6 Helpful Tricks to Get More Out Your CBD Experience

We all love the effects of cannabidiol, but what if there was a way to get even more from this remarkable compound? Well, there are some tricks of the trade that can help you make the most of your CBD experience and revel in the full glory of its benefits.  Everyone is looking for something different with CBD, but the following list includes some universal ways for you to maximize the effects you feel, the tastes you enjoy, and make sure that you are getting the most out of your CBD experience.

1.  Find The Right Potency

Transparent Essence Bottle On Wooden Plate With Rose Petals 4041389 The first step to take when you are after the best CBD experience possible is to find the right potency. This is a crucial part of the process because if you are using a potency that is too mild, you are going to be missing out on some pretty incredible benefits. Experimentation is a key component to finding the perfect potency. CBD is completely non-toxic even in extremely high doses so feel free to dabble with different potencies.  It is important to start small and take a more mild dose at first. Working your way up to the right serving size is always preferred to working your way down. Many people jump into using CBD and never really take the time to experiment to find their perfect serving size, but when they do they often find a whole other side to the CBD experience.

2.  Find the Perfect Flavor

Cannabidiol comes in a huge variety of different formulations and flavors. We all have different flavor preferences and discovering a product that you find absolutely delicious will most certainly enhance your CBD experience. With all of the different flavors of CBD products available it can be tempting to choose the first tasty flavor that you come across. Maybe you are a huge fan of strawberries and love to use a particular CBD gummy that tastes like strawberries. Not every strawberry flavored CBD tincture is going to maintain the same flavor profile. This is why it is an excellent idea to try out strawberry flavors from a variety of different brands. You will be amazed by how much a single flavor can differ from brand to brand.

3. Tricks With Your Tongue

Woman In Blue Spaghetti Strap Top Posing For Photo 944762 When you are using CBD tinctures your tongue can help you make your CBD one to remember. There are a couple of different tricks for tincture use that are easy to remember, simple to do, and can have a big impact on your CBD endeavors. The first trick is incredibly simple. Lift your tongue! When you consume CBD orally, you are depending on the CBD to absorb into your body through your mouth and through your digestive system. CBD tincture oils are absorbed better when they are used sublingually. The second trick in the book requires only a tiny bit more effort. After you have placed the CBD oil under your tongue, it is highly beneficial to swish your tongue back and forth to emulsify the oil. This creates more individual droplets which in turn increases the surface area of the CBD oil and allows it to be more readily absorbed and thus more rapidly bioavailable.

4. Edibles, Topicals, Or Vapes?

Our bodies all work a little differently. Some of us respond better to oral ingestion, some to transdermal absorption, and some to inhalation. Finding the right method of use has a great impact on your overall CBD experience. The only way for you to truly know which method of use you respond best to is to try them all. You may love vaping, but give a CBD topical a go and find out what you've been missing. Or maybe you love tinctures, but when you give vaping a go you discover a whole new world of benefits.

5. Consistency Is Key

Person Holding White And Gold Dropper 3762879 One of the most important aspects of CBD use is the consistency in which you utilize it. People who are on top of their daily CBD intake are far more likely to experience the full benefits than people who are occasional users.  It can be difficult to stay on top of your normal vitamin regimen, but one of the really great parts about CBD is that it is offered in a myriad of different flavors and formulations that make it highly enjoyable to utilize consistently.

6.  The Right Environment

The environment in which you use CBD has a big impact on your experience. If you are trying to use CBD to relax and you are doing so on the tube at rush-hour, then you might not be as chill as you had hoped. If you are looking to use CBD for a specific experience, find a place where it is actually possible to have that experience. Using CBD in a comfortable, relaxing environment is a great way to get more out of your CBD experience.