Cannabidiol 101: How Much CBD Do I Need?

Until you establish your own daily supplement regimen, it's natural to ask, "how much CBD do I need?" Well, the answer probably won't surprise you: it depends. Since everybody type metabolizes food differently, what's right for one person won't always do it for another. Don't worry, though. In this blog, we'll talk about some of the research that's been done on CBD to inform you about what scientists have to say about what to expect. Armed with a good starting point, you'll have a better idea of the dose that works for you specifically.

Why Not Start with 10mg?

A woman dropping a CBD tincture oilCannabidiol (CBD) interacts with your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) to produce a long list of positive effects, including appetite moderation, sleep regulation, and mood control. When you take a CBD supplement, you're tapping into one of Mother Nature's oldest physiological features, spanning back millions of years in evolutionary history. CBD is naturally produced in the body, but it works great as a supplement. While its nontoxic nature makes it harder for you to take too much, it's still important to find the right balance so that you don't develop tolerance and require more in the future. A great place to start is with 10mg. Start by taking 2 gummies like this. You should feel the effects 15-45 minutes after ingestion. If it doesn't work, though, don't go for another dose right away. Wait until the next day so your brain is fresh and ready to try again, then take 3 gummies and see how you feel.

What Happens When I Take CBD?

A woman smilingYour body is a system that balances exchanges to maintain equilibrium—aka homeostasis. All your body wants is to remain stable, and it uses hormones and enzymes to do so (among other things, of course). Hormones cause action, and enzymes neutralize hormones to stop the action from happening. CBD holds off enzymes so that your ECS has more time to work its calming effects. In other words, CBD doesn't really do anything—it lets your body do its own thing for longer than it normally would. While no two people will experience CBD the exact same way, most people who take it report feeling calm and cozy. The effects of CBD are promising, and science sees uses for pain management, neurodegenerative diseases, obesity, and metabolic functions on the horizon.

My Gummies Aren't Working—Help!

Not all supplements work the same way. Because gummies have to go through the digestive system before being absorbed into your blood, they can suffer from "first-pass metabolism." This can leech out too much of the good stuff before you even start to feel the effects. Not to worry, though! There are other methods to try. One great alternative to the edible gummy is a tincture oil. Why? Because it works by taking a dropper full under the tongue (sublingual administration), where the face's more shallow veins absorb it and get it into the bloodstream. By bypassing the digestive system, a tincture oil not only works better, but it works faster too. This is why many medicines come in the form of sublingual drops or strips. Still not working well enough? Another excellent delivery method is by smoking or, for those less inclined to inhale hot gas in their lungs, vaping with a vape pen. The beauty of vaping is that it works as quickly as possible and can help you feel the effects right away—usually in less than three minutes. More and more people today vape, and in many cases, for therapeutic reasons. Because CBD has shown promise as an effective treatment for migraines, some who suffer from them keep a rechargeable vape pen on them as a fast form of relief. The other advantage of a vape pen is that you can try a variety of high-quality flower terpenes and see which ones you like best. When it comes to convenience and effectiveness, few products work as well as the vape pen.

What Does the Science Say?

Blue colored oil bubblesIn Leslie L. Iversen's The Science of Marijuana, he relates a story of two scientists who created a resin with 44mg of cannabis containing THC. In their words, the resin "produce[d] complete intoxication." That's right—these scientists got high on their resin. CBD is different. If you are looking for intoxication, CBD isn't likely to deliver. Why? Because CBD is not psychoactive at all. People who take it don't do it to get high—they do it for the relief that can come from activating the body's ECS. Cannabidiol tests on rats only needed 50-70 parts per million (about 1 dropper full of a tincture with this potency) before the drug had its intended effect. Nobody's saying you have the same brain like a rat, but there's probably not much chance that you'll need more than 20-30mg of CBD a day. As always, though, it's up to you to figure out your optimal dose.

Should I Take CBD Every Day?

Many who take CBD as a daily multivitamin swear by it, and there's good evidence to show that stimulating the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) can treat chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and problems with the central nervous system. For some epilepsy patients, CBD is an important daily ritual. Depending on your need for CBD, a daily dose is almost always just fine. While it is possible to take so much CBD to where you have a harder time feeling the effects, most people find it easy to regain their capacity by just abstaining for a few days. Perhaps you find that you don't need CBD every day. Maybe you just want some to help you fall asleep from time to time. This is an equally great way to use the supplement.

Where Should I Buy Quality CBD Products?

No matter how similar all CBD products can seem, the right vendor makes all the difference. First of all, you should always buy organic supplements to ensure you're not exposed to the harmful chemicals found in synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. By buying organic, you can feel confident that the supplements you receive will have their full intended effect. Next, buy from a vendor that can furnish lab reports on the spot. Lab reports can help you establish that the supplements you buy don't contain any dangerous chemicals or solvents. These lab reports don't come for cheap, and that means your vendor is more concerned with quality than with padding their wallet. Finally, find a vendor whose reviews are positive. Happy customers get that way by receiving good service and a great product—not just one or the other. When you see strong reviews on a vendor's site, you can rest assured that they will take good care of you. The longer you take CBD, the more you'll understand exactly how much is right for you. The more products you try, the better your chances will be of finding the best supplement for your needs.

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