CBD 101: What Are CBD Gummies for Sleep?

People have begun using CBD for a variety of different ailments, but what are CBD gummies for sleep? Do they work? If so, how? Are they worth purchasing, or are there better remedies out there?

As a relatively new player in the wellness market, cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to help with inflammation and stress, but it can also help with sleep. No, CBD won't get you high like THC to where you become drowsy. Instead, it works by helping your brain produce hormones for longer periods of time.

These hormones, called endocannabinoids, occur naturally in all mammals via their endocannabinoid system (ECS). When CBD gummies for sleep are taken just before bed, the brain sends out chemicals that help the body relax and fall asleep.

How the ECS Plays a Role in Sleep

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When you think about it, the act of falling asleep is pretty amazing. While the body rests and recuperates, the brain is hard at work cleaning out toxins and waste products that are accumulated throughout the day. Without sleep, days feel impossibly tough to endure.

Yet some people can't fall asleep when they hit the pillow. Their minds start racing thinking about all kinds of pointless noise, and without something to calm and relax them, they suffer from added stress and fatigue on a daily basis.

Sleep is a complex process, and it entails more than will be discussed in this single blog, but it is important to mention that endocannabinoids can affect your ability to rest.

Because the ECS is a fairly new field of study, it can be tough to find empirical data about how it affects the body. However, there is data out there showing that with more endocannabinoids in the hypothalamus, certain mammals spend more time immersed in REM sleep.

Endocannabinoids may play a vital role in moderating sleep, including helping the body to engage in both REM and non-REM sleep cycles. CBD gummies for sleep can even help to induce sleep by emphasizing the body's natural sleep routine.

CBD & Cytochromes

The brain is a constantly churning machine that seeks equilibrium. When you feel cold, the brain sends signals to make you warmer. When you're hungry, eating triggers signals that make you feel full. At all times, your brain is creating hormones to induce certain feelings, then enzymes to stop them once they've done their job.

When people take CBD supplements, they help to suppress the function of cytochromes. What are cytochromes? They are essentially electrical conductors that exist in nearly all living things, and their job is to advance brain signals that trigger the production of enzymes.

Taking CBD tells your brain that it's okay to produce more endocannabinoids for a longer period of time, meaning that the ECS stays active for longer, creating more chemicals that help you to feel better. This natural approach to handling inflammation and stress is what makes CBD products a great option for people wishing to alleviate pain and discomfort without risking addiction.

Are There CBD Gummies for Sleep?

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Yes... probably. There's always going to be an asterisk until enough research has been done to prove the value of CBD in aiding sleep. However, there is a community out there that raves about the benefits of CBD gummies as a daily part of their routine. For some, it's because they feel deeper relaxation. For others, they are relieved from restless bouts of inflammation.

When coupled with other natural ingredients like chamomile and passion flower, CBD's ability to help you fall asleep is only increased.

How Terpenes Affect Your CBD

All plants exist as part of a chain of reproduction—some produce seeds, others produce flowers. The only way to reproduce is to attract predators to eat their seeds/flowers and carry them elsewhere to be planted in a new area, restarting the whole growth process.

But how do plants attract predators so they can reproduce? Terpenes.

With terpenes, plants convey scents and flavours to entice predators to eat them. You know these scents. Limonene, for example, is found in citrus fruits and contains that sharper tartness associated with lemons. Linalool is the gentle, flowery scent found in lavender.

However, terpenes do more than just smell nice and taste good—they also contain certain wellness benefits. Limonene works as an anti-anxiety agent with an ability to remedy acid reflux. Linalool can reduce inflammation and even work as an anaesthetic.

Good CBD gummies for sleep will not only contain cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN, but also the terpenes of the hemp plant. This comprehensive approach to natural remedies is another reason that so many people prefer hemp-based supplements to lab-based medications that can take a harsher toll on the body.

Is All CBD the Same?

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Because CBD gummies for sleep are such an unregulated product, there are tens of thousands of vendors selling supplements that vary widely in quality. Some keep as much of the plant and its terpenes intact. Others use a dry isolate powder that contains nearly none of its original material. At worst, some of these products don't even contain real CBD.

When shopping for supplements to help you sleep, quality is key. By purchasing the cheapest stuff you can find online, you're likely to get something that hardly works.

Buying Organic Is Important

Growing practices make up one area where good products are separated from bad ones. By ensuring that no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are used when growing the hemp, farmers ensure that the plant will be more potent and more effective than those grown with harsh chemicals.

While CBD supplements may not be regulated by many industry standards, labelling a product "organic" comes with some responsibility. Make sure your CBD gummies for sleep are organic.

Read Lab Reports

Even when a label claims the products are organic, can you really be sure? Yes, but only by reading the product's lab reports. These documents contain important information about the presence of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, heavy metals, and other potentially toxic materials.

Lab reports aren't free, and the good ones that guarantee low margins of errors aren't cheap. If your vendor can furnish lab reports, they likely have your interests in mind. If a vendor can't provide you with lab reports, shop elsewhere.

Look for a Broad Inventory

Another sign of a good vendor is a good-sized selection of products. 

Find a product that works for you. If gummies just don't do the trick, maybe vaping would be a better way for you to get the sleep assistance you're looking for. Sometimes just choosing a different strain can make all the difference. In any case, find something you can be optimistic about.

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