Understanding CBD: How Long Does CBD Last?

Have you ever asked yourself, "how long does CBD last?" As one of the more recent wellness supplements to make it onto the big-time market, not much is known about how CBD works on regular people. Sure, there are CBD treatments for severe epilepsy that are administered in medical dosage amounts, but what about for people with no real medical need?

Well, it depends. First of all, everyone is different. Because our bodies metabolise substances at a different rate, CBD will have different impacts on each person.

On top of that, the way you take CBD will affect how long it works on your body.

Let's take a look at how long CBD lasts by examining intake and consumption methods.

Fast Fumes

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If you need a fast dose of CBD to quickly sink into a state of relaxation and relief, there's no faster method than a vape pen. Because the lungs are so full of capillaries and alveoli, anything that gets inside is absorbed into the bloodstream right away. For most people, vaping provides relief in under five minutes.

Of course, this quick method of delivery has its drawbacks. People who vape find that the effects of CBD usually wear off within the hour. The truth is that vaping CBD just isn't the best way for long-term relief, though it can be helpful as a headache remedy or to help you fall asleep.

One big benefit of vaping is that you can do it anywhere (discreetly, of course). It's easy to pack a vape pen in your pocket or book bag and use it at opportune moments. Just don't do it where it's illegal.

In short, vaping is a great way to take care of your CBD needs quickly. As a long-term solution, there are better options, but that may not matter to you.

Tongue Drops for Terpene Pops

The next fastest method of delivery for CBD is to drop some tincture oil under your tongue. Glands in the mouth bypass the digestive system so that you can get the drug to work quickly without having to inhale any vapours into your lungs.

Unlike vaping, tincture oil drops stay in the bloodstream for a few hours. In fact, many people take sublingual tincture drops as a part of their daily routine, thanks to their long-lasting effects and benefits.

The other nice thing about taking tincture drops is that users can monitor the exact dose they wish to take. In the case of vaping, users are limited to however much CBD they can squeeze into a single pull. With tincture oils, bottles are sold with a measured amount inside. If you need a strong dose that day, a dropper will give you a specific level of CBD.

Another benefit of tincture oils is that they usually maintain more of the original cannabis plant's flavour profile traits. Terpenes, as they are called, are oils produced by the plant to attract predators to come and eat the cannabis flowers. Why? So they can spread the seeds and propagate the plant's DNA.

Terpenes not only have specific flavour traits, but they can also benefit your body in unique ways. For example, limonene (a terpene found in citrus plants) does more than just smell nice—it also exhibits anti-anxiety traits that can calm your mood.

Tincture oils are more likely to contain this helpful plant matter, making it a suitable choice as a daily wellness supplement.

Taking Your Daily Vitamins

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CBD comes in many forms. Since its rise in popularity, more people have started to take CBD in edible forms. While these can take the longest to take effect, they also spend more time in your bloodstream as they slowly digest in your stomach.

One reason why edibles are preferred by so many is that they can be combined and formulated with other supplements. Some CBD is even sold as part of a daily multivitamin.

Like tincture oils, edible CBD gummies can be formulated to contain terpenes that help the product work better. If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. Cannabis produces many different compounds and cannabinoids that, when kept intact, work in concert to provide the anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety benefits for which CBD is known.

Since edibles take longer to digest, they have a longer life in your bloodstream. Depending on your body and metabolism, an edible could last between two and four hours before it completely wears off.

Top-Notch Topical Supplements

When you take CBD, you trigger your body's endocannabinoid system. This system affects nearly all organs throughout your body, including your largest organ—the skin.

One exciting thing about the rise in CBD popularity is the invention of all kinds of new products that include this exciting product. For example, beauty masks and foot creams with CBD are now being marketed and sold throughout the beauty industry.

While this may seem like a new development, hemp oil has been a remedy for centuries. There are now joint creams formulated with cooling agents, but a few hundred years ago, hemp oil was used as a local analgesic. Because it works well as an anti-inflammatory, CBD is a nice alternative to some of the more heavy-hitting painkillers out there.

While CBD doesn't absorb into the bloodstream through the skin, it does have effects where it is applied. This makes it a possible candidate for those whose medication requirements stop them from taking CBD orally.

A Word about Tolerance

Once you get started on a regimen of CBD supplements, it can be exciting to explore all the potential benefits. However, it's important that you stay within your limits, as taking too much CBD can make it harder to feel those same benefits the next day.

CBD users are not immune to tolerance, meaning that our brains adapt to regular doses over time. With tolerance comes less effective time experiencing the benefits of CBD. It will seem to wear off faster, since your brain will have become accustomed to metabolising it quickly.

What a bummer, huh? Well, there's good news. Unlike other drugs, CBD only requires a day or two off before resuming your usual routine. This will help your brain reset its normal endocannabinoid levels and get you back to a place where the drug has more of an effect on you.

Why Does This Happen?

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system which, when active, generates endocannabinoids that flow throughout our entire body and provide a nice feeling of relief. That process ends when the body's natural enzymes put a stop to it.

What CBD does is keep that door open a little longer so that those benefits don't end quite so quickly. The benefit of CBD is that it is non-toxic—it takes a lot to overdose on CBD. Still, taking too much can alert the body that there is already enough hormone production going on, reducing the amount of endocannabinoids flowing through your system.

Find the best dose for your unique body, and stick with it. Start with somewhere around 20mg a day and move up from there.

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