4 Tips For The Perfect CBD Spa Day!

There is no better feeling than taking some time to pamper yourself and indulge in the sweeter side of life. Oftentimes people pay incredible sums of money to go to a spa or wellness center to try to get a bit of relaxation. Unfortunately these spa experiences require you to worry about transportation, front desk paperwork and interactions, as well as a variety of other logistical inconveniences. Well, what if you could bring all of the lavish luxury of a premium spa experience to the comfort of your very own home? Now you can enjoy all of the luxury of the spa with none of the hassle. Need more? All of these incredible spa-style products by CBDfx are packed with high quality, organic broad-spectrum CBD! CBDfx has created some truly unique and potent offerings that serve as the perfect solution for those who want to enhance the spa experience with organic CBD without having to leave their home. 100 years ago, such unimaginable luxury would have been reserved for kings and queens! From CBD face masks to CBD edibles and topical creams, CBDfx makes it all... and it's all good! With such a variety of incredible products from CBDfx, it can be difficult to narrow it down and not just buy everything, so we decided to help you out by offering 4 tips for the perfect CBD spa day.  

Tip # 1: Bundle it!

Our first tip is a bit obvious but this list would be wholly incomplete without the mention of this amazing bundle of goodness. What am I talking about? The CBDfx Spa Day Gift Set; an incredibly lush and luxurious bundle of CBD products ranging from soothing Tranquil Soak CBD Bath Salt that is made with a variety of powerful ingredients including Celtic Sea Salt, to the sweet, delicious, and organic CBD gummies that are infused with turmeric and spirulina. Since tip #1 is to get your hands on the CBDfx Spa Day Gift Set, we felt it would be a good idea to take an in-depth look at the products included in this bundle, and some remarkably relaxing ways to enjoy them.  

Tip # 2: How to start

We recommend starting your relaxing CBD spa day by enjoying a warm bath... but not just any bath, an extra-soothing, extra-cleansing CBD infused bath that brings you all of the powerful detoxifying properties contained in the Detox Bath Salt. When you feel nice and clean from your detox, pour in some Tranquil Bath Salt and enjoy all of the blissful benefits of this blend of lavender and organic broad-spectrum CBD. The lavender will sooth your mind and body and the blend of celtic sea salt and botanicals will take you away to CBD spa day paradise.  

Tip # 3: CBD Facial 

After you have basked in our glorious CBD bath salts, and allowed any remaining stress to wash down the drain with the bath water, we recommend building on the fresh new you by spending a little extra time on your face by utilizing the Rejuvediol CBD Face Cleanser included in the CBDfx Spa Day Gift Set. The skin on our faces is especially sensitive and is subject to an incredible amount of exposure to sun, dirt, and toxins, so it is essential to show this area special attention. Gently and thoroughly rinse your face with water, and then apply a small amount of Rejuvidiol Face Cleanser to your finger tip. You will love the way this cleanser gently expands into a foamy lather, that is all ready to be applied. Pat the cleanser on your face and enjoy the refreshing feeling of perfectly clean skin! It is recommended that you wait for an hour or so after you apply the CBDfx Rejuvidiol Face Cleanser, as there are a myriad of beneficial compounds present in this product that continue to work their magic for hours. During this time it would be a great idea to treat yourself to a couple of the delectable CBD gummies that are infused with two superfoods: turmeric and spirulina. Once it has been an hour or so since you applied the Rejuvidiol Face Cleanser, you are ready for the next wonderful part of your facial treatment! The CBD Aloe Face Mask from CBDfx is an incredibly relaxing way to enjoy CBD and all of the hydrating goodness of Aloe Vera. Simply rinse your face with water, and dry it completely. Carefully remove the CBD mask from the packaging and lay it flat to inspect for folds or creases. If you find any folds or creases, remove them so the mask is nice and flat. Align your eyes and nose with the pre-cut slots on the mask, remove the plastic backing, and apply the cloth side of the mask to your face. Gently pat your face to make certain that the mask has fully adhered, and wait just 10 minutes for all of the beneficial compounds to transfer from the mask to your skin. After 10 minutes has passed, there is nothing left in the mask and it can be discarded.  

Tip # 4 The Perfect End To The Perfect Day

The perfect way to end the perfect CBD spa day is to get a good night's sleep. You have treated your skin, invigorated your senses and relaxed your entire being, now you need to recover so you can enter the world fully refreshed and ready to take on anything. Lucky for you, it's time to enjoy another couple CBD Turmeric & Spirulina Gummies. Ending the day with a treat seems pretty indulgent, but these delicious gummies happen to contain two superfoods that are incredibly beneficial. Last, but certainly not least, is the remarkable recovery power of the CBDfx Overnight Recovery Balm. This incredible balm uses a blend of carefully selected botanical ingredients such as primrose oil, fresh orange oil, and lavender extract, to soothe aching muscles, hydrate skin and help you recover from this powerfully relaxing CBD spa day.