4 International Cuisines that Just Taste Better with CBD

Food and CBD are two of the most fantastic parts of being human. Although these two serve completely different purposes, they are similar in that they both contain beneficial compounds and are presented in a variety of enjoyable flavors.  There is nothing quite like the joy of exploring various foods and being embraced by different cultures. However, when you add CBD to this experience, the results are spectacular. International cuisine is widely embraced in the UK and people love trying their hand at cooking some of these delicious and exotic meals at home. While many of these dishes are incredibly tasty on their own, some of them just taste better with CBD. Hemp extract has a very enjoyable flavor profile. It is rich, earthy, and has a distinct yet indescribable taste that makes it highly unique and incredibly desirable. CBD perfectly compliments foods that highlight pure, natural ingredients.  We've put together a list of 4 popular international dishes whose flavors are enhanced by the addition of CBD. These classic dishes are indeed tasty, but when you add the robust, earthy flavor of hemp extracts they’ll reach a whole new level of delicious!


Brown Wooden Chopsticks On Top Of White Ceramic Bowl 3903586This delicious Vietnamese dish was heavily influenced by French and Chinese cooking and became popular throughout Vietnam in the late 19th century. It is believed that the French popularized eating red meat in Vietnam and that many of the spices included in Pho were originally imported from China.  The combination of French and Chinese influence, coupled with the cooking styles of the local cuisine makes this dish incredibly unique. In the 1970s Vietnamese refugees brought this dish with them to the UK and the US and Pho became incredibly popular in western cultures. This dish is a melting pot of ideas from different cultures and continues its evolution with CBD. Hemp extracts bring Pho to the next level. The rich, unique taste of CBD blends perfectly with this dish and becomes a subtle but beautiful addition to its flavor profile. Pho is quite nice by itself, but CBD makes this dish an absolutely incredible experience.


Cooked Rice And Curry Food Served On White Plate 674574If there are two dishes the UK is famous for its fish and chips, and our curry. Though curry does not originally come from the UK, we embrace our Indian friends, their beautiful culture, and their fantastic foods. Places like London and Brighton have become notorious for having particularly delicious curry and we English are proud of it! Hats off to our Indian brothers and sisters who have exposed us to their vibrant and beautiful culture. Curry is a dish that people love to experiment with and add their own personal touch. CBD is a perfect complement to this flavorful dish and there are a variety of different ways to include it in your recipe.  Hemp extract oil is a fantastic way to garnish your curry and it’s easy to add to your dish whether you have prepared it yourself or ordered out. CBD oil will add fullness to the flavor of your curry and highlight the more subtle aspects of its flavor.


A plate of Sushi This dish has been a part of Japanese tradition for as long as anyone can remember. The history of sushi is shrouded in mystery and folklore and the real story of how it came about is probably forever lost to the sands of time.  Although records from the 4th-century Chinese dictionary mention salted fish on rice, sushi—as we know it—made its debut in Japan in the 9th century. Sushi is another dish that is incredibly popular in food fusions. We have seen hemp products included in sushi in a variety of ways. People often use CBD oil as a way to enhance the soy sauce that they dip their sushi in. Another popular practice is to use hemp extracts in the rice during the fermentation process. Enjoy some next-level sushi, by incorporating the unique flavor of hemp extracts!


Sliced Pepperoni Pizza On White Ceramic Plate 708587This dish is so common that it almost feels like it isn’t international cuisine. Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in all of the United Kingdom and there is a huge variety of different types of pizzas to choose from.  It is hard to imagine that pizza could possibly be any better. However, one thing that can take your pizza experience to new heights is to add high-grade CBD oil. This will allow your pizzas savory flavors to shine through and provide you with a unique, delicious pizza.

Final Verdict

CBD oil's known for its beneficial compounds and remarkable effects. This impressive oil is also incredibly delicious and can take the flavor of your international cuisine to new heights!