What Is Green CBD Oil & Does It Work?

You've probably heard about green CBD oil as a daily wellness supplement, but does it work? As more and more research is done about the cannabis plant and its benefits, it's worth asking what CBD supplements actually do. There's a lot of new science showing how the oils from this plant can treat pain, nervous system disorders, and regulate sleep patterns, but the only way to know is to try it for yourself. In this blog, we'll talk about why people choose CBD and why it should be part of your daily wellness regimen.

Is CBD Green or Something?

A woman dropping a CBD tincture oil
Green CBD oil is a term used for cannabidiol (CBD) that hasn't been isolated from the other plant by-products. Many times, this oil looks green because it still contains terpenes and other botanical cells. While it may seem pointless to keeping anything but CBD, it turns out these other by-products play an important role. In medical applications, CBD is isolated from the rest of the plant matter as a way to minimize any potential for THC—hemp's psychoactive compound—from affecting patients. While this ensures that patients don't get high from their medicine, it also means that important parts of the plant are eliminated from the supplement.

How Terpenes Enhance CBD Supplements

Because CBD is extracted from a plant, the plant's unique traits impact how the CBD works. Like any plant, cannabis wants to spread its own seeds far and wide in order to preserve its genetics. This means that animals have to eat the flowers to distribute the seeds as waste later on. How does cannabis attract animals to their flowers? Terpenes. As the aromatic and flavourful compounds in the cannabis plant, terpenes comprise a variety of interesting flavours that can affect people in different ways. Limonene, for example, is said to have an energizing effect on the body. Pinene, on the other hand, is more of an anti-inflammatory that can calm down the vascular system. When CBD is isolated, these terpenes are eliminated from the oil. However, green CBD oil still contains these terpenes, leaving them intact and able to affect your body. The broader the spectrum, the more terpenes in the product.

Is Green CBD Oil Better than Isolate?

A woman holding a CBD tincture oil
There's no official answer here, but we say yes: green CBD oil is the way to go. By keeping all that goodness in the bottle, you have a better chance of the compound doing what it's supposed to. The hemp plant contains all kinds of powerful compounds that can affect our bodies. While many people think of cannabis as just smoking marijuana, an entirely different group of users has emerged since the legalisation of CBD and hemp. As a daily supplement, CBD affects your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS)—one of Mother Nature's oldest evolutionary mechanisms. All mammals have an ECS, and it helps to engage and relax various systems throughout the body, including the nervous system, digestive system, memory centres, and mood regulators. By taking a broad spectrum CBD oil like this one, your body not only accesses the CBD and CBG but the other wellness benefits offered by the hemp plant.

So, Does It Work?

At last, the million-dollar question: does CBD work? The answer is yes. Over the last few years, researchers have gathered important evidence about the body's ECS and how it relates to chronic problems people face. The most well-known use of CBD is in the treatment of severe epilepsy. However, there's a lot more to this compound. Migraines, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and other pain sources have all responded positively to CBD treatments. By affecting the ECS, researchers have found a way for the body to cure itself for longer periods before enzymes stop the process. Because the ECS regulates and works with so many different areas of the body, there is more and more research showing why it works great as a wellness supplement. And if the science doesn't convince you, just consider that hemp remedies are some of the world's oldest treatments, having been used for thousands of years across continents and cultures. Hemp oil is used as a skin moisturizer, hair treatment, muscle pain relief, an antibacterial, and even cooking oil. This full array of uses doesn't exist when CBD is isolated from the rest of the plant by-products.

Why Don't More People Take CBD?

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With all these great benefits, it seems like more people would take CBD on a regular basis. Why don't they? Well, there are a few reasons for that. The most obvious one is that people think CBD will get them high. Their reservations hinge on staying away from all hemp products, and it's easy to see why. Scientists only started research on the non-psychoactive compounds of hemp in the 90s. CBD needs time to establish itself as safe and effective before more people will trust it. Another reason people don't take CBD is that it's marketed as a wellness product rather than a medicine. Until regulatory agencies speak out in favour of hemp products, many people will continue to think of it as a pseudoscientific gimmick—devoid of benefits or substance. Finally, CBD can be expensive if you're buying the wrong products. Unfortunately, due to the government's silence on the benefits of hemp oil, almost anyone can start selling it. As a result, there are many bad products out there that don't do what they should. People take the CBD oil, feel no benefits, and never try it again.

Where Can You Find Quality Green CBD Oil?

When it comes to supplements, your choice of vendor is everything. With the right company, you'll have regular access to quality products that work as promised. Good vendors stand behind their products and make it easy to rely on them time and time again. Start by finding a vendor that only sells organic products. Earlier we mentioned how the growth of the plant impacts its terpene profile, and this is why. Organic growers take care to give their plants what they need at the right time in the growth cycle. They don't use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides (some of which have been linked to brain damage), and they grow their plants with care. Good growing practices will definitely impact the quality of your supplement. Make sure you buy from a vendor that can furnish lab reports about their products so you know what you're getting. Lab reports contain information about the presence of any toxic solvents or other toxins, so you'll know if there's anything amiss in your supplement.

Try It Yourself to Find Out

No blog can explain how CBD feels when it's working—that's something you've got to do yourself. By starting with a high-quality supplement, you'll know exactly how it works in your unique system. It's important to note that no two people will experience CBD the same way. Just because your neighbour raves about it doesn't mean you'll get the same effect. Try it out for yourself and find out if it's the right supplement for your lifestyle.

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