The Awesome Power of CBD and Superfoods

The amazing CBD gummies we all know and love have been re-formulated and brought to a whole new level of healthy goodness. By harnessing the incredible power of superfoods, and blending them with the high quality, non-GMO organic CBD that they are famous for, CBDfx has created a truly unique line of gummies that provide all of the benefits of the hemp plant -- with an added healthy boost from turmeric and spirulina. To fully grasp the magnitude of this incredible creation, one must get to know each of the ingredients a bit better, so we wanted to share with you how these incredible gummies are made, details about their ingredients, and even a few different ways to enjoy these delectable CBD+superfood delights. CBDfx has developed an international reputation for an unparalleled level of quality, and has established itself as one of the leading CBD brands on the market. Since 2014 CBDfx has been providing its customers with the finest CBD products around, and have been a pioneer for new and exciting formulations and methods in which people can enjoy CBD. This level of commitment to their customers and their products has put CBDfx head and shoulders above the ever-growing crowd of CBD brands. With an incredibly dedicated and loyal customer base, CBDfx has continued to push the envelope and continues to pave the way for further advancements in CBD product development and availability. So how did CBDfx rise to such stature? Through an unrelenting commitment to using the finest ingredients and providing their customers with some of the cleanest, purest CBD products on earth. CBDfx understands that the only way to make the best products is to start with the absolute finest ingredients possible. With care for the environment, and their customers' well being, all of the hemp used by CBDfx is grown completely organically, has not been genetically modified in any way, and has never been subject or exposed to the harsh chemicals and toxic pesticides that are sometimes found in other CBD brands' products. All CBDfx products are manufactured in a GMP certified facility. Our incredibly high quality organic hemp is then put through a proprietary extraction process, in which all of the beneficial compounds are extracted from the hemp plant. Though there are many ways to extract CBD from hemp, there is certainly a hierarchy of methodology and practices. Many CBD manufacturers use butane extraction methods that are not only incredibly dangerous being that butane is highly combustible, but also leaves harmful residue in the final product. CBDfx cares about your health and well being, and we didn't think you wanted butane in your CBD... so we went a different route. To ensure that our extractions are completely clean and residue free, we utilize a CO2 extraction method. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is not harmful, does not leave any residual residue at all, and is one of the critical aspects of our process. CO2 extraction is the cleanest and most efficient way to extract CBD-rich hemp oil from the hemp plant. After this impressive extraction process has been completed, all of the CBD-rich hemp oil extract must undergo one more extremely important step. The plants have been grown organically, harvested, dried, and subject to a CO2 extraction process that has left us with some incredibly high quality CBD oil, so what's missing? Confirmation! CBDfx takes no chances when it comes to providing you with the best CBD on the market, so after the extraction is complete, the CBD oil must be sent off to third-party laboratories where it is subject to rigorous testing to ensure both its high quality, and that it contains all of the beneficial compounds it should, and nothing it shouldn't. By taking so many steps to make certain that they are making the finest CBD oil on the market, CBDfx has earned themselves a whole bunch of happy, returning customers. Now, you may recognize turmeric as something you keep in your spice drawer, or as the ingredient that gives Indian style curry its beautiful, bright yellow colour. Turmeric has long been used in a variety of cultures throughout the world as a natural remedy for countless ailments. In Ayurvedic Medicine, turmeric is historically used to treat inflammation due to the unique compounds that make up this popular superfood. This incredible plant contains antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that have been utilized by those in the know for centuries. Turmeric is a fantastic compliment to both our organic broad-spectrum CBD, and to the next super ingredient on the list. From the cool waters of mineral-rich alkaline lakes near volcanoes is where our next impressive ingredient hails from. Spirulina, a biomass of cyanobacteria, is essentially a tiny form of seaweed that grows in very particular lakes, and is rich in a variety of nourishing compounds such as vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as calcium, magnesium, and zinc. This incredible planet has grown exponentially in popularity over the last decade because it has so many apparent health and beauty benefits. Spirulina, like turmeric, also helps reduce inflammation by way of the fatty and amino acids that it contains, and people often use it as a way to reduce signs of aging and help their skin look fresh, youthful, and healthy. This perfect blend of superfoods and CBD gummies is organic, 100% vegan, and made with all natural ingredients. All CBDfx products are made with CBD that is CO2 extracted from organically grown hemp and lab tested to ensure the utmost quality. CBDfx cares about animals and does not use any animal parts or products in the CBD Turmeric & Spirulina gummies, so they can be enjoyed by just about anyone, without a shred of guilt. We all need to take a little bit of time to look after ourselves, and self-care starts with eating right, so do yourself and your body a favour, and give it the boost of CBD and superfoods it deserves!