CBDfx Foot Masks Are A Smash Hit In the Press

The CBD market is ever-expanding, and with this growth comes a myriad of new products being introduced to the market with great regularity. Few of them succeed because they are rarely original ideas and more often, are a slightly altered version of a product that already exists. CBDfx has been an industry leader in product development since their formation, and have proven once again with their CBD foot masks, that they are continuing to push the envelope and take the CBD experience to an entirely new level.  Since their release, CBD foot masks have taken the industry by storm, and have quickly become a sensation with customers and the press. CBD Foot masks are an excellent way to soothe cracked, discomforted feet, providing much-needed hydration coupled with a variety of beneficial compounds present in hemp extract. Seasoned CBD connoisseurs and blossoming enthusiasts can partake in this easy to use product. By way of their accessibility and ease of use, CBDfx foot masks have been able to reach enough users to become the hottest new CBD product on the market. With press articles popping up left and right and a growing number of enthusiastic fans, there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing and hearing about CBDfx foot masks as a regular part of the CBD culture.

Say Goodbye to “Average”

People have been dealing with the perils of dry, cracked feet since the beginning of humanity.  We are a species that depends on our feet alone for mobility, so needless to say; they get a fair bit of wear and tear. Foot treatments have been a staple of human wellness for as long as anyone can remember, and in 1997 typical foot masks were popularized by Japanese manufacturers who mass-produced and pre-packaged them. This helped to make what was once a spa treatment an at-home affair.  It’s been over 20 years since this incredibly popular foot treatment has seen any real evolution, and even then, it had only been a matter of repackaging an existing spa treatment to make it more accessible.  Since 2016, there has been an influx of revolutionary products that combine normalized, everyday indulgences with the power of cannabidiol(CBD).  CBDfx foot masks have been the spearhead at the forefront of the CBD foot masks’ rise to stardom. With their incredible scent, effectiveness, and impressive list of beneficial compounds these powerful CBD foot masks blow traditional foot masks out of the water. Your typical foot mask is ok for hydrating and softening feet, but CBD foot masks do so much more. Cannabidiol indirectly interfaces with the body's endocannabinoid system and provides a myriad of benefits that are highly unique to the individual. People use CBD for a variety of different purposes and though everyone is seeking something slightly different, there are millions of individuals who turn to CBD as a part of their daily health and wellness regimen. The average foot mask has become a thing of the past due to the fact that a better product now exists. It’s interesting to see the older-style foot masks, much like a piece of technology, become nearly obsolete due to its own evolution. CBDfx foot masks have already dominated the market and are soon to become the standard for all foot masks, so if you are looking for a hot stock investment tip, you are welcome. 

Foot, meet the perfect blend of beneficial botanicals.”

cbdfx foot masks in the press CBDfx foot masks are specially formulated to bring you the best that the world of botanicals has to offer. Through the body's impressive process of transdermal absorption, users are able to enjoy the benefits of carefully selected natural ingredients and the multitude of desirable compounds present in hemp extract. The powerful CBDfx foot masks are available in the customer's choice of peppermint or lavender.  With the inclusion of these therapeutic aromas, these foot masks are both incredibly beneficial and provide a truly premium, spa-like experience. CBD products are regulated with much more detail and vigor than the old-style foot masks and all CBDfx foot masks are subject to rigorous lab testing before they’re released on the market. The ingredients included in the formulation of these effective CBD foot masks are hand-picked and considered as not just an aromatic enhancement, but as a beneficial botanical. Peppermint has shown promise in helping with a variety of issues and contains trace amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, and Phosphorus, all of which are essential for the human body to function at its full potential.  Lavender provides both a relaxing aromatic profile and hosts a variety of benefits. People have been using lavender for centuries as a way to help them relax and get a good night's sleep. Both of these CBDfx foot mask options contain the highest quality ingredients, so deciding on which one to use is going to be dependent on the preference of the individual.  Fortunately, CBDfx is one of the most reputable brands on the market so if you have to decide on just one CBD foot mask, you can rest assured that it will be of the utmost quality and effectiveness.

How to use CBD masks effectively

If you are looking to provide your feet the soothing relief they deserve in only 20 minutes, then you are going to love the remarkably effective CBDfx foot masks. Their ease of use is one of the many things that make CBDfx foot masks so incredibly popular. The user only needs to thoroughly wash their feet with soap and water, remove the CBD foot mask from its packaging, and apply it to clean feet. Once you have let your feet soak up all of the botanical goodness for 20 minutes, you are free to remove the foot mask and throw the entire thing in the recycle bin. It is recommended that the user massage any residual nutrients into their feet after removing the foot mask.

Here’s why the press can't stop talking about CBD foot masks

The CBDfx foot masks have become a smash hit in the press, and with everyone from Glamour Magazine to the New York Times talking about CBDfx and their incredible products, word of the impressive CBD foot masks has spread like wildfire. Glamour Magazine referred to these as “brilliant foot products” in an article about the ten best foot treatments, and a multitude of press outlets have commented on the ease and effectiveness of these remarkable products. CBDfx has been an industry leader since 2014 and has amassed a huge amount of trust through the consistently high-level of products they offer. Forbes magazine named CBDfx on their list of 25 best CBD brands on the market, so it is no surprise that they make the best CBD foot masks as well. With the swarm of media attention and the product integrity to back up the hype, CBDfx foot masks have quickly risen to the top of the market. If you are looking to ditch the old style foot masks and go with something a bit more evolved and far more beneficial, you’re going to love the soothing, remarkably effective CBD foot masks from CBDfx.

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