenes interact with the body and potentially contribute to the Cannabis plant’s effects. Terpenes supply flavor and aroma for CBD products and contribute to the "entourage effect" in which different compounds work together in a hemp extract to positively impact the effects of one another.