Want to Know What to Do with Expired CBD Oil?

Spring is just around the corner, and as you get to organising your medicine cabinet, you wonder, "does CBD oil expire?" 

The answer is yes.

CBD oil, like any other plant-based product, has a perishable shelf life. Not only can it go bad, but the product’s concentration weakens before then. 

Properly stored, though, CBD oil lasts about a year or two. Still, it's good to know the warning signs of a spoiled product.

Don't worry—using old CBD oil isn't a serious health risk. 

Sure, it'll smell and taste weird, but that's as bad as it gets. If you regularly use expired CBD, however, there are other undesirable side effects.

Ways to Spot Expired CBD Oil

Proper storage is essential when it comes to CBD oil

Cbdfx Uk Blog Question Of The Day Does Cbd Oil Expire High Heat

Leaving bottles exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight causes the product to break down at a faster pace, leaving you with a weakened product that, if regularly used, could harm the health of your cells. 

This is all the more reasons you should always make sure to keep your CBD oil in a cool, dark place.

So how can you tell if your CBD oil is expired? The easiest method is to hold the bottle up against a light source and check for any cloudiness. If the liquid is still clear, your CBD oil is still good to go. 

However, if you're still not sure, you can pop open the top and smell the product. If you get a whiff of any rancid odour, it's an indication the product might be expired.

Also, keep in mind you can check the product label for an expiration date to confirm this information. 

Edibles and capsules will last longer than CBD oil tinctures. They are formulated and packaged to be more stable, though even they can go bad over time.

If the sight and smell tests don't give you the answers you need, the product's overall effectiveness is a good indication. If you don't feel anything at all, your CBD oil product is probably expired.

Is CBD Oil Dangerous Once Expired?

Technically, yes. 

As the product breaks down, it provides a comfortable growing environment for the proliferation of free radicals. 

An easy way to think of it is that the molecules inside grow weak and start to fall apart, leaving behind unstable molecules that cause oxidative stress to your cells.

Under normal circumstances, CBD oil helps to limit the growth of free radicals. When expired, however, these molecules can damage your cells. 

CBD oil is considered safe and non-toxic, but once it expires, the best thing to do is buy a replacement and avoid ingesting it. 

Does this mean you should toss your old oil in the garbage, though? 

No way!

Other Ways to Use Expired CBD Oil

We get it—it's tough to throw out old supplements. 

Spending hard-earned money on a quality product only to give it a long goodbye can be too much to handle. 

But there is some good news: expired CBD oil isn't completely useless. There are some creative ways to use up what's left behind.

CBD oil is packed full of omega fatty acids and proteins. While you shouldn't ingest expired CBD oil, there are plenty of ways to stretch the benefits and make it go further.

It Works Great as a Moisturiser

Cbdfx Uk Blog Question Of The Day Does Cbd Oil Expire Moisturiser

News flash: CBD oil can revitalise and rehydrate dry areas all over your body. 

Why not try massaging some old CBD oil into your scalp and use it as a natural conditioner? 

Because of the antioxidants and vitamins present, CBD oil can help prevent excessive sebum growth in your scalp while also rebuilding keratins and strengthening your hair.

As a conditioner, expired CBD oil not only provides your hair with more moisture but can reduce dandruff by hydrating the top layer of skin that can flake off. 

If you want to try it for yourself, mix up a batch of a tablespoon of expired CBD oil with a tablespoon of lemon juice. After rubbing your scalp with the mixture, let it sit for a half-hour before washing it out with shampoo.

You can also use expired CBD oil to deal with pesky split ends. 

Just use your fingertips to rub a few drops through the last three or four inches of hair to enjoy reduced hair breakage.

Expired CBD Coffee Scrub

Because expired oil works well as a moisturiser, it's worth finding creative ways to use it on your skin

One of the best ideas we found was to make an exfoliating coffee scrub to help unclog pores and smoothen skin.

How to make it? 

Take 120ml of the expired CBD oil and mix it with a teaspoon of each of the following ingredients: ground coffee, sea salt, and sugar. Scrub it onto your face for about 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off.

Expired CBD oil can even double as a makeup remover. 

Say adios to drying your face out with alcohol-based products and give your CBD oil a second lease on life. To try it out, pour expired CBD oil onto a cotton pad and use it to remove makeup.

Don't Fall for Cheap Stuff

When it comes to wellness supplements like CBD oil, there's a lack of regulation on what it must contain or how it needs to work. 

This results in countless products varying in quality, making it tough to pick the right one. It gets even worse once you have to toss an expensive, expired product in the dustbin.

It's common to try out a cheap product first, but this is usually a bad idea. Saving some change on a budget product usually results in a product that doesn't work well, leaving you wondering if CBD oil is anything more than a placebo. 

Is there any benefit to buying better products?

As far as functionality goes, organic products will almost always work much better than the cheap stuff you can find online or at the corner smoke shop. 

Organic products are more bioavailable, letting your body use the CBD oil more efficiently, so you get the best effect.

Think about it—if you buy something that works, you're more likely to use it, and it won't be a waste of money. But, if you buy a low-quality product to save some cash, it won't work as well, and it will be a waste of money.

Organic products are grown with more care and expertise. It's always a plus if your vendor offers lab reports for you to read. These documents come from third-party companies and can tell you how much CBD is in your product. 

But there's more.

Lab reports also alert you to synthetic pesticides and fertilisers—residual compounds that come from poor growing practices. Read the lab reports, so you know what's in your product.

So, does CBD oil expire? Not if you use it up first!

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