When Should You Use a CBD Bath Bomb?

Whether you're in need of self-care or post-workout recovery, there's really no wrong answer to the question, "when should you use a CBD bath bomb?" 

As a calming and comforting wellness supplement, CBD stands in a class of its own. Now that it's making a splash in beauty culture, it's never been easier to step up your night-time relaxation routine.

Is there ever a bad time to sink into a tub of CBD and take advantage of the skin renewal benefits of hemp? What could be better than lighting a few candles, throwing on a Kate Bush album, and watching a CBD bath bomb fizz up and colour your tub?

Let's take a look at some great excuses to use a CBD bath bomb in your night-time routine.

What Do CBD Bath Bombs Do?

Cbdfx Uk Blog When Should You Use A Cbd Bath Bomb What Do Cbd Bath Bombs Do

Back in the 1990s, scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system. It's a network in our bodies that affects many different organs and other systems, including digestion, sleep, stress, and more. 

It's tough to say exactly what endocannabinoids do, but as the science around them grows, each discovery yields exciting results.CBD provides omega fatty acids, proteins, and moisturizers that make it a popular product for rejuvenating the skin. 

Bath bombs aren't the only CBD skincare products out there, either—you can now find balms, muscle creams, face masks, and more.

So is CBD any better than other skincare compounds? How does it work? From the science we have available now, we know that CBD activates your body's cannabinoid receptors and keeps the system running for longer periods than usual. 

Still, the science is young. All we know is that CBD is considered safe for daily use, and we like using it. So, onto the question of when should you use a CBD bath bomb.

Recover from a Tough Workout

As great as CBD may be in your skincare routine, it's not the only place where hemp products excel. Recently, CBD has earned a spot in fitness and health culture thanks to its ability to help athletes recover after a workout.

Cbdfx Uk Blog When Should You Use A Cbd Bath Bomb Recover From Tough Workout

Are you wondering how a CBD bath bomb could help muscles recover faster? It works by relaxing the outermost skin layers, soothing sore muscles, and enhancing recovery. 

This is what gives CBD its rejuvenating properties. When combined with essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint, CBD is a one-stop recovery supplement.

If you spent a few tough hours at the gym and need to ward off those pesky muscle cramps later on, it may be the perfect time to drop a CBD bath bomb into a warm tub and get started on recovering.

Need soothing medicine right away? 

Why not try applying a muscle cream to sore areas? As an increasingly popular remedy used by professional athletes, CBD may be the answer to your post-workout woes.

Calm Down after a Rough Day

Nothing takes a toll on the mind and body like stress. Not only can it ruin a perfect day, but it can lead to acne breakouts, elevated heart rate, and even increase your likelihood of suffering a stroke. 

Plus, stress is related to all kinds of chronic conditions. Being able to relax isn't just a nice way to pass the time—it's essential to your health.

CBD bath bombs are an easy way to wash the day's stress down the drain where it belongs. You deserve the TLC tonight. Pat yourself on the back for surviving 2020 intact and reward yourself with the gift of relaxation.

CBD bath bombs use aromatherapy to enhance their calming effects. Find the perfect bath bomb scent for whatever ails you, whether you need to chill out and fall asleep or recover some energy following a difficult day. Cannabinoids and pleasant fragrances are just what you need.

You Want to Witness Science in Action

Cbdfx Uk Blog When Should You Use A Cbd Bath Bomb Science In Action

Another good reason to use a CBD bath bomb is that they're super fun to watch. 

Because of their effervescent ingredients, these babies explode upon impact and send colourful swirls all through the tub. It looks cool, it smells nice, and it awakens your inner child. 

What's not to love?

The effervescence of bath bombs evenly spreads out moisturizing oils through the tub to ensure an even bath. If you haven't used a bath bomb before, it's just something you have to try.

Pay for Quality Products

Knowing when you should use a CBD bath bomb is simple, but knowing which bath bombs to use can be a little more challenging. 

Because hemp products aren't heavily regulated in the way medicines are, it's easy for CBD vendors to sell cheap gimmicks that don't work. Sometimes, they don't even have CBD in them.

It’s also best to buy organic products. Before a grower can obtain the organic stamp of approval, they must adhere to specific rules about which fertilisers and pesticides to use. CBD may not be regulated, but the use of synthetic agents is. 

What does this mean for you? 

More of the plant's compounds will remain intact. Some vendors only purchase CBD isolate in a dry powder form and label it as CBD oil, giving their customers the weakest product possible. As you can see, organic products simply work better. 

Sure, they cost a little more, but the benefit is that you don't waste your money on a product that probably won't do what it says.

Finding Out What's in Your CBD Bath Bomb

Not sure if your product is organic? Read the lab report. These documents give you all the information you need to make a smart choice about which products to buy. Lab reports come from third-party labs that test for the presence of cannabinoids.

With a detailed lab report, you'll know what's in your CBD bath bomb. More importantly, though, you'll know what's not inside, like synthetic growing agents, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and more. With just a little homework, you can enjoy all the benefits of CBD in the bath.

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