Dealing with Brittle Nails and Hair? Here’s a Solution

Looking this good isn't easy, especially if you're stuck dealing with brittle nails and hair. To the poor souls out there suffering through cracks and breakage, you have our sympathy—there's nothing worse than the chill of a broken nail when you aren't expecting it. While hair and nails may not seem like a particularly important aspect of your personal health, they serve an important role in your body's ability to keep itself clean and free of debris. Without your eyelashes, for example, there would be a lot more dust bothering your eyes. While it may seem like a luxury to take good care of your hair and nails, doing so doesn't have to be inconvenient or expensive. By taking the right vitamins and minerals, your body will have everything it needs to keep growing strong. In this blog, we'll talk about what makes strong hair and nails and what you can to do help keep it that way.

What Are Hair & Nails Made Of?

Two woman holding handsYou could argue that none of the human body's systems are weirder than the integumentary system—the process responsible for the body's outermost line of defense. Your skin is an organ, and the hair and nails are there to protect it. Hair can help to keep you warm, protect against dust particles, and even contribute to your sense of touch! Nails also protect your skin by acting as hard surfaces on the most extreme ends of your fingers and toes. Growing hair and nails take a fair amount of energy. First, amino acids are directed toward the hair follicles and nail beds. Once they arrive, the amino acids dissolve into more fibrous, stringy webs—called alpha-keratins—and bunch together to form filaments strong enough to grow outside your body. That's right—hair and nails are dissolved, dead protein cells stacked on top of each other. Doesn't that make your hair stand on end?

How to Strengthen Brittle Hair and Nails

The woven structure of a filament makes it strong enough to withstand many stresses, such as sunlight and impacts. However, if the filaments are made of weak alpha-keratins, they are more likely to chip off or split. When everything is in balance, your body has the vitamins it needs to fuel the turning of amino acids into alpha-keratins. Along with the production of hair and nails, your body releases special oils that form a protective coating for its protein stack warriors. As you probably guessed, protein is crucial for strong hair and nails, as it serves as the primary building block for your integumentary system. However, without a fuel source to send them where they need to go, the proteins are lost to waste. Vitamin D is an important fuel source here, which your body gets from milk or just by walking outside.

Biotin as a Super Fuel

A spoon filled with pillsAnother valuable source for breaking down those amino acids is biotin. Also known as vitamin B7, biotin is a highly influential enzyme on the health of your hair and nails. It acts like a turbocharger for your digestive system, helping to quickly rid your body of excess carbon dioxide so growth processes are as efficient as possible. For the most part, biotin deficiency isn't that common. However, nearly all pregnant women suffer a biotin deficiency, which is why all prenatal vitamins contain high amounts of biotin. Biotin can be found in red and organ meats like liver and kidney. However, an easy way to get biotin in your regular diet is through a high-quality daily supplement like this one. With the right balance of vitamins and minerals, you can enjoy the benefits of stronger hair and nails.

Topical Hair & Nail Treatments

Another effective way to strengthen hair and nails is through regular visits to a beauty salon. With periodic topical treatments, your body's protective systems will have the right amino acids to absorb and shield itself from stresses like sunlight and nutrient loss. Why would anyone need a topical treatment? Aren't there be enough minerals already? The answer is no. Proteins are used up quickly, breaking down faster than your body can replenish them. This is why topical treatments can help to supplement the loss. One popular topical treatment is CBD oil. Because of its diverse array of proteins and terpenes, CBD and hemp oil can stimulate blood flow in the hair follicles and nail beds. Some have even recommended CBD oil treatments for men's hair loss, and with positive results. Consider making a CBD oil application part of your weekly hair care regimen. Simply coat your palms with a little CBD oil and massage it into your scalp. Not only can this help stimulate hair growth, but it can even reduce inflammation.

Using Keratin Treatments for Emergencies

Will Cbd Pills Show Up On A Drug Test Is your hair looking like a disaster? Are your nails breaking off left and right? Sometimes, you need more than a just daily vitamin—you need a miracle. One popular lifesaver is a periodic keratin treatment. Many beauty salons offer keratin topical treatments where they apply an amino acid serum to your hair or nails. This vitamin-rich compound is like a treat, and your hair and nails will happily gulp it up to fill in and strengthen weak areas that need attention. The result? Shiny, smooth hair and nails that'll have you looking like you walked straight out of a magazine. However, keratin treatments are also the most expensive option, with each application costing a few hundred pounds. If you can afford to pay for treatments every six months, this might be the right option for you. For the rest of us, a great solution is a high-quality biotin supplement.

How a CBD Supplement Can Help

Your body's endocannabinoid system has hubs all over the body, including the integumentary system. By taking a capsule or gummy that supplements that system, you can enjoy wellness benefits such as pain management, sleep moderation, and appetite management. Because hemp oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, a daily CBD supplement can also benefit hair and nail growth. While the jury's still out on any conclusive scientific evidence for helping hair loss, there is reason to believe that CBD may play a positive role in hair and nail health.

Where to Buy Quality CBD Supplements

You should always buy organic supplements. Whether or not you're worried about the potential risks of synthetic pesticides, organic supplements are more likely to contain the broadest spectrum of organic compounds. The right vendor will have lab test results available as well, helping you to know exactly what it is you're getting. When it comes to CBD oil, quality can vary a lot. Buying organic is the only way to know that at least a minimum benchmark of quality has been met. Choose a vendor with thousands of positive reviews from its customers.

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