What Makes a Good CBD Brand?

The CBD industry has blossomed into a colossal force and become an essential part of the day for millions of people worldwide. Its popularity has inspired the development of countless products and new manufacturers but not all are created equally. Those with the purest intentions manufacture hemp products because people feel that when they use cannabidiol it betters their life in one way or another. Unfortunately, due to the fact that this compound is so vastly popular, there are many manufacturers that get into the industry because they see it as a quick way to make money. Brands such as CBDfx that involve themselves in the CBD industry for the betterment of humanity always have better ingredients than those who are just in it for the money. Those who are only interested in monetary gain tend to cut corners by using low-quality ingredients and meeting the absolute minimum requirements to make their product safe and legal. Since the CBD industry is swimming with questionable brands, it is a good idea to know how to spot the difference between those looking to make quick gains and those who are passionate about health and wellness So, what makes a good CBD brand?  Let’s dive in.


Glass Dropper With Liquid 4061115CBD is made by extracting powerful compounds and oils from the hemp plant. The methods used to accomplish this vary from brand to brand and some methods are far more desirable than others. The way in which a company extracts their CBD has a massive impact on the overall quality of their products and helps to separate the good from the bad. Across the industry, butane extraction is a popular method—but not ideal. When you use butane for extraction you are far more likely to have trace amounts of residual chemicals. Butane is also not particularly environmentally friendly due to the fact that it is a petroleum product. The supercritical CO2-extraction method employed by CBDfx is known as the cleanest and most ethical way to manufacture hemp extracts. This method does not leave any residual solvents such as butane or propane and is regarded as the safest, purest way to manufacture CBD. 


We all love our furry animal friends and as time goes on it has become increasingly important to protect them from human industry. The best CBD brands on the market are those who not only provide their customers with pure, effective CBD but also focus on minimizing their impact on the natural world. CBDfx is a company that refuses to use animal products of any kind. There are plenty of brands out there that use things like animal gelatine to formulate their gummies simply because they make a little more money. CBDfx gummies are made from natural pectin that is not only 100% cruelty-free but makes for some of the most delicious CBD gummies imaginable.

Verified Potency

Transparency is key. That's why CBDfx sends all of its formulations to third-party laboratories for testing. All of the lab results are available for customers to view. This means you get the opportunity to see exactly what compounds and ingredients are present in your CBD. Transparency is key, and if you can’t find a third-party lab report for a product then it is fair to suspect that you may be dealing with a less than reputable manufacturer.

U.S.A Made

Flag America Patriotic Veteran 6895CBDfx knows that the best hemp in the world is grown in the United States. They also know how important it is to stimulate the economy here at home. CBDfx has created numerous employment opportunities for American farmers and continues to grow and give back to the great country from which their dream grew into reality.


When it comes to health and wellness products being organic is the name of the game. Mass-produced genetically modified foods aren't things to put in our bodies. The best CBD brands use the best ingredients and CBDfx refuses to use anything but the finest botanicals in all of their formulations. Unlike so many of their competitors, CBDfx maintains its commitment to the natural world as all of their products are vegan, non-GMO, and cruelty-free.

Seed To Sale

One of the things that differentiates a good CBD brand from a bad one is their commitment to their products. Many CBD companies outsource the majority of their product manufacturing and this leaves room for error. CBDfx takes a seed to sale approach and makes certain their to their exact specifications every step of the way. Although these elements only scratch the surface of what makes a good CBD brand, it’s a great way to get started in finding the best CBD products for you.

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