Wellness Wednesday: The Hottest Wellness Trends of 2021

With the madness of 2020 long behind us (just let us believe it), people are finding their path back into the health and wellness groove in clever new ways. With more emphasis on staying home, the hottest wellness trends of 2021 include CBD supplements, TikTok workout videos, and touchless spa treatments.

If you need some inspiration about how to take your wellness habits to the next level, we’ve got a list for you. Let’s take a look at some of 2021’s hottest wellness trends.


Let’s be clear: quarantine made life a lot harder. If you were able to squeeze in any exercise, you deserve a pat on the back (pat, pat). Using TikTok for bite-sized workouts was one way people got creative with wellness.

Hundreds of millions of people were stuck inside all day. It only makes sense that the gaping workout void would be filled somewhere in social media, and it was TikTok that took the reins there.

Thanks to its short videos and punchy captions, TikTok makes it easy to find and save short workouts to use in your own routine. It’s easy to find just about any kind of workout for your unique lifestyle, and in varying intensities so you don’t keel over during jumping jacks.

If you fell out of the habit, TikTok workout videos make it easy to get your blood pumping without visiting the gym or working up a massive sweat.


When the government tells you not to leave home, finding the right food can be a challenge. And what’s a workout without the right diet?

Meal kits are one way to make the day go a little smoother. They allow you to cut out weekly grocery trips and nightly brainstorming sessions to answer the timeless question of, “What should we eat tonight?”

However you like to dine, there’s an option for you. There are meal kits for any palate, schedule, and laziness interest in cooking. Not interested in chopping veggies tonight? Order the pre-cut option and leave the cutting board in the drawer. Some meal kits just need you to push “start” on the microwave.

While meal kits may have earned a spot in pandemic notoriety, it looks like they’ll be sticking around for good. Try one for yourself and see how life improves.


If there’s one thing we’ve all had lots of time for, it’s thinking. Just about everyone these days has found themselves in a conversation discussing what really matters. Some are more comfortable than others with questions of existence, but deep down, we all think about it sometimes.

There are myriad ways to approach what to do with your life. Some dust off their scriptures, some invest in tarot decks, and some dive deep into YouTube’s meditation recommendations. Whatever the way, it’s clear people are looking to sync up the mind, body, and soul.

If you’ve been looking for ways to clear your head and de-stress, you’re not alone. Learning how to tune the outside world out for even a moment has documented health benefits.

New to the whole mindfulness thing? No worries. It’s easier than you might think, and the stress you shed in the process is worth it. Take a moment to “watch” your breath go in and out of your mouth, windpipe, and lungs. It’s in that quiet observance that you can enjoy a brief respite from all the outside noise. Do whatever you can to get in touch with your deeper self.


The pandemic was a tough time for those who thrive on human touch. Massages, facials, and skin treatments were all but gone for about a year, but they seem to be making a comeback. However, things are a little different now.

Most of the spa treatments currently available are touch-free. These include salt baths, float tanks, infrared saunas, IV drips, and visits to the hot springs.

Is it as good as the usual spa experience? Probably not, but it may be the best you can get for a little while. At the very least, these touchless spa treatments give you a chance to decompress and get rid of all that pent up 2020 tension.


Anyone who says they don’t need therapy after 2020 is probably lying. There’s no proof for this, but come on. The world turned upside down for a while, and therapy can be a great way to air your frustrations and try to make sense of things.

Under quarantine, therapy patients weren’t able to have in-person visits. While virtual therapy worked as a short-term solution, it wasn’t as helpful in the long run for a lot of folks. The alternative for these people was to take therapy outside.

By still holding in-person conversations, therapy patients had an easier time voicing their feelings and frustrations. This can take place as either a chat at the local park or as a walk around the block.

Therapy is an important way to express what’s really going on inside you, and having a therapist in front of you can often make these feelings easier to get out.

Who knows? Maybe outdoor therapy will be here to stay.


CBD has become wildly popular over the last couple years. With that trend has come all kinds of unique CBD formulations. Whether you’re looking for a tincture rich with cannabinoids or a daily CBD multivitamin, there’s a product for you. 

Because it is non-toxic and safe for daily use, CBD has become a favorite for many. Since it isn’t psychoactive, there are no mind-altering effects to worry about.

If you haven’t tried CBD yet, 2021 may just be the year to make it part of your lifestyle.


Wellness is a daily habit. The more options you have to take care of yourself, the easier it is to remember. Whether that’s ordering meal kits or reading from a tarot deck, the important thing is that you work on you.

Some of the hottest wellness trends of 2021 may be just the boost you need to look at life differently and start feeling better.

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