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The Diversity Of CBD Isolate And CBD Wax

The once “emerging” cannabis industry is now more accurately considered as the “explosive” CBD industry. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of 113 discovered cannabinoids within the cannabis plant. This powerful molecule is available in a variety of products. Traditionally, cannabidiol is extracted from industrial hemp and is available in a wide range of extracts.

First and foremost, you can have post-production extracts, such as CBD isolate, distillate, or crude oil. CBD distillate and isolate can be used as is for a range of products, such as vapes or CBD oils. Finished products ready for consumption are CBD oils, gummies, e-liquids, capsules, wax, topicals, and even CBD isolate that can be consumed on its own.

If you are yet to try CBD, then you should most certainly consider one of our CBD products to find out why so many people around the world have enjoyed adding cannabidiol to their lifestyle!

What is CBD isolate?

CBD isolate is just what it says on the tin, cannabidiol that has been isolated. To classify as isolate, the CBD content must be 99% or above. The key thing to test for should be what is in the remaining one percent. As cannabidiol is consumed into the body, it is paramount that the CBD isolate should not contain any heavy metals or pesticides. The remaining content must consist of a trace of minor cannabinoids, such as CBG (cannabigerol), CBN (cannabinol), and a range of other cannabinoids – these will depend on the strains of hemp. Any extractions below 99% would either be CBD crystals, distillate, or crude oil.

There is a common misconception surrounding CBD isolate; Many cannabis industry professionals compare isolate to a whole plant extract as one would a natural orange to a vitamin tablet. Granted, you do not receive the full effect from the range of cannabinoids and terpenes that comes with a whole plant extract — nonetheless, CBD isolate is, in fact, a natural and organic product. It’s simply a very specific version of CBD.

Despite CBD isolate sometimes being (perhaps unfairly) considered as inferior to a whole plant extract, its diversity offers huge potential for a combination of CBD products. When mixed with a carrier oil, you can guarantee an exact serving amount for either oils and tinctures or CBD capsules. The same applies to vapes, topicals, edibles, and CBD wax.

Due to its flexibility, CBD isolate is considered as a sought after commodity. In fact, CBD isolate may possibly be the most popular product that is extracted from hemp. With more than an estimated one million cannabidiol consumers in the United Kingdom, CBD isolate in the UK is now seeing the same demand as in the US. The effects of CBD isolate are the same as any other singular cannabidiol product. With that, CBDfx does not consider CBD isolate to be inferior.

What is CBD Wax?

There are a plethora of benefits that come with CBD wax. This is due to its profound potency. One of the reasons that wax has grown in popularity is because of its high concentration of cannabidiol; as a result of this, CBD wax provides you with a tremendous amount of CBD whilst ingesting less cannabidiol. Thus providing you with more CBD experience for your hard earned money.

CBD wax comes in a few varieties. Commonly confused as different terminologies, such as “CBD live resin”, “CBD budder”, “CBD crumble”, and “CBD shatter”. They are in actual fact, slightly different. But what is it that makes them distinct?

  • CBD live resin – Generally more expensive than other options. This is because its methods to achieve this form of CBD wax preserves more terpenes and cannabinoids. The reason for this is down to a unique process, in order to make CBD live resin, you must first freeze-dry the hemp. Every other extraction method to create CBD wax requires the hemp to be air dried and cured.
  • CBD budder – In order to produce CBD budder, the hemp must be purged at an exceptionally high temperature. The outcome of this method provides you with a creamy wax and almost looks like butter.
  • CBD Crumble – As the name suggests, CBD crumble offers a crumbly texture. The extraction process is similar to CBD budder. However, there is a slight difference; when purging the CBD oil, the process requires higher temperatures.
  • CBD shatter – A very popular product for consumers of both THC and CBD. The structure of CBD shatter is perhaps more unique than the others. CBD shatter has adopted its name as its appearance is similar to broken glass. Heat or chemicals are required to extract the oil, it later cools and hardens. When heated, it softens to a similar texture like honey.

How do you consume CBD wax?

The Diversity Of CBD Isolate And CBD Wax

When consuming CBD wax you are required to inhale the CBD. You have the traditional methods and the preferred way, known as “dabbing”. So what are these methods?


In order to dab, you must use what is known as a “dab rig”. This is a nail made of ceramic glass or titanium. Once you heat the CBD wax, it immediately turns into vapor and is inhaled in a similar way as a bong. In actual fact, you can also use a bong to inhale CBD wax, as the devices are fairly similar.


Perhaps the most popular method to ingest CBD. When it comes to CBD wax, in order to vape CBD wax, you would require a vaporiser with a quartz crystal or ceramic heating chamber with titanium coils.

Where can you buy CBD wax in the UK?

Unfortunately in the UK, CBD wax is at a scarce supply in comparison to full-spectrum CBD oils, such as CBD tinctures, CBD e-liquids, and CBD capsules. But fear not, CBDfx are specialists when it comes to CBD wax. Due to our glowing reviews from our US customer base, we understand the importance to offer every dabber the chance to purchase CBD wax. When you consider the fact that many dabbers of both THC and CBD, never look back once they have tried their first dab, we felt that it was of paramount importance to not deprive the UK market of CBD wax.

But why CBDfx CBD wax? Just like all of our products, our CBD wax derives from organic hemp. If you don’t know already, our products come with up to date lab reports which you can find on our website. And not only that, we understand just how seriously people take their dabbing; with that, we also offer a CBD wax pen to our UK CBD consumers.

In the United States, dabbing is extremely popular. We don’t just want you to take our word for it, despite heavy competition, our existing customers, State-side cannot get enough of our CBD wax.

Here’s what our US customer base has to say about CBDfx CBD wax

🗣 “Great stuff for getting a nice taste & CBD also.”

🗣 “I hesitated to order because I can find a cheaper product elsewhere but this is worth the cost. Great product and it showed up 3 days later.”

🗣 “Wish we could buy larger quantities.”

🗣 “I use this product before bed. I have been using it over a year and plan on continuing to use it.”

🗣 “I was very happy with my order. The dabs are perfect for me.”

🗣 “I hope you can offer a larger quantity, like 3g or 5g at some point.”

🗣 “Works amazingly… Love this stuff.”


And they don’t stop there. But we feel you get the point.

Another reason why our CBD wax is so popular is due to the high CBD content. CBDfx dab wax contains one gram of 30% CBD oil and 300mg of pure CBD. Our powerful CBD wax contains an estimated 20 servings. Our high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil is terpene rich, packed with CBD, and amino acids – inducing what is known as the “entourage effect”.


Is dabbing for you?

If you have already dabbed CBD wax, then you undoubtedly love it – if not, then you should most certainly try CBDfx CBD wax. Not only do you feel the effects instantly, but you get more for your money with regards to CBD. Old school cannabinoid enthusiasts, if you haven’t dabbed CBD wax, what are you waiting for? Give it a try, the only question you’ll have is – why didn’t I try CBDfx wax sooner!?


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